Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fried Oyster @ Restaurant Yee Garden Penang

Yeah I know... another post again about that stinky, smelly, salty, and ugly sea creature again (for some of you who hated tasting that shit). I just can't help it.. is an unsolvable mystery between me and that addictive bastard little sea creature. May be I was an oyster once in my past life.. or I was something else more timid creature and my whole family was being eaten alive by evil oyster. Is that kind of food that I can't get enough of and I don't know why and I don't wish to know why.. What my major concern is whether or not the current climate change will effect the growth of beautiful, fleshy, salty, shit eating oyster. 

Restaurant Yee Garden near Lorong Selamat houses a stall that prepares fried oyster somewhat closest to the taste in Southern Region of Peninsular or at least my part of town in Malacca. The fried oyster is dryer, and the uncomfortably huge oyster is nowhere to be seen in the plate.. what it does have is lots of eggs and timid, shrink baby oyster I'm guessing and that's how fried oyster seller does it in Malacca. Different people has different kind of taste I wouldn't say it is the best but I think it is good enough to give it a try if you're near that area. =) Happy eating! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tai Lok Mee 大碌面 @ Yin Fai Kee Restaurant Ipoh

When it comes eating Tai Lok Mee 大碌面, most probably Petaling Streets in Kuala Lumpur is the most notable. People call it Hokkien Mee 福建面 in the Southern region and every restaurant fried it differently, some slimy, a little wet, some dry, darker or lighter in color, but overall the one thing that should not be missing is definitely the big and thick yellow noodles and of course an ingredient which I personally feel is very very important, is undoubtedly the pork fat. The magical ingredient that should not be missed and in fact with it, everything seems to taste better, it adds and brings out the flavor from others as well, it gives you the texture, the crispy and the slight oily coating on the noodles, that makes it slippery and slide straight into your mouth. Every restaurant has its own special chili paste, some comes with Sambal, some with finely chop and grind green chili, garlic, onion, lime etc. 

I am pretty sure it doesn't qualify under the category of healthy food, but for the category of tasty food in Malaysia, it does have its own standing. There are a whole lot place to have Tai Lok Mee in Ipoh, but there is a place I hope you won't miss it, is called RESTAURANT YIN FAI KEE. I ain't sure if it is the best, but I am craving for it every time I think about it, yea that's how good it is. 

The magical ingredient that creates wonder! 
Apart from the Tai Lok Mee, the Kam Heong Lala was fantastic.. flavorful, spicy, sweet and most importantly fragrant. That kind of food that makes you forget about table manners, digging in with your hands, sucking licking every bits of it. Damn!

Yin Fai Kee Restaurant located at Jalan Yeong Sin Nam in Ipoh, starts during the evening and till late night. Be there early,  avoid rush hours and public holiday, or you will have a long wait at the table. Have Fun EATing!

Monday, June 27, 2011

About Love and ETS from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh

Deng...Deng...Deng...Denggg (Announcement from the train Conductor) 

'Harap maaf train ETS akan berhenti untuk sementara di station Kuala Lumpur, disebabkan kerosakan train KTM di depan station Kepong.' (Dear Passanger, we are sorry to inform that we will have to stop for awhile at Kuala Lumpur station, due to a malfunction KTM train at Kepong station.)  


and that awhile seems like forever to me... waiting in KL station makes me realize how old that building was, a building that seems to fade away from the memories of Malaysian as time past, KL Central and other modern building took over its place. I wonder how long can the building hold before it starts to rupture, and I told myself to come here with my camera next time. 

Passengers are getting impatient inside the coach, 'Tsk tsk... yerrrr yerr' noises can be heard here and there. I am pretty anxious as well, wondering when will the train move as I have an assignment due at 5 in the afternoon. I was already late due to an accident that leads to a massive jam at Sungai Besi Toll Plaza, causes me to miss the 10.45am train. 

Since nothing much could be done, I turn my attention to the 32 inch LCD screen in front of me, 'Tom and Jerry' is on. It makes me wonder how long has it been since I last saw one of this... counting back the years in the back of my mind, I feel so damn old now. The muted version of Tom and Jerry was nothing less compare to the ones with sound effect, at least it is still stupid enough to make me laugh. 

