Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pork Burger @ Wok and Pan Melaka

For RM 9.90 ( without GST) you're able to enjoy a set of decent Chef's Pork Burger with fries and salad at Wok and Pan restaurant in Melaka Raya. 

Pork fillet nicely fried with thin crust at the side and tender juiciness on the meatier center, buns were nicely toasted and spread with mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion slices, finally top with a fried egg, served hot. Immediate satisfaction on the 1st big bite and it gets better and better, simple, unpretentious food that gives u a good pat on the shoulder after a day's hard work. 

Wok and Pan serves descent home cook dishes at reasonable prices. Do check it out. Personal favourite, Chef's pork burger. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Decided to skip the weekend routine of 'sleep and eat' and took a road trip up north, to visit Sekinchan. A quiet town known for its paddy field and fishing village, has grown prominence as and attraction thanks to avid photographers and foodie, not forgetting the internet. City folks who enjoys a weekend escapade from their hustle and bustle to enjoy some peace and quiet at a town far away from the city and good food. One could truly appreciate the gift of nature both from land and sea here. 

Not your average tourist destination thou, things were still pretty much intact and remain the same way as it was back years before. Not much of touristy information, you see what you see people live their daily life as they use to, nothing has specially been change to adapt your touristy taste and sense. At least for now I guess. 

Oh no wait... there's a big 'I love Sekinchan' sign... shit there it goes.. pfff 

Nonetheless it is still a good place to visit, enjoy the peace and quiet of a beautiful small town called Sekinchan. 

What's there to do you asked??
1. Seafood is great here.
2. Go on a knowledge tour on paddy growing if you care. 
3. Chill by pantai redang, enjoy coconut water, take a nap if you want. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mumbai @ Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

I was thoroughly worn out after the excessive drinking sessions, interview and assessments that was going on the night before and the following morning, however it was a good decision made when I chose to leave Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai) to the old city, despite the gruesome journey along muddy roads and pot holes, with potential hazard into meeting an accident not forgetting to mention it is now the raining season, it was still a damn good decision, I believe you would know why by looking at the picture, I had a nice room at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel with a good view on Gateway of India, it is definitely something worth remembering. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is Travelling Fun?

Is travelling fun still? Hmmp... 2 years ago I might said hell yeah! But now I'm tackling that question with some reservations. Is nice when you travel to a new place thou, to have a change and experience something unfamiliar. However it sucks when you're travelling to the same place again and again, passing through immigration, putting up on delays and combating jet lags. Worst! If that place is not touristy friendly, lack of basic necessity e.g. 'A CLEAN TOILET' (there's a limited amount of ass washing with my hand that I want to do in my life only!), dirty, and disconnected with the world. 

See as I was born in the 20th Century I am quite use to certain luxuries in life, for example a clean toilet, mobile phones, internet connections, fast food joints, laptops, shower that works and of course a nice bed. This days when I arrived at a place where I'm unfamiliar, I tried looking for signs of things which could relate to me, for example McDonalds or Starbucks. You wouldn't understand the sense of relief I felt when I saw that, the signs of McDonalds tell many things here's a few example:

1. I could survive with that, at least I know what to order, when food here didn't work for me.
2. This shows people in this area, if not same are not too far away from my kind of life.
3. Probably people here could speak some English, may be the cashier can! ( if i need to ask anything.)
4. For Starbucks I would say people are use to certain kind of class now where they like to drink coffee from a paper cup with a coffee collar and think that they are environmentally friendly. 
5. May be they provide Wifi??? :) and is good to be connected to the world. 

But of course everything is good this days with all the information lying around, one could easily know what you're getting into before arriving there, there are tonnes of pictures to see online and forum to discuss, unlike the olden days when you need to know a place from your mother's friend's friend's whom has a son who had travel a broad to study, and is through word of mouth and rumors with some addition of stereotype to make up your mental image. However this time my job broad me to Mumbai! and it wasn't too far away with some of the stereotypes I pick up from watching Russell Peters. :) 

Till then

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013

June is a halfway mark of a year a good time for a break, to pause and assess the half year that had passed, whether we did enough, are we measuring up, how far are we as compare to the goal that we had set. June is also a time for rest, to relax your mind, to be in quietness and calmness, away from the hustle and bustle of life, a break from the routine, and set forth some plans of fun and enjoyment. 

