Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bali, Indonesia

As the car wormed around the narrow streets of Bali, I was completely mesmerized by the vast green paddy field and clear blue sky. It was a sight not often seen, especially having to live in the cities for far too long. However the only regret was having to hear from my guide, that as Bali is growing more and more prominent as the ideal holiday destination, it is also slowly losing is charming agricultural land field, giving way to investor in building more hotels and malls. Is kind of sad thou, I clearly know how it feels, as it is exactly what's happening to Malacca nowadays. Having to hear that, I can't help but to pull out my camera to take a few shots to keep as remembrance my car stopped for lunch. Hopefully the future generation will not be learning about agriculture through books and pictures only.

It was a soul out of body experience, to stand right at the edge of the cliff at Uluwatu temple, having to feel the breeze and hear the sound of waves banging head on the wall of the cliff, looking down from high up, I was tempted to take a plunge into the cooling sea water, to avoid the bright sunlight and piercing UV rays. The view was just plain amazing, like an art from God, reminding you every seconds that the world is a wonder of its own.

If only we could take some moments of our day, to appreciate the beauty of nature, as most of the time we are too caught up with our own work and problems. Sunset at Tanah Lot was amazing, the view just took my breath away, and made me realize how small I really am, and while I caught up with my own problems, surrounding by so much negativity, sometimes I just forgot nature is always cooking up something beautiful, and all we need was just to see it with our heart and feel the beauty it is offering.

And as much as I appreciate nature, I appreciate the traditions and culture that is still carried on to this day. It is the passing of history, a slight glimpse to the past through culture and heritage that is still being practice to this days. And as the world became more globalize, people are slowly losing their identity, especially of those living in the cities. From visiting around temples, and walking through the streets of Bali, I can't help but notice the nice wooden, stone carving and statues at the front of house, main entrance with a nicely decorated roof, it seems culture and heritage are still strong in this part of the world, at least it is still well protected and hopefully it last.

There's definitely much more to be said about Bali, but I would like to end it here right now. The rest I would leave it for the next time.