Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dog's Man's Best Friend and Wingman

They say 'dog is man's best friend.' 

I say ' dog is man's best friend as well as wingman.' 

Not only did he got me into meeting a young, descent and sweet veterinarian.. he managed to extinguish the anger from a grudging lady and saved my ass from getting burnt. So lesson learnt, if your brother is too busy to be your wingman, get a dog instead, preferably a puppy not too cute as you don't want him/her to get all the attention from the girl you like.  And afterwards you can start blabbering about some adventurous stories about how your dog saved your life to that girl and asked if she would be interested to see some of your pictures of you and your dog AT HOME of course. ( then... you know what's next.) 

So let's just say you already has a girl, and the weather might seem a little bit off that day and both of you started having some small quarrel and it seems like is getting into a big one pretty soon. What to do? Release the puppy! or dog whatever if he is old and still lovable into her arms, a few wiggling motion of the tear, staring at her with those innocent eyes will definitely melt her heart, presumably if your girlfriend is also a dog person.

And of course there would be time when your wife might wanna get a baby but you're not ready for that kind of commitment yet, so guess what? Get her a dog instead, keep her busy while taking care of the dog and buy you some precious time to get some parenting advice from some half dead mid age male at the local bar. 

So believe it or not... this magical creature could be your 911 call for problem with girls.