Monday, May 28, 2012

To My Two Friends and All Parents

My dear (same age) friend, 

You might not know me, and I only knew you from reading the newspaper. Is kind of a regret to know you in such ways, probably it would be better that I didn't know at all. But the things that happen to you had cause me to wonder why. 

If is true that you gave up your life because of relationship problem, then my dear bro.. I'm sorry to say that I'm kind of disappointed in you. You had a good future ahead, and love is all around, not necessarily to be in the form of boy friend and girl friend, it can also be your love to your parents, love to your friends, love to those who in need, love for others who's unfortunate. 

I know is not easy to give up love, especially for someone you love whole might even think that the pain is so severe that you will never recover forever, you're wrong my dear bro as the best cure is always with you, time can heal. It might not happen over night, but as time passed, when feelings fade away, when finally logic and sense comes back to play, everything will be fine. And don't take the time being sorrow and sad, and begging her to be back but take the time off, to understand yourself better, to better prepare yourself mentally before the next one comes as one door shuts another one opens.

Is too late now as you're now faraway. But I hope if there's a chance to restart, my wish is that you can do it differently. 

My 18 years old friend, 

You might not know me, and I only knew you from reading the newspaper. Is kind of a regret to know you in such ways, probably it would be better that I didn't know at all. But the things that happen to you had cause me to wonder why. 

I remembered the time I was studying... people compare, even the teachers compare. What school you're in, what class you're in, what kind of grades you take, where do you tuition. People compare from head to toe. I compare as well, but the more I compare the more I realized how absurd it was and how foolish one could be. Education is not about competing, and study is not for others, not for your mom, not for your tuition teacher and definitely not for competing. This is not a competition, education is for yourself, to be someone with intellect, education comes in lots of form and no necessarily confines in the context of syllabus in class. Life itself is an education, but before giving it a try and embrace in life's education, you decides to end it by taking away your own life. And that I found it was the most stupid mistake ever. 

I had not been living on Earth for long, but I had enough experience to tell you that, your SPM results don't matter, what school you're in don't matter. All it matters was you. If success is only measured by a person's achievement in academic, then I do think that the world is blind. And for sure you have failed because you gave up so easily, and I can't help to condemn how narrow minded you have become or how you have grew to become. 

And if you have the chance to live long enough, in fact not too long you will realize how foolish you're and your SPM, STPM or A level or Grade point don't really matter that much. Of course you might have a better standing, but at the end of the day, is all you that matters. I wonder how it would hit you, when you finally step into the real world, when you realize your colleagues who's earning more than you do is from a village and studying on school that you never heard of before. Life's so much greater than just merely studying and getting good grades. Life's awesome, live it with passion, look, read, observe and listen from people of all walks of life, and you will soon realize how small you really are, and that problem of yours is actually not much of a problem, but a problem you gave it to yourself without noticing, and you are so busy trying to figure it out and lose out on the big picture in life. 

I can't say I agree on what you did, neither it is noble nor heroic but foolish. I can only say I am sorry for what had happened. 

To all Parents, 

I am glad that I had born into a good family, and had been showered with love and kindness from you all. But when the time comes, do allow me to stand on my feet, even if I fall, let it be my that help myself up. I do not need you to do my homework for me, I do not need you to tell me which school I should go to, and I definitely do not need you to tell me what should I become in the future. Because at the end of the day, you will leave this world earlier than I do and I have to live the rest of my life without you, hence is better off to let me learn to be the Captain of my own life a little earlier. 

I do need you to listen to me, and I will listen to what you have to say as well. Not necessarily we have to agree on each other. I know is for my own good, but I will never know how good it is if I didn't make the mistakes myself. I just need you to be with me, be my guidance and mentor but let me do the rest even thou you worry till death. I might regret on my own mistakes, but is better than I hate you for the rest of my life thinking you're the one to cause me to fail, is better of for me to take up my own responsibility and face it like a man. 

Go live your life, you spent most of the time taking care of me in your life, and you neglected of your own. The world is wonderful out there, but your eye sights are slowly fading, go enjoy the beautiful flower instead of watching over me all the time. As I hope I will not have to describe how beautiful the flower looks like to you when you're on your sick bed, as I will hate myself and be guilty for the rest of my life. 