Now I like my days to go slow, to do thinks quietly and thinks quietly at a pace of my own. I like the morning sun, and the calmness in the night, the smell of coffee, and the aroma of an aging book or some might called the 'mustinees' of it, smooth lounge music played from a good sound system, take a car ride along the countryside. I find myself enjoying the company of loved ones, and the simpleness in life, it was really weird as I'm only 25 this year. I find myself enjoy in making my own food, and to take my bicycle for a brief ride around the housing area. A good show in the cinema during the evening accompany by love one, a light drink afterward and a good night sleep. I wonder how long it would last. 

How do you spend your June? 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why Should I Care

Why should I care? She has the freedom to sit however she likes? But seriously... one can't help but to notice if that act is somewhat deem rough for a lady, or even for a man. Sitting down like this, having your groin face right up front, welcoming the world isn't how you should act in public. It was kinda annoying, or somewhat distracting, not only to me but to many passerby, and to speak loudly through the phone as though she owns the airport was even worst. Worst still.. what's with the people here having dry throat all the time, trying to spit where they like and however they like... is gross as hell. 

Is time like this when I wonder why are we so different... and it always come to a conclusion that education and ethical behavior is really important. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Baiyun International Airport Guang Zhou

It was 30 plus degrees outside but it seems like the air condition unit is working at its minimum capacity ever, in such modern building full of glass panel, is like a slow cooker within. It sucks seriously, i was sweating while commuting from international to domestic flight terminal. Everyone was complaining the granny sitting in front of me was fanning herself with a folded brochure furiously while waiting at the departure gate. Someone was shouting at the ground crew regarding the delays and cursing as thou the whole world owe him. Is like a market in here... People speaking loudly as thou they owe the whole airport. I just want to get out of here... And thanks to crazy idiot who made a false bomb threat... I was stranded in this fucking airport for the next 5 hours.... It was already morning whwn i reached my hotel in Zheng Zhou.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

6th May 2013

I was a first time voter, and I was eagerly hoping for a better tomorrow, I was desperate for a change, and I let the worst took over. Emotions flown in, annoyance triggered at the first sign of mishape, and sense of bias. Nevertheless, the result came unexpectedly early and it was a big disappointment to many, including myself. Things could be different, that's what I thought, and probably many had thought the same, rumors, accusation, lies, scattered through social media, and I had my fair share of sharing without further investigating, posting thoughts that would do no good at all. I had let my emotions took over the best of me, it was a silly mistake, again and again.. for I had failed to see things through and take it like a mature man. 

As the night passed, I laid down on my bed, trying to sleep with anger inside of me... I found myself extremely disturbed, what had I become? Is this what I want to be? The thoughts lingered and I soon dozed off. I woke up this morning being greeted by the same sun that shines everyday, however disappointment still lingers, I tried not to read the news as I know the worst had yet to come, I saw tonnes of tweets and post notifications on my phone, I knew many were feeling dissatisfied. Despite the disappointment, the anger came down... no matter how yesterday was history, and we had to built on what we have now for a better tomorrow, especially for the people's coalition.

Despite the bias and unfairness, the opposition party won more seats as compared to the last election, it was a fairly good result, of course not good enough to rule the country, but that's not a prize we should focus on, good policy can still be made by being a good watcher on the current ruling government, making sure that things are according to procedure, being table and debate within the parliament, making sure the Rakyat is well informed when is necessary and they would have a say in it, and for the next 5 years, they should sort out the differences between them, have a common goal and built on that in order to be stronger than ever, bring in talents (REAL TALENTS) people who excel in their field, CEOs of companies who's familiar with policy making, smart business leaders, teachers, writers, lecturers, engineers, accountants, lawyer, uniform body officers ethically and morally right, and having a passion and willingness to strive for a better nation. Field capable candidates to penetrate the grassroots area, focus more on the basic needs in rural areas, putting in more effort in promoting cohesiveness and unity among races, having a Chinese helping in the malay areas vice versa. Put more efforts in your manifestos, have it laid out in detail on how are things achievable and how will you achieve it, stating merely by ending corruption don't help, have a global view, how would you when in power take charge to survive the next swing of global economy crisis, how would you solve the fundamental survivor needs of Malaysians, how would you able to make Malaysians more compatible, marketable and a global player. How would you fight the increase in crime. Have it clearly stated, no matter on the webpage, magazines or your  office, have people explained and aid the Rakyat to understand and to believe that you really can become the government. I had seen that you're already doing this, but by getting the right people you can do and do better. 