The cartoon reminds me of a couple that I know, like Tom and Jerry, they quarrel often, and yet they could not live a day without each other, as life would be too boring without inflicting pain on each other. I remembered having my friend complaining about his girlfriend to me, 1 major war every half of the year, 1 big fight each month and some other smaller fights in between the weeks. It happens so often that I could predict when the next fight will be and making a betting game out of it with my mates. And every time after they fought, I will need to clear my ears and listen to him telling me the same old same old  along with some words like 'bitch, fuck, and Hokkien vulgarity' which was all too normal for me. 

At the beginning, I was being all nice 'chill la bro, must tolerate calm down,will be fine..blah blah' but it happens all too often and I soon gotten immune myself and there was this day after a big fight with his girlfriend; reason being, he did not pick up the phone when she called, that poor bastard came complaining to me again, and before he even uttered a word, I told him ' why not you two just break up.. may be she isn't for you after all..' I was pretty sure he was stunt I was stunt at myself for not able to keep cool. What amazed me was he started talking good about his girlfriend 'She isn't that bad lah...she takes care of me etc etc... ~' 

'Err.. if that's so why the fuck you come telling me she's a bitch??' 

'Err....' remains silence and lying on his bed for the next 30 minutes wondering what did he quarrel for.. 'may be I should give her a call' 

'Yeah.. go go kiss and make up.. please'  

The next morning, he was all good and happy, that lasted for about a week and the next fight broke out. When he came looking for me, I gave him the @.@ look and tell him to go fuck himself. What I could not understand was the relationship lasted till now and it has been more than 5 years already.. may be they are meant to be together after all, or they are too contended of having each other in their life, either way I still hope they be together till forever, just save the complains for someone else.  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Story of a Final Year Student

'Hey, Sorry but is it possible to borrow me another RM10? '

'Sure! Take it.. but remember to pay me back together with the RM20 that you owe me before this when you have the money.' 

'Thanks..deeply appreciate' 

This is a story of a final year student towards his soon ending university life...

Senior years huh...less classes to attend, more time to spare, up North down South, go East come West, constantly on the move, trying his best to go everywhere he can.. the excessive travelling which also translates into uncontrollable cash flow in the negative direction as thou water flowing out from an open tap which could not be closed. Soon wallet becomes thinner, bank account run dry. Standing in front of the ATM machine searching for the courage within to press the 'BALANCE ENQUIRY' button, he clearly knows what's left and roughly how the figure will be like, zero at the front, a 1 and 5 digit behind the decimal point, good game. Drop dead broke, a literally poor bastard. 

'Fuck! why isn't the sponsorship money in yet?!' (Cursing the Sponsors but he knew deep down inside he was the one and only to be blame.) 'What was the date today?' He lifted his wrist, the watch showed 24th June.. 'Asshole you finish the money before the middle of the month.' Great.. is about time I start eating my own finger. 

Phone rang (Justin Bieber 'Baby ringtone')

'Hello? Owh Ma.. how are you?' 

'Am good, how about you? How's School? Enough money for food?' 

' enough lah Ma enough, don't worry lah... Haha I have enough for the rest of the month.. ( punching himself as he speaks.) 'What the fuck is wrong with you... why you lie..' He was too embarrass asking money from his parents, partially regretted for lying but at least it lessen the sense of guilt. 

'Ok, please take care of yourself, call home when you're free' 

'Owh alright Ma..bye bye, take care.' 

Hanging up the phone.. he speaks to himself..'Is about time I sell my backside..' He went back to his room, closed the curtain and locked the door.. he striped naked and looked himself at the mirror, checking his butt from the reflection of the mirror...'owh... who am I kidding with that big fat ass' Aih~ He went back lying down on his bed.. wondering what will happen tomorrow, all he pray for is that the sponsorship money will come in soon. 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things About Puduraya Bus Station

At this very moment, I am sitting down at the McDonald Restaurant adjacent to Puduraya Bus Station, taking a bite of Sundae and letting it melt slowly in my mouth. I was supposed to stop myself from eating sweet stuffs, but the unforgiving weather and the taste of chill sundae melting slowly on the top of my tongue had taken over my mind. Watching out from the window, my glance passed through the walking crowds like an x-ray vision and landed directly on that light greenish building adjacent of me and thoughts started flowing into my mind. 

