Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Should I Care

Why should I care? She has the freedom to sit however she likes? But seriously... one can't help but to notice if that act is somewhat deem rough for a lady, or even for a man. Sitting down like this, having your groin face right up front, welcoming the world isn't how you should act in public. It was kinda annoying, or somewhat distracting, not only to me but to many passerby, and to speak loudly through the phone as though she owns the airport was even worst. Worst still.. what's with the people here having dry throat all the time, trying to spit where they like and however they like... is gross as hell. 

Is time like this when I wonder why are we so different... and it always come to a conclusion that education and ethical behavior is really important. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baiyun International Airport Guang Zhou

It was 30 plus degrees outside but it seems like the air condition unit is working at its minimum capacity ever, in such modern building full of glass panel, is like a slow cooker within. It sucks seriously, i was sweating while commuting from international to domestic flight terminal. Everyone was complaining the granny sitting in front of me was fanning herself with a folded brochure furiously while waiting at the departure gate. Someone was shouting at the ground crew regarding the delays and cursing as thou the whole world owe him. Is like a market in here... People speaking loudly as thou they owe the whole airport. I just want to get out of here... And thanks to crazy idiot who made a false bomb threat... I was stranded in this fucking airport for the next 5 hours.... It was already morning whwn i reached my hotel in Zheng Zhou.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6th May 2013

I was a first time voter, and I was eagerly hoping for a better tomorrow, I was desperate for a change, and I let the worst took over. Emotions flown in, annoyance triggered at the first sign of mishape, and sense of bias. Nevertheless, the result came unexpectedly early and it was a big disappointment to many, including myself. Things could be different, that's what I thought, and probably many had thought the same, rumors, accusation, lies, scattered through social media, and I had my fair share of sharing without further investigating, posting thoughts that would do no good at all. I had let my emotions took over the best of me, it was a silly mistake, again and again.. for I had failed to see things through and take it like a mature man. 

As the night passed, I laid down on my bed, trying to sleep with anger inside of me... I found myself extremely disturbed, what had I become? Is this what I want to be? The thoughts lingered and I soon dozed off. I woke up this morning being greeted by the same sun that shines everyday, however disappointment still lingers, I tried not to read the news as I know the worst had yet to come, I saw tonnes of tweets and post notifications on my phone, I knew many were feeling dissatisfied. Despite the disappointment, the anger came down... no matter how yesterday was history, and we had to built on what we have now for a better tomorrow, especially for the people's coalition.

Despite the bias and unfairness, the opposition party won more seats as compared to the last election, it was a fairly good result, of course not good enough to rule the country, but that's not a prize we should focus on, good policy can still be made by being a good watcher on the current ruling government, making sure that things are according to procedure, being table and debate within the parliament, making sure the Rakyat is well informed when is necessary and they would have a say in it, and for the next 5 years, they should sort out the differences between them, have a common goal and built on that in order to be stronger than ever, bring in talents (REAL TALENTS) people who excel in their field, CEOs of companies who's familiar with policy making, smart business leaders, teachers, writers, lecturers, engineers, accountants, lawyer, uniform body officers ethically and morally right, and having a passion and willingness to strive for a better nation. Field capable candidates to penetrate the grassroots area, focus more on the basic needs in rural areas, putting in more effort in promoting cohesiveness and unity among races, having a Chinese helping in the malay areas vice versa. Put more efforts in your manifestos, have it laid out in detail on how are things achievable and how will you achieve it, stating merely by ending corruption don't help, have a global view, how would you when in power take charge to survive the next swing of global economy crisis, how would you solve the fundamental survivor needs of Malaysians, how would you able to make Malaysians more compatible, marketable and a global player. How would you fight the increase in crime. Have it clearly stated, no matter on the webpage, magazines or your  office, have people explained and aid the Rakyat to understand and to believe that you really can become the government. I had seen that you're already doing this, but by getting the right people you can do and do better. 

As for the current government, having a racial statement made right after the election even before you took office seems to be an irresponsible and foolish move.. it shows a lack in maturity and weakness in mind, continue walking that path and you're basically playing with fire. For the next 5 years, kindly have someone with brains to be in the Cabinet, that's the least I could hope from you, kindly tidy up yourself, prepare to take office in a clean manner, by merely running the Nation clean and clearing the country's debt would do yourself a good favor. For the next 5 years would be even more challenging than ever, so kindly behave yourself, any hint of stupidity must be dealt with immediately, let me make it simple for you, when buying a printer for 5000 and maintenance cost of 50,000 being reported in the government audit report is stupid, it will be even more stupid when explanation like ' is not corruption, just wrongly bought at a higher price.' is given. Your stupidity is one of the main reason why you're losing so badly in city states, the rural areas are less informed regarding your mistake, or else you would have lost even badly. 

As for myself, once again I had emotions and anger took over me, this is something that I have to deal with, sharing second hand information without a second thought was my bad and I feel sorry for myself and possible damage that I had caused. 

For everyone, kindly remind your friends and family to get themselves registered once they are eligible, remember politics is not about parties, is about your life and mine... is about whether you get education when you needed, food when you hungry, a roof over your head, a secure job and many other things that revolves around your daily life. Don't let your vote go to waste.