Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trying to See it Through

26 years in.. and it is still unclear for me how my life would unfold.. I can't see past the next 4 to 5 years how my life will be/ or at least how I would want it to become. It was pretty easy during the past, mainly because everyone/ most of us were doing it just the same. You get your education, you do your sports/ curriculum, you past your exams and there you go, step after step pretty much laid it out. Challenge was to score and achieve the best and unleashing potential. 

Things doesn't seem so easy now, 5 years plan don't quite work anymore and I'm still searching for that drive and challenge that comes knocking and fired me up.. I hate feeling lazy and all restless, I need something..SOMETHING BIG that could keep my mind focus for long hours and occupied and tired me out, by the night when I hit the sack, I would feel all satisfied with a wide grin in my face knowing I'm doing something good. 

In fact throughout the years ever since I started my university I felt I kinda had it.. but lost it somehow intermittently. Goals and target were set at the very beginning, and I was quite focus throughout, I wonder off somewhere in between but then I got it done at the very end but I'm not proud as I don't feel that surge of energy that comes and I definitely feel I don't give my 100%. It drives me crazy till today. 

 I'm hungry.. and I need to fulfill that appetite.