Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Graduation Day

What does graduation actually means to you? Exactly one year fom my departure from University, I came back once again not as a graduate but a switch of role, as a guest on my sister graduation ceremony, to witness her graduated as a master. Truth be told, I wasn't feeling it at all, not feeling it one year ago and not feeling it now either, I am not trying to be a prick, or an asshole to spoilt anyone's mood but I can't help but wonder what graduation actually means to you, as everytime I look around, I saw happy innocent faces thinking the worst has passed.

6 years ago, I stepped into that very ground, cursing my way to hell, wondering what the heck I have gotten myself into and when will this end. I was back then... trying to fast forward my life, not living it. All I hope for was the day of my graduation come a wee bit faster, but that wasn't the way, and definitely not what university is all about, I had missed what education really mean, in fact I think I had lost it since the day I started primary. Schooling from that day on, was merely a specific sets of procedures that we as human has to follow, and as graduation day comes, the more i felt foolish having to spent that 5 years of my life, just so I could step onto that stage for less than a minute and to be handed with an empty scroll. And like most of graduates, looking bright and shinny on the outside but merely an empty scroll with nothing inside. And then it hit me hard, I'm studying for the wrong reason, I'm studying not because of wanting to become a person with intellect, but merely to satisfy the societal criteria of what a person should be at a certain age.

6 years after, I wish I had done it differently. As life for me now, are not meant to be fast forward.... no matter good or bad, life are meant to be slow cook, simmer till perfection, live every moment as thou there's no tomorrow, learn and do things with passion, even with the darnest thing you're asked to do. Your university certificate doesn't guarantee success in life, but is the attitude and the way how you look at life that determines where you belong later on. I was just a foolish person back then, but as of now I am trying in every single way to live life passionately, starting with enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning rather than merely drinking it.