Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Year CNY

The first taste of being away from home during such important festival of the year, it was a strange feeling, neither was I happy nor particularly sad. But to be able to experience Bangladesh during such times of the year, makes me appreciate my life more, my family and friends especially the love ones. 

As I was on the plane crossing through a different time zone, many thing came through my mind...I sat looking out the airplane window and there the uncontrollable thinking starts...

This year CNY, is a portal to the future as well as a time warp that brings me back to the past. I looked forward to a better future as I embrace the year of the dragon, I felt good, this is my year as I was born in the year of dragon, 24 years has passed without notice, it was indeed a journey. Looking back, like a time warp I was consumed into a black hole where images of the past moving in fast flowing motion all within a glance and I wasn't alone, of all those images that flew past there were my parents, my relatives, my childhood friends, the girlfriend, the buddies, and the bros. It was a blessing to have them in my life, no matter how I am truly grateful and in debt to those people that came in and out of my life.

This year CNY, I received a lot of red packets, but for the first time in my life I realized the true meaning of it rather than merely receiving it for the sake of the benefits enveloping by it. I didn't opened any till now, I felt grateful for those who had given it to me even without my presence. This year I wanna do something better with it, to extend the wishes from those who care for me to some others. 

This year CNY, I still hated to go house visiting, and I don't know why... 

This year CNY, I hope all of us embrace the new year with wisdom acquired from the past and do something good for yourself and others. 

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