As for the current government, having a racial statement made right after the election even before you took office seems to be an irresponsible and foolish move.. it shows a lack in maturity and weakness in mind, continue walking that path and you're basically playing with fire. For the next 5 years, kindly have someone with brains to be in the Cabinet, that's the least I could hope from you, kindly tidy up yourself, prepare to take office in a clean manner, by merely running the Nation clean and clearing the country's debt would do yourself a good favor. For the next 5 years would be even more challenging than ever, so kindly behave yourself, any hint of stupidity must be dealt with immediately, let me make it simple for you, when buying a printer for 5000 and maintenance cost of 50,000 being reported in the government audit report is stupid, it will be even more stupid when explanation like ' is not corruption, just wrongly bought at a higher price.' is given. Your stupidity is one of the main reason why you're losing so badly in city states, the rural areas are less informed regarding your mistake, or else you would have lost even badly. 

As for myself, once again I had emotions and anger took over me, this is something that I have to deal with, sharing second hand information without a second thought was my bad and I feel sorry for myself and possible damage that I had caused. 

For everyone, kindly remind your friends and family to get themselves registered once they are eligible, remember politics is not about parties, is about your life and mine... is about whether you get education when you needed, food when you hungry, a roof over your head, a secure job and many other things that revolves around your daily life. Don't let your vote go to waste. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Crispy Pata

If I ever needed a reason to be back to Philippine, Crispy Pata would be it. Crispy fatty pork knuckle is like a love hate relationship, an addiction just like drugs, love, lust and sex. 

Nothing cures and get rid of the tiredness of a day work like food, by walloping chunks of meat and beer into your belly, while enjoying some live band at the local Pinoy food joints, problems from work doesn't seem so important anymore. Having it again after a year, is definitely worth the wait... just like fasting from anything that interest you, it only makes the end result even sweeter. Damn I love you crispy Pata.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Batangas City, Philippine

It was a year ago when I was last here, very little has changed thou. The streets are roamed with familiar jeepneys and tricycle, with dust and dirt all flying around. Batangas is a city at the South of Manila, a two hours drive on the Motorway to reach this port city, and fast growing industrial area. It is the time of election for the governor of Batangas, poster of candidates and campaign slogans can be seen everywhere, just like Malaysia, the overly crowded poster, banners and flags became a complete eyesore, a waste of resources. Nevertheless, being drove around the streets does brings back memories of myself a year ago, when I'm just starting out as a field service engineer, many things were new and unfamiliar, mix feeling and adrenaline rush when i first conducted my own inspection, both afraid and excited at the same time. One year in, I feel I'm more calm this days, and many more to learn and I wish many awesome years to come. It is now April, 5 more months and I will be 2 years in, how will I turn out to be? I often wonder.... 

Friday, April 12, 2013


I am looking back and fourth between my watch and the departure screen, counting down every single minute that has passed since the last promised time for my departure. One and a half hour delayed from the original schedule seems like forever, and I could see the anxiousness and annoyance on the face of every passenger. I had been travelling for almost one and a half years now, and waiting for flight aren't exactly the nicest thing to do with time, it felt like your life was wasted bits by bits, like the drop of sands in an hourglass running through my brain  every waking minutes. And to be able to sit back on the tight, small cabin seat and doze off seems like the most rewarding thing at this moment right now. To get my mind off this vicious thought i am now typing furiously on my note, jotting down every single thoughts that flashes through my mind. Travelling alone is quite a bumped, meeting and talking to strangers seems a bit hard this days as everyone is all eyes on their personal electronic gadgets. All I pray now is fucking let me get on the plane!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Day in Taipei, A Brief Introductory to Taiwan

It was a placed mostly known to me through television channels like TLC and TVB Asia, and has always remain a top destination in my travel list. A place well known for its food, culture and showbiz, despite sharing similarities with mine, there are tonnes of difference if one take a closer look. By now I believe you would have guess the place is Taiwan.

Despite a mere 8 days of work, it was a blessing to be given a day off at the end for me to visit Taipei. Taipei like many major cities, has good public transportation system, knowing mandarin and Hokkien definitely gave me the advantage in this mandarin/Hokkien speaking community. I understand better and was able to read signs and direction well, hence travelling in this part of the world was definitely as easy as a walk in the park. Despite not knowing mandarin, one shouldn't be overly worried about facing hiccups when travelling around in Taipei as the pretty ladies at the information counter inside the main central station are ready to serve, however please give a little bit of patience when having conversation in English.

