Friday, August 17, 2012

Yau Char Kuai @ 9 Tingkat Malacca

'If cannot wait... then please go. ' 

Wow, here's a boss with an attitude. I'm standing from the a corner waiting for my 'Yau Char Kuai' to be ready. I can't help but wonder why people are still willing to wait and stay quiet despite being bad mouthed by the boss. So do I, I'm one of the pathetic fucker who stand by their waiting so patiently for food. I felt embarrass with myself, I have no shame at all, pretending to not hear, not know what the bad mouthed boss was saying while silently deep down, I curse his business goes into flame, while a moment later on I pray again that God had not realize my curse or else I will not be able to eat this again. 

Things people do for food... you wait and wait and wait... looking at the Sifu, gracefully moving his knife and skillful handwork across the work table, cutting everything equally in shape, finely and decently, adding his signature press on the dough before deep frying. And on and on... his bad mouth continues and the customers continues to ignore, tolerate all because in the name of good food. 

and finally... a quick exchange of money and product I left the crime scene... feeling guilty and emotional like I don't deserve this shit kind of feeling... as thou I had just visited a brothel, got rape instead and my money got ripped off and being bad mouthed still. Bringing with me sorrow and a product of horrible experience that could only be compensate by a nice cup of coffee and a bite of the damn good 'yau char kuai'... the only Kuai that's left is me.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Traditional Neighborhood Businesses

I may not understand fully, how traditional neighborhood businesses still survive this days, as with giant hypermarket coming up, slashing prices in half, buying and selling in bulk, small neighborhood business just couldn't compete and is losing in every single ways.  

When I was young, I used to followed my aunt to the grocery when I am not having classes in the morning... those were some gruesome period which I would never understand, cause it always involved long, draggy conversation and less buying. Why buy here? There are less variety and price aren't that cheap either. 

It took me sometime before I realize that the shop owner is not striving on cheaper price or better produce but merely opening day by day, to keep them occupy and have something to do and work around, especially when their young ones had already been working elsewhere. This neighborhood business gives people a sense of home, warm feeling where everyone in the neighborhood knows each other, buying stuffs are more like secondary for the aunties and grandma, but more of joining a social club where they talk, say hello and keep conversation going before is time to grab their produce home and cook a lunch or dinner for the family. As their once big family is now getting smaller, they could easily buy produce in smaller portion, just enough so they could come by here again in the next morning and keep the conversation alive. At times, when the owner is in a good mood, he/ she might throw in some extras for you in the bag. 

Kudos to all that still able to keep their business alive at such tough times!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shanghai Night View


One night in Shanghai... That's all I am asking for...

Arriving in Hotel, drop my bag, grab my camera and storm right out the room. I have to see this.. Is my last night here, and the lights will be off after 10pm. Damn... you Shanghai. I was still calculating whether I should walked, or train or to grab a taxi when I walked out from my room, down the hall way and exiting the lobby. 

And right in front of me, a taxi drove in. Without second thought I hopped right on, 'to The Bund please~.' 

One has to be here to truly believe, how mesmerizing the night view is. I was really feeling it as soon as I stepped out from the Taxi, ok may be I was exaggerating as 'Live My Life' from Far East Movement was playing out loud from my ear phone. But nevertheless it is one fucking nice place to be at, and probably no definitely one of the most well known places in the world. 

'The Bund' stretches one mile along the bank of Huangpu river, and house dozens of historical building which were now owned by the government. There are 52 buildings of various architectural style along the area, it was windy tonight and rain just passed, the clouds were moving quickly when you looked up the sky. In Shanghai, is hard to have a clear sky, all day long it was all hazy and grey with big clouds forming right at the top. Reminds me of Saola Typhoon which is hitting Taiwan at the moment, if Shanghai will be affected as well. 

Is a place where couples gathered, and tourist rushing to post and snapping pictures, afraid that the night might just slip away. Dense skyscrapers with moving light brighten up the sky, it was a moment of awesomeness, one could just stand there for long hours and never wanted to leave. The slow breeze that's coming perfected the moments, a little music and some beverage would be awesome. Despite a little regret on my end, that I only get to see it on the very last day of my stay here in Shanghai, but I am still grateful that I took the step out from my hotel, even though I am tired as hell, no regrets for such view!