Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shooting In Tripoli

I was awaken by the sound of an Helicopter and I gazed out the window seeing that metal bird flying all near and close to the ground by the coast, well thinking it was just probably military exercise or some routine work the army was doing, as the days has turn bright and is almost time for work, I got up shower and change for work as usual. 

That morning everything seem to be normal, Zak greeted me like any usual day. On the journey passing through the city of Tripoli, the city market is unusually quiet today, military tanks were occupying spaces that was usually operated by locals for daily business of local produce. Passing through the checkpoint, personnel on duty seems especially strict today asking where we are heading, and why we are here compare to the usual 'Hi, Good morning, have a nice day.' In fact the man power has double. 

Zak seems unease as well for me I felt something did went wrong, but is business as usual in the power plant, and when Zak drop me off, he told me specifically to let him know in advance when I wanted to leave.. I got into the central control room and I saw everyone was staring at the TV so this was what happen yesterday night in Tripoli city...

and I can't believe I just pass by that area few hours after that happened.