Sunday, January 12, 2014


'妈, 不要做了啦... 麻烦啦....'

这是来自一个自以为是, 觉得他是在为母亲着想的儿子的话... 其实他只是一个懒惰, 怕麻烦, 自私的人, 完全不明白新年的含义是为何... 

其实我们需要的并不多, 并不是你活得有多风光, 屋子有多大, 你就会快乐...反而是你愿意于别人分享的有多少不管是平时还是逢年过节... 我母亲正是明白了这道里, 愿意舍弃自己的精神和时间,希望的就是姐妹,侄儿侄女, 家人能过个美好的新年, 希望凭即着小小的传统把温暖和家的感觉带回给大家...

可是换来的却是, 孩子的不明白, 觉得是自找麻烦... 说来还真惭愧... 明白了其中的道理后, 开始自动自发了些, 希望母亲也能感受到新年的快乐, 大家一起分享忙碌的开心.

希望大家多珍惜所拥有的, 不要应为怕麻烦而选择了不做, 那新年的气氛和传统就会慢慢的流失... 忙碌其实也是一种快乐...

新年到了,早点回家大家一起帮帮忙吧! 愿你过个美好的农历新年!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Passenger Side Window Smashed and Bag Stolen

2014 begin in a bad way for me, just barely 9 days into new year, my car window got smashed and things my bag pack got stolen away, it was a painful experience, heartache and a lot of time wasted renewing all lost cards which is within my wallet.

I parked my car beside Thailand Embassy in order to collect my visa, I browse through the area and thought it was probably the safest way I could parked, there was a police pondok just 50 meters at the front, and beside me was ROZEL furniture shop with a private security hired to take care of their client's mobile while they are busy shopping inside, I was carrying quite a lot on my bag pack that day as I'm returning to my hometown after the collection, hence I decided not to bring down my bag as I was afraid I might get snatch! ( it was stupid of me), thinking it will just be quick job, I hid my back underneath the passenger seat, lock my door and quickly scramble off to the embassy. The rest is history....

I return to my car 5 minutes later realizing, there were glass all over and a big piece of my window pane has fallen intact with the tinted screen, my bag were lost... my world doom and it seems to be the end of everything, I ran forward to the police for help, while he was busy playing with his phone... he told me he seen nothing, asking me to drove my car forward so he could have a look ( it was the stupid thing ever) and I thought it was important for them to check it immediately. Fucking waste of time... he told me to go to the nearest balai which is less than a km away, the Indian guard station at ROZEL told me he heard nothing... it was a moment of anguish.. I never knew it would hit me so hard and it started drizzling afterwards, how bad can it be.

I drove over to Balai Police Tun Razak and there it begins the longest day of my life, epic line of the day ' Maaf yer encik, system down.' ... What are the probability that a network break down every time someone is having a trouble? Unless it was never good at the first place. Nevertheless I got my police report done, in order for me to renew my MyKard, driver's license and the rest.

Painful lesson, heartbroken, may be is too late to say this but I will be more careful and alert now. I do believe I will have a breakdown whenever I see our proud home minister or chief police mentioning a reduce in crime in media from now on. 

For those of you out there, may this serves as a reminder for you, do be careful, bring as little items as possible whenever u walk around the streets, bring only the essential, get your job done and get out, don't wonder around unnecessarily. As the economy situation worsen, I do believe there will be more to come. Stay safe! Nothing is too tedious when it comes to safety.