Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing is Better Than You

Lying on my bed with my eyes wide open
your face I remember appear before me
that smile that I will never forget...
the smile that opens up my heart...
I can't believe I fall in love that easily... 

like air.. I can't live without you...
the more I breathe the more it reminds me about you 
like you have never actually left... 
remain by my side..whispering to me

If this is a dream..
than I wish I will never need to wake up
and dream an endless dream
where we are actually happy being together... 

Years have passed since we parted 
but I can't forget about you..
cause nothing is better..nothing is better than you... 

Years have passed since we parted
the love stubbornly remains...
cause nothing better..nothing is better than you~ 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hakka Noodles @ MGS Ipoh

A simple breakfast in the morning, lights up the rest of the day. MGS Hakka noodles.. simple but delicious.   My favourite is definitely the minced meat topping over the smooth noodles. Speaking of Hakka Noodles, I remembered having the exact dish at a few different locations with a few different Hakka friends, the funny thing was the comments were the same, "Not nice lahhh.. my mom's Hakka Noodles better." That kind of comment does caught me off guard and I didn't know if I should let it slide or give a reply. If is in a joking manner than is fine.. but there are times when you could tell one is being overcritical on things. 

Being proud of ones own ethnic cuisine is not wrong, but being overly pushy and constantly needing acknowledgement and confirmation is a little too much for me and it can be a little annoying at times. It kinda makes you wonder at times.. why the fuck do I have to eat with this idiot. There's definitely a better, more mannerly, gentle and mature way of giving comments. Is kinda pity at times when a good meal turns sour when there is a jackass being overcritical on things. 

If there's a host, even the food sucks, one should at all times smile and give a nod even you dislike the food. Take a bite for taste as a kind gesture, and mannerly reject if the host kept pushing you for more. Of course is not a must to follow, one is always entitle to his/ her own opinion, but try being a jackass to your host, you will most unlikely to get any invitation in the future.


If you're thinking of giving that Hakka Noodles a try here's the address:~ (which I will upload when I get back haha) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Claypot Crab Rice @ Restaurant Rasa Lain, Ipoh

I was randomly searching for food the other day, and I came across Claypot Crab Rice from Restaurant Rasa Lain. An unorthodox way of eating crabs.. at least for me. It seems like people had gone creative now, chili crabs, black pepper crabs, sweet and sour crabs is no longer the 'In' thing now in the food world. 

The source gave a good review on Restaurant Rasa Lain and definitely the Claypot Crab Rice as the highlight of the review. What it did not mention was that it cost RM 57 for that particular Claypot Crab Rice... and I'm completely dumbfounded upon receiving the bill.

I was there with Sin Can, and apart from the Claypot Crab Rice, we ordered two side dishes as well, a vege and 'Lala Clamps' which pile up the bill to RM 80 in total excluding the two coconut drinks we were having. So what seems like a normal dinner turns out to be a lavish celebration with no particular occasion in our mind... 

Nevertheless the food was great, the portion was way too huge for two person, maybe three would be nice. The crab was excellent, but it takes time getting use to crab meats that are dried without any sauce, unlike usual where hot chili or sweet sour sauce pouring over on the crab shells. The claypot rice was fine, the usual 'Chao Ta' smell you get from claypot which I like.. but the thing I hated was instead of having finely define bits of rice, the grains hardened hence, the rice do not get a perfect covered of black sauce overall. 

'Lala Clamp' was perfect.. I love the simple steamed Lala Clamps, with sesame sauce, ginger and garlic bits. The meat was succulent, tasty and fresh. Most importantly it was wayyyyyy easier comparing to eating crabs... towards a point where I just wanna get over with my crabs and start digging in on that lovely tasty clamps. RM 15   for a plate like this, which I think is a fair deal. comparing to that RM 57 claypot crab rice I just ate. 

Dry fried Brinjal.. biggest mistake considering that the Claypot was dry and the Lala Clamps have little sauce. I'm basically eating dry food that day. Not to say it was bad, but it did feel a little oily and the fried onion bits was a little too much I think. 

So Restaurant Rasa Lain.. true to its name.. it did taste different but whether it taste nice it depends on your own judgement. Will I go there again? Yeah.. there's a whole lot more choice to choose from and I do believe that restaurant serve good food judging on the amount of customers that night. 

