Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Philipine

I have to say the Filipinos really has a sweet tooth, they are basically coating everything with sugar, peanuts with sugar, banana with sugar, cake with sugar, even sausages! The only thing that I have yet to discover is sugar coated with sugar, but I'm pretty sure I will find that somehow if not I'm sure they are on their way there. I wonder if they would die a day without tasting sugar, despite that the food is really great here, the dessert just got to be careful not over consume or else I will have to book a double seat on the flight back home! 

Here's some of the things that I have tried over the past few days, 

Nilupak, is made from plant that is ground into flour and made into a afternoon snack along with peanuts and sugar. It taste like Apam in Malaysia but a little more sticky in texture. 

Toron, is a fried roll with Banana and Nangka inside. Sweet~

Cassava Cake, is made from the same plant like Nilipak, sticky in texture, caramelize on the top, a sweet cake, nice to go along with coffee.

and here's my lunch, the sausage is known as Longganisa and stuffed with Baboys and it taste a little too sweet for my taste of sausages... the first bite was awesome but for 5 Longganisa you will start to worry if you get diabetes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Restaurant F.Baylosis Batangas Philippines

Life is pretty good here in the Philippines, excluding the 11 hours a day 7 days a week work. The people here are really friendly, and I am in good hands under the care of Siemens Philippines Office. All those concerns before this seems meaningless now as I'm really enjoying myself here, especially the food! 

What's there not to like about extremely crispy deep fried pork leg that is so addictive even just a tiny bite, even great if goes long with chilled beer. Tear off a little, and dip it with soy sauce, chili, garlic and vinegar, enjoy the crisp, fragrance of seasoning, and combination in texture from crispy skin, to tender juicy meat. It was love at first sight... missing every moment about you my Crispy Pata~

Sinigang, is a kind of soup or stew, sour in taste serves as good appetizer, The soup comes with all types of vegetables, long beans, tomato, onion etc along with meat such as seafood, chicken or baboy~

Not forgetting Chap Choy, mix fried vegetables, thin seasoning of soy sauce, fresh vegetables, to balance all the Baboy that I am eating.

and not forgetting to wash down all the food that I eat with a bottle of San Mig Light. Best light beer in the Philippines.

Restaurant F. Baylosis Batangas is definitely a good place for dinner with friends and families, good atmosphere around the area, good services and not forgetting there are Karaoke rooms available, the people here loves singing and they can really sing well. You can either dine inside the restaurant or alfresco style dining, to enjoy the breeze from the Philippines.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sneak Peek on Makati Manila

The beautiful skyline of Makati, Manila is getting me excited, is a regret that I didn't get to visit the place when I reached the airport as I need to travel down to Batangas. Amazing view from far, and I couldn't help but be amazed  on the scale of the city and its development, a total city vibe and immediately you know that's where all the cool things are. 

Feeling insecure being at the other side of the road, I turned my attention to the view outside, my driver was cruising at high speed along the unbelievable long 'Skyway', the sky was exceptionally clear with stars shining brightly from the top, the Jeepneys along the streets were not shy in showing off their customize exterior, colorful neon lights from the advertising billboards all along the way, a truly modern city. I can't wait to visit Makati during my break after work from Batangas. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kumusta! Greetings from Philippines

Here's a little encounter that I have on my journey to Philippines... 

I was sitting in the plane with headsets on playing songs from Olivia Ong to help me sleep through the journey, it was dimmed and dark in the cabin with a flashing red light from the wing's tail, the environment was smooth, calm and relaxing. 

There she was sitting by my side, with her smooth long hair, fair looking face, thin and long eye brows, and big round eyes, petite in size, wearing a white dress with a black scarf, from the way she speaks it was soft along with a little bit of shyness, her cheek blushes when she laughs, a total Asian beauty the best of both world a mix of Chinese and Filipino.

We had a brief conversation before the plane touch down at Ninoy Aguino international airport... I didn't pursue further as I knew deep down this was and shall always remained a brief encounter. We said goodbye at the arrivals hall when I saw my driver waiting for me out there... Not a bad way to start my journey in the Philippines. 

Till then~ Osige, bye~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When the Life of Skipping Classes End

Life turns autopilot ever since I started working at the beginning of October. I couldn't remember a thing during the past month as everything happened so quickly within a limited frame of time. I remembered travelling a lot for the past month, up North and down South, like a ball being thrown here and there, living like a nomad with an ever ready suitcase well equipped with clothes, tools and equipment, uniform that could last me for at least a month or more in a foreign country. 

They say I'm living the dream, travelling around experiencing the world, I say yeah... but sometimes certain things are better to remain in wonderland. I'm living the life where everyone hopes for but no one actually likes it when it actually happens in real life. I'm saying this because travelling extensively, sometimes up for months from one job site to another without resting in between can be pretty fuck up, I use to champion a life like this, earning good money, flying around constantly meeting new people and culture but I soon realize the 'Oh No' moment when one leg is already on the puddle.

Is not exactly as fun as imagined because :

1. Being a service engineer, I pretty much says goodbye to my personal life as I wouldn't know what's coming up next and always fuck up when it comes to making plans. 
2. Power plants don't usually built around the cities, it is either near the beach at the outskirt or at a middle of nowhere, so if you're thinking of visiting the cities after work you're pretty much out of your mind. Sometimes if you're lucky you get the job site nearby the beach, where you get greeted by the breeze during lunch break but that's as far as it goes. If you're unlucky somehow you get sent to a job site at the middle of nowhere, or a war prone area and get completely locked down inside. 

For the past month, I have been trying my best to adapt the working life, constantly brainwashing myself that I actually have to work when I'm having trouble waking up in the morning. It has been rather difficult for me as the path I chose wasn't exactly the standard 9-5 job where in most cases, you have a desk, a proper chair, with colleagues around you, and gets to go on lunch break at the right time. The life of a service engineer can be pretty drastic, yesterday you might be fucking busy trying to meet the schedule, getting fuck by customer pushing you to get the job done and today you might be on standby waiting for the customer to rectify their own problems, waiting for equipment containers to arrive a slow day which does not necessarily translate to a good day as being a service engineer you have the constant fear and worry what might hit you next, even during the calmest day, a small thing can fuck you up so badly, so we never ever try to mention 'hey today is pretty good/smooth/great' as we are so afraid to jinx it. 

Despite being thrown like a ball, no life, checking in and out of hotels, like a nomad, away from the comfort zone, I'm grateful for being where I'm today and especially grateful to my supervisor who is willing to take the risk in employing a young graduate with zero experience and has no fucking idea what he is getting himself into, provide him with training, coaching and dumping money on him, in hope that he will one day be productive. I'm hoping that in 10 years from now I will earned enough experience to be delegated elsewhere and having the same passion like my supervisor does.