Monday, August 19, 2013

Mumbai @ Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

I was thoroughly worn out after the excessive drinking sessions, interview and assessments that was going on the night before and the following morning, however it was a good decision made when I chose to leave Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai) to the old city, despite the gruesome journey along muddy roads and pot holes, with potential hazard into meeting an accident not forgetting to mention it is now the raining season, it was still a damn good decision, I believe you would know why by looking at the picture, I had a nice room at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel with a good view on Gateway of India, it is definitely something worth remembering. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is Travelling Fun?

Is travelling fun still? Hmmp... 2 years ago I might said hell yeah! But now I'm tackling that question with some reservations. Is nice when you travel to a new place thou, to have a change and experience something unfamiliar. However it sucks when you're travelling to the same place again and again, passing through immigration, putting up on delays and combating jet lags. Worst! If that place is not touristy friendly, lack of basic necessity e.g. 'A CLEAN TOILET' (there's a limited amount of ass washing with my hand that I want to do in my life only!), dirty, and disconnected with the world. 

See as I was born in the 20th Century I am quite use to certain luxuries in life, for example a clean toilet, mobile phones, internet connections, fast food joints, laptops, shower that works and of course a nice bed. This days when I arrived at a place where I'm unfamiliar, I tried looking for signs of things which could relate to me, for example McDonalds or Starbucks. You wouldn't understand the sense of relief I felt when I saw that, the signs of McDonalds tell many things here's a few example:

1. I could survive with that, at least I know what to order, when food here didn't work for me.
2. This shows people in this area, if not same are not too far away from my kind of life.
3. Probably people here could speak some English, may be the cashier can! ( if i need to ask anything.)
4. For Starbucks I would say people are use to certain kind of class now where they like to drink coffee from a paper cup with a coffee collar and think that they are environmentally friendly. 
5. May be they provide Wifi??? :) and is good to be connected to the world. 

But of course everything is good this days with all the information lying around, one could easily know what you're getting into before arriving there, there are tonnes of pictures to see online and forum to discuss, unlike the olden days when you need to know a place from your mother's friend's friend's whom has a son who had travel a broad to study, and is through word of mouth and rumors with some addition of stereotype to make up your mental image. However this time my job broad me to Mumbai! and it wasn't too far away with some of the stereotypes I pick up from watching Russell Peters. :) 

Till then