To take in Taipei in just a day was definitely a foolish talk, I did plan to do so but I gave up soon after as there was too much to see and do in this wonderful modern city. So I decided to take it slow and do whatever I want, whenever I want and what my heart tells me to do. Getting insight from taxi drivers or people from the streets does help, as you get to know first hand, what's going on around, and where's the hype at which corner of the city.

Food in this part of the world is amazing, of course being a Chinese i'm quite accustomed to such food, so it was a cruise in the park and not having to wonder and worried if mystery meat might be served on the plate. Walking around the streets of Shilin night market and visited Di Hua street which offers a variety of street food and local delicacies, that scores highly on appearance and taste. It was interesting enough, that I spent most of my time of the day to venture around the streets, trying and looking for new things to try.

It was at the beginning of the year and Lunar New Year is just around the corner, so I took the advice of a cab driver to visit 'Di Hua Street' as it was now flooded with people trying to do shopping for the festive season, true enough it was an interesting sight to see, many dry seasonal delicacy to try, and to catch a breath of the scent of spring and the festive mood in the air. Taipei Mei Mei is a pretty good watch too!

When the night falls and hunger strikes, Shilin night market seems to be a perfect place to go, where you're able to try all kinds of street food and at the same time not overly consumed and causing later indigestion. Shopping is also a good thing to do around that area, where there are many stores selling fashionable clothing, brands from Korea, Japan as well as some from Europe. Is the place where the young ones hang about, loitering, chit chatting with friends, and the haven for girls who loves to shop and get a good bargain. For me personally I prefer to stick with Makan and people watching.

Not forgetting to mention Taipei houses quite a number of significant buildings with long history and backgrounds for example the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, and the recently built high rise Taipei 101. Taiwan is definitely a good starting ground for amateur travelers who's looking for an adventure with less difficulties, as this part of the world is pretty much modernize, and well equipped with modern infrastructures, and tourist friendly. Taiwan remains my ideal backpack travel destination, the one day roaming around in Taipei served as an introductory to Taiwan. I remain excited and high spirit to plan for my upcoming back pack trip around this part of the world.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bali, Indonesia

As the car wormed around the narrow streets of Bali, I was completely mesmerized by the vast green paddy field and clear blue sky. It was a sight not often seen, especially having to live in the cities for far too long. However the only regret was having to hear from my guide, that as Bali is growing more and more prominent as the ideal holiday destination, it is also slowly losing is charming agricultural land field, giving way to investor in building more hotels and malls. Is kind of sad thou, I clearly know how it feels, as it is exactly what's happening to Malacca nowadays. Having to hear that, I can't help but to pull out my camera to take a few shots to keep as remembrance my car stopped for lunch. Hopefully the future generation will not be learning about agriculture through books and pictures only.

It was a soul out of body experience, to stand right at the edge of the cliff at Uluwatu temple, having to feel the breeze and hear the sound of waves banging head on the wall of the cliff, looking down from high up, I was tempted to take a plunge into the cooling sea water, to avoid the bright sunlight and piercing UV rays. The view was just plain amazing, like an art from God, reminding you every seconds that the world is a wonder of its own.

If only we could take some moments of our day, to appreciate the beauty of nature, as most of the time we are too caught up with our own work and problems. Sunset at Tanah Lot was amazing, the view just took my breath away, and made me realize how small I really am, and while I caught up with my own problems, surrounding by so much negativity, sometimes I just forgot nature is always cooking up something beautiful, and all we need was just to see it with our heart and feel the beauty it is offering.

And as much as I appreciate nature, I appreciate the traditions and culture that is still carried on to this day. It is the passing of history, a slight glimpse to the past through culture and heritage that is still being practice to this days. And as the world became more globalize, people are slowly losing their identity, especially of those living in the cities. From visiting around temples, and walking through the streets of Bali, I can't help but notice the nice wooden, stone carving and statues at the front of house, main entrance with a nicely decorated roof, it seems culture and heritage are still strong in this part of the world, at least it is still well protected and hopefully it last.

There's definitely much more to be said about Bali, but I would like to end it here right now. The rest I would leave it for the next time.