Thursday, April 26, 2012

Holocaust Memorial @Berlin

I was sitting above one of the many grey blocks that are laying on the 'Field of Stelae', resting after exiting from the Museum. With images that I saw running again and again through my mind, and I felt a sudden chilled, not because of the breeze that were blown passed but the chilled from witnessing a mass murder as thou it really happened in front of my eyes. I knew what I was up to when I step into the museum, what I did not know was, the after effect would be such strong for me. I did not felt good at all when I walked out from the site, but I am glad that I walked in and came out with a little bit more knowledge on the history of mankind. 

A great applaud on the many who had contributed to the birth of this museum, or such horrible past might gone into hiding and soon forgotten by many. It seems like Berlin does not try to hide this terrible event that occurred during the National Socialist Regime from 1933-1945. Berlin had lots of interesting museum for sure, however it is the unique architecture of this that attracted me the most. Walking around on the uneven grounds of 'Field of Stelae', gave me a strange feeling of insecurity for unable to see from far nor high up, the feeling of escape just kicked in without warning. 

Situated close by to Brandenburg Gate, one can easily take the S-bahn to Brandenburg Gate and take a walk to the South where the Field of Stelae is situated. Opening from 10am to 8pm. More in formation @

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Berlin on Foot

Is the beginning of Spring in Germany

The weather has definitely gotten warmer comparing to the first day I was here in Berlin, I remembered I arrived on a Sunday, there was no one on the streets, it was cold and chilly... the wind was basically slapping my face red. And I felt extremely creepy walking around the streets. 7 days had passed and I had never imagined I could be so comfortable roaming around the streets in Berlin. From quiet neighborhood apartments, to busy streets of the upper east side. I want to see it all, and I will never get enough.

Exploring the East Side Gallery, where the remaining of Berlin Wall are decorated with Grafiti by Artist all over the World

Kudos to the public transport in Berlin, I had managed to reach nearly every point in the map. I bought a 7 days pass, and soon found myself commuting aimlessly around Berlin, I stop whenever I want, wherever I want, and when I got off from the subway, I walked till the sun goes down. And at the end of the day, I'm lying on my bed with my legs held high and smile with satisfaction.

Final Stop at Brandenburger Tor

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jet Lack Survival Mode

I see no one on the streets on a Sunday afternoon. I walk for long and is getting creepy, is the building I see that reminds me of Call of Duty 2. I walked for a distance and I saw some youngsters with the hood covering over their head, and it fucking worries me as I'm afraid they are gonna bashed me up, took my money to smoke some joint. I walked again further and I saw a stray dog by the road site.. wait was that a stray dog? Is hard to believe that a German Shepherd wondering around the streets without its owner. 

The street was cold and I walk passed some old run down factory that gives me the chilled as thou I'm being in Chernobyl. Hungry and tired, all I'm thinking of was Bak Kut Teh from my hometown, as the hot soup would do me some good now.

I was walking randomly on the streets, without an aim, without a map in my hand, staring at signs that I couldn't even read. That's when the thought 'I'm really in a fucking foreign land' hits me. I made a few turns left right, walked passed a few alleys and big blocks of building. There's no shop that's open, oh wait... I smell something. May be there's hope, may be there's someone out there who wish to work on a Sunday because he might need that extra cash to cover his soon due rent. 

I stopped in front of an old Turkish joint, there's a few people inside speaking in arabic 'Habibi.. Habibi'.. I looked at the menu and couldn't understand shit, I play safe and go for Hamburger and cheese at the end, walked myself over to the table and ended up with this on top of it. 

and that's how I survive the first day in Berlin. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pattaya and Go go Bar

Finally, I'm back to Malacca, the past 1 month of my life was like a dream, dream that I am not sure even if I should continue dreaming or wake up and slap myself right in the face. I spent almost a month in Pattaya, since I was assigned on a job delegation in Chonburi, Thailand and Pattaya was just closed by. I had heard stories about Pattaya and it almost always comes hand in hand with beach, parties, alcohol, ladies and finally sex and not forgetting to mention HIV which is closely nearby, which is kinda true and i had no intension at all to tell you other wise.

At first, I was pretty much excited on my job here as being in Pattaya was like striking a lottery among us colleagues, and of course I did enjoy my fair share of the high life and wonders of Pattaya. What I didn't know, that I was about to experience some life changing moments and insight into the heart and soul of the people in Pattaya. And for all I know, not only did it opens up my eyes but as well changes my thoughts for my life. 

While we were all wasting our time pondering on the big question 'why are we here for?' or wondering over choices, getting frustrated over small little things. There are people out there who spend every single minute of their life fighting to survive. We all know that, I know that too, just that the impact wasn't so severe to me comparing to what I had encounter in Pattaya several weeks ago. 

Pattaya is famous for its Go go bar, and inside the Go go bar, you see girls at the age of 18-20s stripping for money, dancing on a pole while horny, sexpats like me looking on from the side of a pool. Is like shopping, but instead of buying items, you're buying girls here. If you like, you can make a simple hand gesture to the waiter, let him/her know the number and the girls will come over to you, if you like, strike a deal with her pay a bar fine and the girl will follow you back to have sex with you. 

And why are they doing that? For the fun? Crazy for sex? I don't think it would be fun to have sex with a sweaty, hairy old fucks who doesn't care about feelings, and who wants a blow job and hump his head off the roof. At the end of the day is all about Money, and money for what? Thailand has 68.9 million population and not everyone has an education, they live in the North, growing up without proper necessities. They came down for a reason, to look for better living, they know the job is bad, but no one would want them without education, they can't read, they can't work with computers, on last resort they go to the Go go bars. They work, they pay for their own education, to learn computers, to learn to speak english, some can even speak Japanese just so they can runaway from this life and get a descent job as a lobby receptionist. Some already have a day job, they have to work extra for their families, and their little siblings, and to think of it we the ones who have proper education can't even take care of our own parents are indeed a shameful bunch.

To think of it, I felt ashamed of myself as I had given up or wasted so many chances and opportunities in my life at the past, because I'm scared. Do you think scare still comes into play when you have nothing to eat? no clothing to wear, living under a broken roof? Of course, you're scare and it propels you to fight your life every single day. And we are lucky and fortunate to have grown up in a comfortable environment with everything provided, but that also made us weak, indecisive, with poor judgement and lack of compassion because we will never understand truly how people like them live and why are they like this. And I'm truly honest, and ashamed of myself, is a wake up call for me to live my life being compassionate and not waste my time on this earth being afraid of choices and challenges, because for them, there's no such time for to ponder, because every minute counts, every single minute can help them to earn a little more and lessen the burden in life. 

For them I pray for a better life in the future, I respect them truly from the bottom of my heart, and because of them I want to lead a meaningful life, to be compassionate about others and to work hard for my life. I no longer see them as a sexual object and truly respect who they are inside and hoping that life can be better for them and truly understand that life can not be equal to everyone but we can always extend our help to others.