Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pork Burger @ Wok and Pan Melaka

For RM 9.90 ( without GST) you're able to enjoy a set of decent Chef's Pork Burger with fries and salad at Wok and Pan restaurant in Melaka Raya. 

Pork fillet nicely fried with thin crust at the side and tender juiciness on the meatier center, buns were nicely toasted and spread with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion slices, finally top with a fried egg, served hot. Immediate satisfaction on the 1st big bite and it gets better and better, simple, unpretentious food that gives u a good pat on the shoulder after a day's hard work. 

Wok and Pan serves descent home cook dishes at reasonable prices. Do check it out. Personal favourite, Chef's pork burger. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Decided to skip the weekend routine of 'sleep and eat' and took a road trip up north, to visit Sekinchan. A quiet town known for its paddy field and fishing village, has grown prominence as and attraction thanks to avid photographers and foodie, not forgetting the internet. City folks who enjoys a weekend escapade from their hustle and bustle to enjoy some peace and quiet at a town far away from the city and good food. One could truly appreciate the gift of nature both from land and sea here. 

Not your average tourist destination thou, things were still pretty much intact and remain the same way as it was back years before. Not much of touristy information, you see what you see people live their daily life as they use to, nothing has specially been change to adapt your touristy taste and sense. At least for now I guess. 

Oh no wait... there's a big 'I love Sekinchan' sign... shit there it goes.. pfff 

Nonetheless it is still a good place to visit, enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful small town called Sekinchan. 

What's there to do you asked??
1. Seafood is great here.
2. Go on a knowledge tour on paddy growing if you care. 
3. Chill by pantai redang, enjoy coconut water, take a nap if you want.