Wednesday, December 28, 2011


You know how it is like, that you always wish for something since you're young but you never get it, the frustration and desperation, and through time you have almost given up hope, especially when you got a new job that requires you to fly all around and you clearly know you wouldn't have time for it. So you learn to self soothe, watching movies about it, going around the park seeing someone with it and being jealous, and keep telling yourself someday you will realize it but you know you never will. 

Christmas came early for me, of course there's no white snow flakes, and the unbearable coldness, but a gift from Santa, not underneath the Christmas tree but at the front car porch, a white and black dotted Pitbull waiting for me. I name it 'Sky' to remind me of him everytime I'm up in the air. 

I'm deeply grateful to my uncle for being a kind Santa this year, of course the original intention was to have the Pitbull placed at my mom's store as a watchdog, but for me is fine as it is the perfect arrangement since I'm not being able to take care of him all the time. 

So everyone I would like you to meet Sky~ 3 months old, freaking 10 kilos, afraid of crossing the drain and a near fanatic towards my mom's broom.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Taal Volcano @ Batangas Province Philippine

The weather is a little crazy in the Philippines this time of the year, I could have just stayed in the hotel and not step a foot outside, but I didn't and all because I wanted to see an active Volcano with my own eyes. The whole journey took about 2 hours and it was raining all along, even fogging along the way up the Highlands of Tagatay, and throughout the journey I was praying... praying for the rain to stops and the sun to shine. 

As though God is testing my patience, before allowing me to seeing His Creation, the journey there was never easy especially when we arrived at the shore of Taal Lake, we were basically being toyed by the relentless wave in Lake Taal, being tossed left right and the occasional 'light sprinkle' of water in your face that causes much sharp pain as though a needle is piercing right at you. The only thing we relied on was the wooden made 'Bangka' that was fighting through the waves and life jacket that didn't seems to fit me right!

It was a big sense of relief when the Bangka arrived on shore, and from there onwards it was a hike up the crater on horseback which was pretty fun, and the only thing that worries me was whether the horse is going to hold my weight and even if it does, it might faint halfway through the journey and I don't wanna fall right into the valley.

As I'm closer to the crater, the sky gets brighter, everything seems to clear up a little with every steps up, I stopped for awhile to take in the amazing view of Lake Taal and enjoy the chilling breeze that comes kissing the face and brings away my worry. It was amazing and it made me realize how much I enjoyed nature despite going through all the suffering journey, it was the painful process that makes the fruit taste so sweet.

and the moment I reaches the top, God is preparing me a nice hot bowl of Sinigang that I won't be able to finish forever~

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Isaw Isaw @ Batangas Night Market

There could be a million ways to experience the culture of a foreign land, and FOOD is definitely one of the best ways. From food, we learn about history, we learn about the likes and dislikes of the locals as well as through food we bond and make new friends. 

Walking down the streets of Batangas made me realize how similar we are despite all the differences, and through that we found a common ground, 'the joy of food' where we can chat and talk about all day long and from there it always leads to more understanding and knowledge on how the local lives!

Sitting by the road side and simmered under the joy and laughter of the locals that are enjoying food, drinks and talks with their close friends and family, especially during this end year, where the Christmas lighting is up and music is on. It feels damn good blending in with the locals~ and that's the way I like it. 

Walking around the Plaza with Sally and Christine a mother and daughter combo that knows where all the good things are is definitely a bliss, giving me a peace of mind and has no worries of having some mystery meat inside my mouth. 

Isaw Isaw is what seems like intestines, stomach, liver from chicken, cow, hog etc marinated and skewed by bamboo stick and placed over hot charcoals till it sweats! It is mostly a love or hate relation from most of the Malaysian but when it comes to Philippines, I guess generally all the people love eating it, from old to young, pretty to ugly, sexy to fat, people are sitting there under the not so bright street lights, enjoying a few sticks of Isaw Isaw, some couldn't even wait till it got served at the table! I'm loving it, enjoying every single sticks of it, is indeed at times is the simplest the food that brings the most joy~ 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jeepneys and Tricycle in the Philippines

ahhh... I'm definitely too big to sit comfortably in the Tricycle. It was my first time taking this cute, noisy and bumpy public transport in the Philippines, a million thanks to Sally and Christine for extending such warm hospitality towards me as they knew that I have long wanted to experience the public transport here especially the tricycle and the Jeepney. 

Riding the tricycle was definitely fun, especially along bumpy roads, any more jumpy my head will hit right through the roof! Didn't manage to get any pictures thou as the ride was bumpy and it wouldn't make sense to get all blurry pictures. 

Love the Jeepneys as they never fail to excite me with customize deco on both the interior and exterior. 'Para po' is what you should said when you needed to stop. 

The one that I got on to has an interior decorated like a Thailand Night Club, a running mirror on the top, with yellow and red neon lights by the side. I wouldn't be surprise if there's a Thai Girl show going on the Jeepneys. Is definitely a fun thing riding the Jeepneys, do experience it if you are here in the Philippines.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


There's a bathtub in my bathroom, which I couldn't be bothered using it... Sometimes when I am brushing my teeth during the day or night, I was always looking at it, imagining that it works like a dispenser machine but instead of dispensing coca cola, it dispense hot girls wearing bikini lying inside in the tub waiting for me to join them. 

Tonight I was brushing my teeth again and when I looked at the bathtub, the dispenser thing kicks in again but instead of hot bikini girls, this appeared instead.

I bang my head on the door, drank two dozens of San Miguel and slide two sleeping pills down my throat just so I can sleep and hoping that I won't wake up like this in the morning...

I swear I wouldn't go near to bathtub again...

~the end~

JorJanes @ Batangas City Philippines ( Philippines' version of Spare Parts Soup)

I was bored sitting in the office while waiting  for the workers to finish up their job before I can proceed with the final inspection, a sudden called from my supervisor asking me if I'm interested to go for some 'Goto'. Without knowing what the fuck that was, I said yes. 

So we headed out from the power plant, a short drive later we parked and entered a small shop named Jor Janes along the road, with big pots cooking on burning charcoals at the front and the shop was made from a combination of wood and bricks and was painted apple green on the exterior, a cozy space inside, with wooden tables and chairs. 

Seconds later, I was greeted by a bowl of steamy, hearty soup along with Beef and spare parts. Ahhhh... so this is called 'Goto' the Philippines style of spare parts soup. 

The broth was amazing, a slight soury flavor and spicyness like a mild version of tomyam or nyonya laksa in Malacca, a little more watery but the taste was perfect, sprinkle with a little spring onions and fried red onions for that extra fragrance. 

Nothing beats a warm hearty soup with tender and juicy beef and spare parts inside, giving you the energy and satisfaction for the rest of the days. Amazing taste to compensate for a boring day at work, not too bad and I'm definitely coming back again for more next time.