Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kuih Keria Hj. Jalil Limbongan @ Malacca

While many is in love with Dunkin Donuts, J.Co, Big Apples... I find myself craving for our local delicacy, Kuih Keria. Kuih Keria is our Malaysian version of Donut, made from sweet potato, deep fried and coated with crispy, sugary crust that creates the best contrast to the soft and lovely sweet potato ring. 

One of the best tea time snacks for the locals... no matter breakfast, morning tea break or afternoon snacks, that kind of food where those having a sweet tooth will crave for. 

I don't care if is a shabby old wooden stall by the roadside, I don't care if there are tonnes of vehicle passing by with their Exhaust releasing like an old man having Diarrhea... It doesn't bother me, it doesn't seems to be bothering either to the line of cars parking by the roadside waiting to get some awesome Kuih Keria. As we only live once, having a piece of Kuih Keria by the road side wouldn't harm further more is one of the best Kuih Keria seller in town. 

What's not to like about life when you get to seat comfortably, sipping coffee and taking a bit of that crispy crusted Kuih Keria~ That moment when you feel that's all you need in life~ Simple and loving it. 

If you're like me not worrying to much about taking in a little bit of roadside food and willing to try, then look for Kuih Keria Haji Jalil Limbongan, on the road to Klebang Kecil using Jalan Tengkera. Kept going straight until you see that old rundown wooden stall at your right.