Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Year CNY

The first taste of being away from home during such important festival of the year, it was a strange feeling, neither was I happy nor particularly sad. But to be able to experience Bangladesh during such times of the year, makes me appreciate my life more, my family and friends especially the love ones. 

As I was on the plane crossing through a different time zone, many thing came through my mind...I sat looking out the airplane window and there the uncontrollable thinking starts...

This year CNY, is a portal to the future as well as a time warp that brings me back to the past. I looked forward to a better future as I embrace the year of the dragon, I felt good, this is my year as I was born in the year of dragon, 24 years has passed without notice, it was indeed a journey. Looking back, like a time warp I was consumed into a black hole where images of the past moving in fast flowing motion all within a glance and I wasn't alone, of all those images that flew past there were my parents, my relatives, my childhood friends, the girlfriend, the buddies, and the bros. It was a blessing to have them in my life, no matter how I am truly grateful and in debt to those people that came in and out of my life.

This year CNY, I received a lot of red packets, but for the first time in my life I realized the true meaning of it rather than merely receiving it for the sake of the benefits enveloping by it. I didn't opened any till now, I felt grateful for those who had given it to me even without my presence. This year I wanna do something better with it, to extend the wishes from those who care for me to some others. 

This year CNY, I still hated to go house visiting, and I don't know why... 

This year CNY, I hope all of us embrace the new year with wisdom acquired from the past and do something good for yourself and others. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

An Afternoon Stroll

Took an afternoon stroll around the fences of the power plant, for a brief moment I felt like I was a prisoner, living behind bars and was only allowed to have limited freedoms. But I was wrong when I looked outside the fence. There I saw and hear things that makes me sorrow, guilty and sorry for both myself and the people out there. First I felt sorry and guilty for myself, for being an asshole who doesn't appreciate things and be grateful with whatever that he already has,  a person who easily forgets. Second I felt sorry for the people living on the other side of the fence, for having to live in such poor condition, nothing close to the meaning of comfort when comparing to my current situation.

I saw two men, squatting at the back of the kitchen, scrapping left over foods from the container, they hold the rice in their hands like precious gold, keeping the good ones for their family while they ate those that are dirty. My heart sank for a brief moment, and I started to have teary eyes as I walked further. I felt really mad about myself at that moment, for being weak and helpless on that situation. The weather was cold and all they were wearing was broken clothing with a dirty cloth wrapped around their head and neck to keep them warm. 

As I walked further, a bunch of kids crowded in front of the fence, reaching their small hands through the fence, shouting 'Mister, have money?'I felt bad for them, but I didn't do anything..I just stood there till the commotion comes down, and those that realize they aren't getting anything left the scene while some left over standing asking question like where are you from? why are you here? I took out my camera and took a picture of them, hoping to keep as a remembrance and also as a reminder for myself of the people here. 

We were all born in this world the same way, but not all of us are being treated the same way. The world might seems to be an unfair place, but when you see how this people actually live, your problems might not seem that big anymore. Always be grateful with what you have, there are always a person with a bigger house, a better pay, a better career etc, but also think there are more people having worst place to live, doesn't have a job and are living day by day.  

A kind reminder for all of us this new year: 

Be grateful with what you have and you will be happy. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dhaka Bangladesh The Place You Wanna Be

This morning i was sipping tea, and eating my favourite roti canai at my peaceful old town. This evening i was on a plane eating standard airplane food with chicken and curry, this night i arrived in the Shajalal international airport of Dhaka, Bangladesh. An international airport that are infested with mosquitoes, broken roof, damage floor and pretty much fail in all categories in defining a good international airport. I didn'tt even bother to look at the toilet. 

So where have my adventurous scouting spirits gone? Ahh fuck it.. I lost everything the moment I step on the car and headed out from the airport, heck i even nearly crap my pants. First I was driven by a van with a big natural gas tank at the back, that seems like it could explode in any moment of time, second was the worst traffic i had seen thus far ever since I was born. 

Why spent Billions of dollars to shoot a movie like Fast and Furious 5 in mexico, when one could spent may be 0.1 of that amount to shoot the exact same thing in Bangladesh and possibly even dangerous, even furious and even more crazier. To do stunt with a good car, is good, but to do stunt with a 30 year old van with paper thin body is a whole new level... owh wait to make things more interesting, try add 5 people inside the car along with 5 luggage that weighs 25 kilogram each, driving with speed, cutting line, driving through sharp corner with great spit, dust flying, fogging, basically a blinded view and still manage to reach the power plant safely... Is either the driver is James Bond or God is really watching over me. 