Puduraya to me is definitely a historical landmark, that in my opinion is definitely in par with its neighbor 'Pudu Jail' which suffers a totally different fate, luck, and destiny.. that poor building was being torn down to make way for modern architecture which to me is definitely a good thing, but what I do not hope is the unforeseen 'reasons or benefits or personal interest involve' to take place. And I sure hope that Puduraya doesn't fall into the same fate as  its neighbor, even thou I once curse this damn building to be taken down due to frustration. As I stood from a far and watched that building trying its best to reform its former glory.. my heart sank, I stood still for a moment staring at blanks and my mind wonders back to the past, like a movie playing in rewind. 

[I stepped into Puduraya for the first time of my life and I curse myself right away. 'What the fuck am I doing here?'  It was like walking into a war zone, the motto was 'Hold your Stuffs, NEver Stop Walking, Get Your Ticket, and Get The Fuck Out!' There would be people stopping you, asking your destination, holding you, grabbing you by the arm, asking you if you need a ticket, they don't quit, they want business and that's how they get it. If it wasn't because of the frequent Kuala Lumpur-Malacca trips that Puduraya offers, I swear never to take a step in that place. Sometimes if I'm lucky I would get a direct bus straight and hopped right in the moment the bus door opened, if I'm not then I'm doomed, every second wasted meant you're more expose to danger, anything could happen, theft cases, gangster, conman, crazy people, fight, lung cancer due to vehicle exhaust gases etc etc. The loud and irritating noises from Bus honks, engine sound, the 'mari mari.. Larkin larkin.. JB, Penang, Butterworth Butterworth MAriii mariii' from the counter sales person played trick with my mind. The warm and humid environment equals to 'pek cek x1000 times which then translates to 'SI BUEH PEK CEK']

Two years.. it has been two years since I last stepped into PuduRaya. The renovation that seems to take forever finally ended, and not long after the reopening of PuduRaya and there was the water leakage problem... heartache but not surprising as it was typical, if even Parlimen can 'bocor' then there's nothing more to say for a small PuduRaya, may be in the very beginning it was my wrong for putting high hopes on the wrong ones. But then again, better late then never, the new Puduraya indeed brings a lot of comfort, and easiness to many people, with the relocation of Southern buses to Bandar Tasik Selatan, it is now less jam around that area comparing to the past, it is much cleaner with proper air conditioning, enough seats to accommodate everyone, the past loud noise could no longer be heard and is being replaced by the sweet lady voice announcing the next arriving and departing buses, kiss goodbye to polluted gases as it has more air change per hour it requires with coolers and fans, and the loud engine noises is sealed away by glass panels that leads down to the boarding area. 

I know how it is like buying ticket in PuduRaya.. first the human barrier you have to pierce through it, second was the loud noise that needs you to speak loud enough to make sure the sales person gets the right ticket, third you need to move out and get yourself through and away from the human barrier.Well, no worries as you will not need at all to do any of the above nowadays. With the new Puduraya, salesperson are enclosed inside rooms with a glass panel that divides between you and them, a small opening of not larger than 3 ft in width and half a ft in height, just large enough for conversation, dealing and transaction purposes. Like in the movie, when the hero walks pass the jail cell, the hands reached out between the columns and waves at you.. and over here the waves at you, for you to come over as they need business, they call you different name and mostly it applies to everyone, 'handsome, leng lui, boy boy..etc' but don't you worry as they are divided by a glass panel and as long as you're a distance away from the counter, they would not call you. Like a game, an invisible line dividing between you and them, you step over, they start waving, you pull yourself back and they stop. 