Address: 69, Persiaran Medan Bercham 2, Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham, Ipoh. 
Contacts: 012-5128407
Operating hours: 5-1030pm, closes on Wednesday. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Curry Noodles @ Restaurant Xin Quan Fang, Ipoh

The sky has cleared, the haze were gone, the unforgiving radiation from the sun came shining brightly on this old town of Ipoh, is a boring Sunday and the only thing I had in my mind was to look for something nice to feel my stomach. Surfing online, and Restaurant Xin Quan Fang caught my attention, a half-century old curry mee stall, that is commonly known as 'ma ta liu' ( police station) curry mee as the stall was located opposite of the police station near a road junction. 

The shop is fulled with people on a Sunday morning, many were out to have their brunch, a long wait of almost an hour before we were served. 

A small bowl of thick, gravy curry sauce with a slight touch of mint is served up front before receiving your noodles and side dish. 

The curry is thick with a spicy aroma, suits my taste as I'm a big fan of heavy food. The noodles is served together with a side dish consists of roast pork, stewed pork, chicken and beansprout, that goes really well with the curry sauce. Noodles are available in curry, dry curry and dry.

I do have to warn you that, the price is a little high, a meal for three cost about RM 29.00. =) so if you're a little tight on your budget you might wanna let this slide. However, I do recommend you to try as it is nice!

Address : 174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh. 
Operating Hours: 730am to Noon. ( Avoid brunch hours like 10-11 as the restaurant will be packed!) 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Restaurant Hong Kong @ Ipoh

While most prefer chicken over duck, I on the other hand loves and fancy the tougher, juicier, oily duck, especially roast duck with crispy paper thin skin. Some hated its gamey smell, tainted in a certain ways, but when is prepared properly, duck would definitely be the choice over chicken. 

Restaurant Hong Kong serves one of the best roast duck I have tasted so far within Ipoh, people come all the way for its signature crispy skinned duck that is prepared to perfection. The duck is drizzled with smoking-hot oil right before it is served to create that crispy paper-thin skin that makes it unforgettable at every bite. The homemade sauce is prepared from a varieties of herbs, that makes it irresistible.. 

Is definitely a place worth mentioning, a place that I would surely make a few more visit in the future... 

Address: 60, Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, Caning Garden, Ipoh. 
Contacts: 05-5477813
Opens from 10am- 730am. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Restaurant Sun Marpoh @ Ipoh

Getting tired of having street foods? Thinking of getting a proper meal in Ipoh? There's this place called Sun MarPoh for you. Ideal place for families to sit down, have a good meal and some catching up. Crowded during the weekends and public holidays.. especially during seasons like Mother's and Father's day. Do go early, or make a reservation to avoid fighting for tables and long waiting time for food to come. 

There's a long list of food to choose from which I have no idea where to begin, feel free to ask for Today's specialties or recommendation from the waiter. The food is great, good taste, nicely presented, fragrant and most importantly it falls under the affordable range, which is extremely important for a student who has no fix income like me. =) The best thing about being there is that, the non stop curiosity about what the next table is having.. everytime the waiter passed through with a dish that I had not seen before, 'is it nice?' 'owh it looks good' 'shit.. why didn't I order that?', thoughts that I find hard to control. 

I'm not sure if this is the dish for everyone.. but I find it extremely pleasing. To think of it now.. is like reminiscing your past sexual encounter. Ahh.. owh dear 'Deep Fried Pork Hand' I do miss you. It serves with a slightly sweet sauce that goes extremely well together with it.  

Steam Chicken covered with chicken Essense Broth, I love the strong taste, the meat is tender and juicy.. the slight saltiness from the broth that goes extremely well with rice. Fantastic piece of dish.. highly recommended for you guys to try. 

Dear readers.. there should be a limit for the taste of food your taste receptor can bear within a day.. too many foods with strong taste is not good.. but my taste buds go beyond the distance that day. Seafood Asam Pedas with Lady fingers... Another reason to order for a extra bowl of rice ^^! and I'm not worrying about fucking up my taste buds. 

Steam Lala Clams with ginger strips, the kind of food you can't get enough of. Sucking on by one.. trying your very best not to waste any single drop of juice that oozes out from the steaming clamps.

Steam Kam Fong Fish with Sweet Sour sauce, I wouldn't say it is the best, but it is worthy to be mentioned. the fish is fresh which is extremely important for me, the sauce adds more flavor to it and goes extremely well with rice. 

1 Fantastic meal that brightens the rest of the day~ 

Address: 69, Jalan Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden, 31400, Ipoh Perak. 
Contacts: +605-5455127. 
Opens from 11.30am until 3.00pm for lunch, and 5.30pm till 10.00pm for dinner daily.