Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Peanut Soup @ Kimberley Street, Penang

Sometimes we go all around the places in search for the perfect food, could be something expensive for example a fine dining experience or the best hawker food in town or may be the most exquisite food the city could offer, or the rarest, the most expensive, the poisonous, the deadliest, but that wasn't always the way as the perfect food represents something further than merely just the taste or the exterior or the price tag that comes with it,  the perfect food has the potential to bring back fond memories, walking back into the past, looking at yourself growing up, and your mind starts working its magic with the presence of the 'catalyst' or in this case the perfect food. 

And I do not believe there's only one perfect food.. there could be many and each one of them has the potential to bring back part and pieces of my childhood memories or the time when I was in my secondary school, or the time when I just got to UTP, when I had my first girlfriend etc.. The perfect food not necessary to be lavishly prepared, it could be so simple at times that you gotta look twice or slap yourself in the face to see if you're dreaming. 

Today I found mine, at Kimberley street of Georgetown Penang and is no other than the Sweet Peanut Soup dessert. 

A good dessert for cold warm days, but I used to eat it as breakfast when I was young. I remember the little old wooden house that are poorly stacked up near the corner of the junction between the Jalan Tokong and Jalan Tukang Besi in the old area called Kampung Kuli, Malacca where I grew up. My Da Yi Zhang (meaning uncle) would held my hand and both of us will walked out from the house in the morning to purchase some fresh, nicely made sweet peanut soup and of course not forgetting the 'Yau Char Koai' that was still hot and left on the holder for the oil to dripped off, the 'Yau Char Koai' are being stacked up on a piece of newspaper and being rolled and tied up with Rafia strings and I will held it with my hands delicately trying to balance it at the middle so none of it could fall off. 

Every taste of the sweet peanut soup reminds me about the good old days. The only regret that I had was not having 'Yau Char Koai' with me, the adds on would definitely perfect and highly enhanced my mood for the rest of the day. The shop made good sweet peanut soup, every little bits of peanuts were soft and tender and smashes with softest bite or even with just the close of the lips. The soup were perfectly smooth and warms my stomach for the night. 

Life starts right before nightfall in Kimberley street, come early to save yourself from standing and drooling looking at people eating while waiting for a seat, it starts around 645pm and it ends around 11pm, you could be out of luck even when you're there at 10pm so make sure be there early. It is a busy road during the night, do be careful walking around as the street isn't close for vehicles to enter. There are a bunch of streets food there make sure you empty your stomach before you go! Old Taste old taste.. I am starting to believe it is the best taste, Happy Eating Guys~


  1. Totally agree. Food and fond memories. Grew up in Kimberley Street circa 1953-1960. Still remember walking down the hawker stands and taking in the smell of the food and drinks, by the corner with Rope Walk and Cintra Street (yes street names were in English then). Unfortunately haven't got the money to buy any. Whiff of the aroma was sufficient.

    Will walk by the stalls again when next in Penang, and stop by to make several orders and maybe see if any grand aunt or uncle remembers those days 50+ years ago.