Friday, July 6, 2012

Mülheim an der Ruhr

Currently in Muelheim, standing on the platform of Mulheim Hopbanhof, wondering where will my life lead next. Like train it all has a final destination but the fun part was, you will never knew how it will end until you walk through the whole of it. 

4 days in and this was the first day I step out from my Hotel room after training hours, is summer now and the weather is awesome, averaging at 24, is the best time to go around but I was lazy, battling from time difference and not being able to sleep well during the night was mostly the reason. MacDonald beside the station was my best friend, accompanying me throughout the night. 

I stepped outside today for the first time, but I took the wrong way which lead me to the AutoBahn instead of the city center. But it was ok, I am glad I did walk out and tomorrow will be better, as of now, a picture of Mulheim Hopbanhof for you guys, is DB train leading towards other major cities in Berlin and I will be using it to Munich and Nurmberg soon. 


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