Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Experience at Daorae Malacca

May be is a trend, or people are genuinely more accepting foods from different culture nowadays as I see restaurants from different nationality and culture mushroom around the places. In Malacca, among those I saw the most was Korean Restaurants. It has been a trend in the past, for restaurants trying to conquer the food scene in Malacca, but not many survive throughout the years, it has always been the same reason as most Malaccans are more attached to comfort foods that are close to home, and paying more than RM5 for a bowl of noodles were deemed as ridiculous not to mentioned a Korean Ramen at RM 18 in a freaking Korean Restaurant. 

However things have change, ever since the tourism business in the state picks up after gaining recognition as a world heritage site. Businessmen are more daring in venturing into the small state of Malacca for one reason, the influx of tourist. Growing of commercial complexes, shop houses, new roads, new condos, hotels... I'm starting to doubt it was the Malacca that I once knew, and whether all this fast changing and growing is just another bubble waiting to burst. 

Anyway let's get back to food, so here I was passing by the shop that has been sitting on that corner for almost a year and never once I step food in it. Is not a big deal, in fact there are tonnes of shops that I had never once ventured in. But for this CNY I decided to do a little different, to try things out a bit, to experience the 'Samgyupsal' that appears so frequently in Korean shows, and the joyful face of those celebrity after tasting Samgyupsal seems a little too fake to me, and there I have to prove I'm right.

I walked right in at Daorae the corner shop at Jalan Melaka Raya and was greeted 'Anyeonghaseyo..' by Bangladeshi, Burmese and Pakistani waiter, it was a scene of surprise as it was common to spot foreign labor working in restaurants, coffee shops as well as hawker center.

I ordered Bulgogi as well as Samgyupsal, the two distinct and must try barbecue meat and also a side dish of kimchi ramen. Soon my table was fulled with dishes accompanied the barbeque, things like the lettuce wrap, kimchi, sweet potato, yam, chili, spring beans etc...

The barbeque was great, the best thing about it is that you don't need to get your hands dirty, the waiter will come over and do the flipping for you, and cutting it into small pieces.While all you need to worry about was what side dish you would like to add in your lettuce wrap. The meat was great, with its original flavor still intact, especially the samgyupsal was mostly original without much seasoning.  While the bulgogi was grilled for a short while and is then added with spring onions and quick stir fried before it was plated. 

Not forgetting to mention the kimchi ramen, well for RM 18 and basically with nothing inside other than the noodles and broth, I would say is not worth the try, better of to get it in the supermarket and make it on your own at home, it cost much less and you could always customize with your own ingredients and suit your own taste.

Apart from the food, I do enjoy the view outside the window, as the shop was located right at the corner and is two storey above, you get a pretty descent view of Melaka Raya, as well as the Shopping Malls nearby, especially when night falls and all the lights are up. Sitting near the window and looking at the busy street in between of Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade, something for u to enjoy while u are chewing that lettuce wrap.

Food wise, is definitely a good choice to op for if you're looking for a change. Price wise, is definitely a place to think twice if your pocket is tight or even if it is lose, something you wouldn't wish to eat daily. Vibe, depends... as in normal days, Malacca is usually quiet but is also better that way so you could enjoy your meal without the annoying noise from some drunk ass tourist or the crying baby sitting across of you. A place close by to the malls and other tourist attractions in Malacca, or if you're looking for a meal before the movie starts. It is also a good place to hangout with friends and have a descent meal.

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