For the whole 2 and a half hours journey, I had experience more than 10 times of near death experience. Close encounter with buses, lorries, cyclists, cars, cows... that heart stopping moment that makes you wanna cry for mama and promise to be a good boy from now onwards. 

I'm writing this in a hostel room in the power plant, the only thing that makes me happy was that the internet works and a pretty decent connection. For now I prayed that my following days here would be smooth and i can go home safely to be with my parents and I promise I will never ever complain a word about traffics and road condition in Malaysia anymore. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lunar New Year 2012

Is that time of the year again, where children are happy and parents are worry, especially during the bad times when the economy is in a slump, definitely a hard deal to put a smile on your face. But then again, when you think about how fortunate you're for still being here alive, close to your family members and friends, sitting at the same table and having a meal together, then the things about buying a bigger house, nicer clothing, more money in the bank etc seems a little less important as compare to the idea of family, joy, love and celebration. 

For many of us who are born in 1988 which was the year of dragon, congratulations we had survive another 12 years, definitely a breakthrough for most of us, especially for those who graduated and started working this year. No matter where you're, how you might be, I wish you a bundle of joy, happiness and a healthy body in the long road ahead. For those who can't get back to celebrate Chinese New Year with your family members including myself, please remember to give a call back home to your parents. 

Lastly, a reminder for everyone including myself, always be grateful of where you're and what you have now, do not take life for granted, your relationship for granted, your good friends around you and most importantly your family members. Work will never ends, money will never be enough and your clock will always be ticking but you will never know when it stops. 

Lastly a very Happy Chinese New Year to everyone and may your 2012 be bless with happiness, joy and good health. 


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 2012 Everyone!

First of all... Happy 2012 everyone, may your new year fills with laughter and joy and most importantly a healthy body and a sound mind that propels you to achieve greatness in life. 

I was meant to write a summary on 2011 but I'm late for the same reason as always, I let time slides off the tip of my hand, procrastinating and constantly thinking there will be time tomorrow, definitely a bad habit that's hard to break, so as unbelievable as it is, I'm still going to say it...' I WILL BREAK THIS BAD HABIT IN 2012.' There I said it.. and whether it works or not, that's for future me to worry about. 

2011 was a fast changing year of my life, the transition point from a student to a working adult, from near bankruptcy to a healthy stable income within weeks. It was also a year with joy when I graduated from the University with a distinction, a sense of pride and joy being able to repay my parents for raising me up. The start of 2011 was full with curse when I have gotten the news about addition of extra semester due to the failure between the University as well as the accreditation from BEM. It is also a year where I relearned that as a student, your time of graduation is not the up most concern of the University as well as BEM accreditation board, or in simple terms 'if you're a nobody, no one cares about your shit..'

Nevertheless, that extra semester has given me the freedom and time to do well in my studies but having fun all around. I conquered mount Kinabalu, road trip up north and down south, experiencing food, meeting up with friends that I never knew I would.

2011 was a turbulence times, infested with natural disaster, civil war, demonstrations and not to forget economic crisis in US as well as Europe that affects the world or its population in many different ways. 2011 was also a crazy time for me, bankruptcy due to excessive travelling and food, stressful time trying to meet the datelines and produce a quality work for my final year project, skipping classes like nobody business and finally my unofficial graduation on 9th September 2011, a special day, a new beginning, a renaissance for me.

My short freedom was lifted when I arrived at the receptionist desk at the lobby of CP Tower, reporting duty with Siemens and there it goes, the beginning of the next chapter of my life, a potentially crazy one. The end of 2011 marks a good ending of a great year, with me coming back from Philippines after my first assignment, meeting up with relatives and friends, spending quality time with people I care and also not forget to mention the arrival of an extra family member, my Pitbull Sky and countdown at my new home in PJ with my fellow housemate whom I have known by heart for the past 6 years now that I care and cherish for having them around, and also meeting up with cool friends whom attended the party.

2011 was definitely a good year for me and it might not end with a blast but definitely the joy and calmness are what I enjoyed the most.

Looking forward to a great new year ahead and wishing everyone a very happy new year once again~

Till then~ Take Care!