Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From a Father Who had Just Lost His Son

This is a crop piece from an article on Guang Ming Daily that I wish to share with all of you. In this article, the father of a 24 year old male from Penang who recently committed suicide due to relationship problem, share his views and regrets while he look back on his relation with his son for the past 24 years. Due to the article being in mandarin, I would like to share some of the important points or realization that the Father, who's also a aesthetic surgeon has stated in the article.


My greatest remorse, was neglecting the importance of communication and teachings with my son. 


I felt that my deepest mistake was not able to teach him the importance of growing up, is easier to teach when he is young, but when he is at his twenties, he will only reply 'bullshit.'


If I could turn back time, the biggest present that I hope for on this Father's day was to be able to communicate heart to heart with my son. 


Despite going through hardship when I was young, it did not break me but help me to be brave and more determine in achieving my goals. Whereas my son had a smooth and comfortable life, money was never a problem and hence he has no reason to fight in life. 


After his departure, I then realize, it is better for your child to suffer some hardship since young, for example like relationship is not something you get by just wanting it, if one couldn't take the hit of failure, chances of them breaking down is high. 


the importance of mental and spiritual strength, as one those not lose itself easily when failure hits. 


his growing up since childhood is my responsibility, for not being able to be there to look after what he really needs, causes what happens today. 


to the young ones out there, certain problems can be cured by time, hence one should always to look at the bright side and not dwell on unhappiness or unsolvable problems. 

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Monday, June 18, 2012


突如其来的改变, 让人失去了方向,

像过冬眠似的, 睡了好久...
日子一天一天的过, 却不知道自己在做些什么..
翻开报子,看了一页, 就搁置在那...
打开电视, 只看到些无为的节目... 

不在行... 只知去了小解好几趟.. 
越喝越精神, 肚子胀得要命...

张开眼睛的一个清晨, 我的思绪无比的清晰...
站到了阳台上,看着远方, 把窥视管深入脑袋里,

准备了早餐及咖啡, 享受宁静的时光,


Monday, June 11, 2012

At the Airport

'Daddy... daddy, look look.' there's a kid shouting over to his dad while sticking his nose ever so closely to the window panel, staring straight to the far end where a plane is taxing on the runway and lifted its way up in the sky. I was sitting close by not wanting to lose a single moment of it as I could relate it ever so closely to myself when I was young. 

I love being at the airport, even when I was a child, especially the moment when I looked to the far side of the sky a plane is holding itself in position and descending with well controlled speed till its back wheels touches the runway where smokes were release due to the friction, it has always been an awe moment for me, even right up till now. 

When I am not looking at the plane, I am sitting at a corner somewhere, sipping drinks and watch the world goes by. Different faces all around, happy couple sitting aside gladly looking through the wonderful moment they had capture through their camera monitor, lonely traveler reading a travel guide with his leg folded, family chattering every so loudly as thou they owns the airport, a middle age men with a worry look at his face and a bunch of other passenger eager to board the plane. Looking at all this fun faces, I wonder where do I fit myself in. 

I'm looking forward for my next trip... 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mango with Sticky Rice @Thanon Pathunam Bangkok

Is the good stuff, is that kind of taste that makes you remember forever, that make yourself promise you will be back again just for this, right before you board the plane heading back home where such food were none to be found, or even if there is, the taste is miles apart. Is a sin food, the food that cause you to grow obese, cause diabetes and probably not a good idea if you have a few clogged vanes inside your body, but I love it dearly, probably you will to. Is one of the food near the extreme, is a love hate relation, for those health advocate, is your worst enemy, and probably the one that cause you to give up preaching about healthy diet and started getting addicted over it. 

Yeah... is called Kao Niao Meng Mwuang ( don't mind the spelling I am pretty sure is wrong, but it sounded something like this in Thai.) Also known as Manggo with Sticky Rice.  

Along Thanon Pathunam opposite of Palladium Mall, two sister running over the stalls taken over from their mother and for don't know how long, they have been serving descent Kao Niao Meng Mwang for lovely Thais in Bangkok. The first taste of a slice of mango and glutinous rice top over with sweet coconut milk was awesome and instant addiction, and what happen after that was nothing to be proud of, I gave up my beliefs in healthy eating and went back night after night just so I could satisfy my addiction. I happily given up my money to the two sisters just so I could have a little of that dough, but that dough was good, it was fantastic. 

Worth every single bhat in my pocket. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Food in Thailand

Food in Thailand is amazing, like in most South East Asia country, one could easily locate food from high class fine dining experiences to cheap road side hawker food stalls. Throughout the days I was in Bangkok, my taste pallets are put to the test, experiencing flavors ranging from one extreme to another. All mixed up, jumbled up, but is all good, all good, as at the end of the day I was lying on my bed feeling satisfied and wondering what's install for me tomorrow.

Tom Yam Kung at Huai Kwang Nigh Market
Ordering and knowing what to order is kinda hard as most of the hawkers can't speak or understand English, but is ok as long as you keep trying, good food will come. General rule, go to the place where locals are, by the street while many people are sitting down waiting, I'm pretty sure is good. But of course not everyone can take the food in Thailand, especially if you're not use to eating food with strong flavors all the time. Me, myself, still can't get a hang of Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad) despite trying for numerous time.

Mee Leng Near Victory Monument Area

I also noticed that the Thai's loved buffet. You could see buffet outlets everywhere, among all I would say the Thai loves BBQ Plaza. The franchise with a green ugly dragon as a mascot. Beer is good here, is especially good when it goes along with BBQ and it became more awesome if the BBQ is buffet style so you could just hang around with your mates and talk cock for the whole night, which is one of a good thing I enjoyed doing.

Fried fish meat, crunchy especially appetizing when is dipped along with the sauce @ One of the food stalls along the road of Thanon Petchaburi

So when you do have the chance to come to Thailand, apart from going around sight seeing, shopping, womanizing... do indulge yourself on the good food Thailand has to offer. Is indeed amazing Thailand! And I can do it again and again without getting tired of it.

Famous Kao Man Kai along Thanum Pathunam opposite of Pladinum Mall
How's food in Thailand for you that had been there before?