Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Philipine

I have to say the Filipinos really has a sweet tooth, they are basically coating everything with sugar, peanuts with sugar, banana with sugar, cake with sugar, even sausages! The only thing that I have yet to discover is sugar coated with sugar, but I'm pretty sure I will find that somehow if not I'm sure they are on their way there. I wonder if they would die a day without tasting sugar, despite that the food is really great here, the dessert just got to be careful not over consume or else I will have to book a double seat on the flight back home! 

Here's some of the things that I have tried over the past few days, 

Nilupak, is made from plant that is ground into flour and made into a afternoon snack along with peanuts and sugar. It taste like Apam in Malaysia but a little more sticky in texture. 

Toron, is a fried roll with Banana and Nangka inside. Sweet~

Cassava Cake, is made from the same plant like Nilipak, sticky in texture, caramelize on the top, a sweet cake, nice to go along with coffee.

and here's my lunch, the sausage is known as Longganisa and stuffed with Baboys and it taste a little too sweet for my taste of sausages... the first bite was awesome but for 5 Longganisa you will start to worry if you get diabetes.

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