Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When Nightfalls in Vung Tau

I ran out of toothpaste today, and the shop opposite of my hotel was about rip off my wallet by charging a tube of toothpaste at 120,000 Vietnamese Dong which translate to about RM 20. So I decided to walk a little further to look for toothpaste that doesn't cost me a freaking price of a beaf steak. 

Walking on the streets of Vung Tau was pretty interesting, is a place infested by sexually frustrated expats and old fucks looking for extra curricular activities during the night, which causes companion businesses mushroom around the area. Big flashing neon signboards with words like 'Cucumber, Womanizer, Whisper, ONS, KISSES etc etc...' And since the business environment is so competitive, owners are going all out to make that extra income in turning their business from red to green. Along the streets, there are Mamasan on the bike going around, spotting for potential client. 'Hey, young girl very pretty, you want? you want?...' And not forgetting the Massage businesses which seems pretty legit on the outside but dirty on the inside. 

Comparing to Saigon, the street of Vung Tau is considerably quiet but of course if you're comparing it to Malaysia it was no where near quiet. The honks are used often, but not the brakes, for them is not about slowing down the car, but more like get the hell out of my way by sounding the honk. And often do I see accident involving cars and motorist, and almost every time, it attracted a large crowd of on lookers, some even stopped their vehicles by the streets, get down and go 'ke po' for awhile. 

And if you're thinking of crossing the streets, waiting for the vehicle to get reduce or at least slow down, then my friend you will probably have to wait forever. The golden rule is, keep yourself alert, maintain visual at all times, grab your balls and go, and not forgetting to pray that the motorist will notice and try to avoid you. So far, I'm doing well and all I can say is, there's definitely someone up there watching over my back.

I soon found a sundry shop that has everything I need, the problem now was how to convey the needs to the owner, and for all I know I am doing it by action, squeezing out toothpaste, and shampoo for my hair. Oh dear god, this 40 days are going to be fun! Definitely need to learn some basic Vietnamese language.