Thursday, December 8, 2011

Isaw Isaw @ Batangas Night Market

There could be a million ways to experience the culture of a foreign land, and FOOD is definitely one of the best ways. From food, we learn about history, we learn about the likes and dislikes of the locals as well as through food we bond and make new friends. 

Walking down the streets of Batangas made me realize how similar we are despite all the differences, and through that we found a common ground, 'the joy of food' where we can chat and talk about all day long and from there it always leads to more understanding and knowledge on how the local lives!

Sitting by the road side and simmered under the joy and laughter of the locals that are enjoying food, drinks and talks with their close friends and family, especially during this end year, where the Christmas lighting is up and music is on. It feels damn good blending in with the locals~ and that's the way I like it. 

Walking around the Plaza with Sally and Christine a mother and daughter combo that knows where all the good things are is definitely a bliss, giving me a peace of mind and has no worries of having some mystery meat inside my mouth. 

Isaw Isaw is what seems like intestines, stomach, liver from chicken, cow, hog etc marinated and skewed by bamboo stick and placed over hot charcoals till it sweats! It is mostly a love or hate relation from most of the Malaysian but when it comes to Philippines, I guess generally all the people love eating it, from old to young, pretty to ugly, sexy to fat, people are sitting there under the not so bright street lights, enjoying a few sticks of Isaw Isaw, some couldn't even wait till it got served at the table! I'm loving it, enjoying every single sticks of it, is indeed at times is the simplest the food that brings the most joy~ 

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