Monday, November 21, 2011

Kumusta! Greetings from Philippines

Here's a little encounter that I have on my journey to Philippines... 

I was sitting in the plane with headsets on playing songs from Olivia Ong to help me sleep through the journey, it was dimmed and dark in the cabin with a flashing red light from the wing's tail, the environment was smooth, calm and relaxing. 

There she was sitting by my side, with her smooth long hair, fair looking face, thin and long eye brows, and big round eyes, petite in size, wearing a white dress with a black scarf, from the way she speaks it was soft along with a little bit of shyness, her cheek blushes when she laughs, a total Asian beauty the best of both world a mix of Chinese and Filipino.

We had a brief conversation before the plane touch down at Ninoy Aguino international airport... I didn't pursue further as I knew deep down this was and shall always remained a brief encounter. We said goodbye at the arrivals hall when I saw my driver waiting for me out there... Not a bad way to start my journey in the Philippines. 

Till then~ Osige, bye~

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