I love you all, and I know you love me too, but there are things that I have to learn on my own and understand myself. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wat Phra Keaw

I woke up early in the morning, just so I could be in time to catch a glimpse of  Wat Phra Keaw before the crowd gets a little too thick, and the noisy tourist groups were around, talking, chatting and complaining. I wanted to have a moment alone with this majestic places, to be with myself standing at the corner when the Awe moment strikes me. I wanted to be quiet, to keep the volume down as low as possible, to whisper through my heart how much I respected this sacred areas. Where believers said their prayers to the image of Buddha, it has been a symbol of hope where the Siam people had held on to for many centuries, and I as an outsider should be kept as small as possible, as insignificant as possible while the Siam had this place back for their own. 

I was keen to see the whole place, to look at every details that hard work had poured into, imagining the days when the building was build up from scratch, starting up small and slowly till what it is today, the pride of Siam people.

Have you been there before? How do you feel about this place? 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Throw that Travel Guide Away

Do me a favor will you? Stop Googling online on must visit attractions and must do stuffs prior to your trip. Throw that guide book away where there are hundreds of must try must do stuffs, and you ended up trying too much and getting disappointed. 

Is understandable that some of us tries to make the most out of our trip. But making the most out of the trip doesn't mean you should get yourself stress up or tense up trying out every single thing written on travel bible. 

Because when travelling involves a certain number of must do must see things, it might no longer be fun, instead try to have an open mind, let lose, while the city or places guide you through its charms and wonders.

Don't force yourself to the museum if you're not a fan of it, as you won't see any different there, it will just be a museum for you. But when you let go of that stubborn thought and do something you really like for example hanging out at the local bar or hunting down for food, then you find something you could relate to, something that makes your trip pleasant and makes you happy. You will go back satisfy with good memories well kept with you, and that's what really matters. And that's the time when you start noticing things around that others don't, which means you're having a trip of your own that's different from what others have, an experience unique for you.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chatuchak Weekend Market/ Jatujak JJ

It was a warm Saturday morning, it wasn't even noon yet and the sun was shining brightly, the surroundings were intensely moist, i'm feeling sticky all over and I just had a bowl of spicy noodle soup as my morning breakfast, obviously I didn't think it through when I ordered, as of now I felt extremely uncomfortable with burning stomach and uncomfortable surroundings. I ain't gonna stop thou, not gonna give it up to the weather in Bangkok and ditch the uncovered wonders of Bangkok to go back and hide inside an air conditioned environment. 

I went to Ratchtewi station and took the BTS skytrain to 'Mo Chi' station where the world famous largest weekend market is closed by.  Is a 27 acres weekend market with about 15000 booth selling in that area alone. It was the oh my god moment when I arrived and found myself holding a map of Chatuchak market itself, I knew I bound to get lost in there and it got me really fucking excited. 

A closer step into the place, it reminds me of the old days of Kampung Jawa, my dear fellow Malaccans who born before the 90s shall agree with me as that's the place where I used to get my new school bags and uniforms before the opening of school after a long end year holiday. However, Chatuchak market was a whole different ball game comparing to Kampung Jawa, it was no doubt the largest weekend market and by looking at the sheer size of that place, is either you will spent huge amount of time there or you give up half way through for those who are weak hearted and couldn't stand the intense heat that were in there.

The best thing about the market is that you are able to find all sorts of arts and crafts at a bargaining price. Is not a place dedicated only for tourist as you could see most of the locals are out here during the weekend shopping as well. There's also a section that dedicated to pets and accessories, where cute fluffy dogs are barking waiting to be picked away.

Here's a map of Chatuchak weekend market,

so if you're in Bangkok on a weekend looking for interesting arts and crafts for a bargain, or just plainly have nothing else better to do, try look for Chatuchak weekend market or also known as JJ by foreigners. Have fun roaming around and get surprise. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

24 and counting

I celebrated my birthday at 30,000 feet mid air and twice this year while I flew across different time zones. Berlin was great but still it felt so much better and subtle to be in the environment you're so familiar with, the warm humid South East Asia and among them is the country I love most, Malaysia. Not only the country is warm so does the people who is well known for being friendly and warm. 

Less than 48 hours at home, I'm now sitting in the airport again, waiting for my next flight to Bangkok! Finally I could cross one out from my list, the dream destination that I had been dying to visit, is good to have this as a birthday present for myself. A time to relax and reward after working my ass off for the past 6 months, and believe me, it was a fucking crazy 6 months. 

and I'm pretty satisfy with it thus far.