Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Updated Halfway Mark 2014

Picture taken when my plane touched down on Changi Air Strip

It has been a crazy first half of 2014, started off being in Thailand in January follow suit by projects in Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia... I just made South East Asia my home! 6 months of moving from hotel to hotel, room service to room service, and the boring same old breakfast serving in a hotel, I have to say I really do miss home!

Morning weather in Taiwan it was 2 degrees, worst I just came from Thailand!

Coming this October I will be three years in with my current company, never knew I would survive that long, field service life is like a blink of an eye, month by month you travel, hopping around from job site to job site, the environment changes and each time when you think you have settled down, the next flight ticket is in your inbox and you are ready to move on, 3 years on the field is equivalent to a year sitting in the office, at least that's how I feel, I am afraid I never want to go back to the office anymore.

My domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh to Camau

It is indeed extremely fortunate of me to have landed in this field, travelling does expand ones horizon, of course is not all nice and shinny here, it does have its fair share of down side, but then again what field doesn't? It all depends how one absorb and choose to look at the better side of things, it has always been that way ever since the beginning.

I learn to enjoy the finer things in life now, daily exercises couple with a good read accompany by great music and drinks helps me to sleep better throughout the night and woke up fresh in the morning all fire up for the challenging day ahead.