While there are still rooms for improvement, nevertheless changes were being made and improvement can be seen, transporting from one place to another is made simpler, better, and more comfortable and I acknowledge the fact that hard work has and already been put in. All I hope is that it doesn't stop here, and the government should at always consider the needs for the betterment and well being of the people.  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Roti Canai @ Kopitiam Otak Otak Formosa Malacca

Nothing beats the comfort of being at home, like everyone else,  I'm back in my hometown being with my family during this Father's day. For those who can't be at home for certain reasons, I wish you guys a Happy Father's day and to all great dad in this world, Happy Father's day to you all. As time past, things had changed, but one thing hasn't which is the love of my parents towards me and I'm sincerely from the bottom of my heart grateful to both of my parents for the love and kindness they have showered me with till this very day. I wish to be there for them at every steps when they are old just like how they took care of me following my baby steps till this very day. To all great parents may you all have a great life and happiness. 

If you're thinking of a great breakfast with your dad, just the two of you, nothing too fancy, to serious that make things awkward, I know how it is like with Asian Dad and kids, certain things is hard to be said through words and may be a light gesture might be better than a thousand words. So here's a good choice for you, a great Malaysian breakfast style in the morning, a nice tasty piece of Roti Telur Bawang and a cup of coffee. 

and that place is non other than Kopitiam Otak Otak Formosa, I do believe that place serve one of the best Roti Canai in Malacca. 

Like usual, I would make a visit there in the morning if I am back in my hometown and it was no different this Saturday. I was there around 10am in the morning and I was kinda worry if they had already closed since business should be good and they would be selling off fast. It was a warm morning and the Kopitiam was crowded with customers from inside to outside, some were standing waiting for their takeaways. Everyone was here, like the whole world know that's the place you should go if you're looking for Roti Canai, the young and old, the rich and poor, the single and couples, they are all here in one single spot, chatting, smoking, reading the morning papers, listening to Ipod, playing with phones etc but as soon as the food arrives on their table, everyone stop instantly and start digging in without any delays. 

I managed to find myself a seat at a corner inside the Kopitiam, it was drop dead warm inside but it was a good place, a good view directly at the master behind the good food that I am about to eat. The dough were knead nicely, flatten out and being swung airborne, like an artist letting it's brush fly freely but yet fully under control and his watchful eyes. The soon thin and flatten out dough was added with eggs, onions some with margarine or planta, sugar, sardine etc depending. In a swift move the dough were folded into a square and being place on that big pan with sizzling hot oil. My owh my.. I was kinda regret taking in that spot as I watched plate by plate being sent out and non was mine, the close distance with the MASTER CHEF meaning that I get to smell the fragrant Roti first hand but not tasting it. The scrumptious looking Roti was flying one by one towards me and away from me.. like a passing siren of a police patrol car. 

It was the son that did the Kungfu that day, thank god the Roti taste taste exactly the same like his father had done. Guess Father's Day applies even to the Roti Canai Man, is a good news thou that his son can do well, that means I can continue eating my favourite Roti for a long long time. The Roti Telur Bawang was crispy and fragrant, it looks mouthwatering together with the gravy. I tore one corner of the roti carefully using the fork and spoon provided.. indeed the smell of onion and eggs found its way into my nostril... is that smells that makes you awake in the morning and jump up from the bed sitting in front of the kitchen table like a child waiting for that breakfast that you have been longing for. Happy eating guys and Happy Happy Father's Day. =D 

Shop Name : Kopitiam Otak Otak Formosa 
Address: Jalan Melaka Raya4 
GPS Coordinates: N2 degrees 11.205 minutes E102degrees 15.260 minutes 
Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday ( 7am-before 12pm) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jawa Mee @ Bukit Mertajam Market Place

When it comes eating Jawa Mee, you need not go to Jawa, what you need is the correct person. I knew that guy and his name is Bobby. Not Bobby Chin the famous celebrity chef that appears frequently in Asian Food Channel but Bobby Chong who's from Kuala Terengganu but was born in Penang, not from the Island but from the mainland. He is the guy you should go to when it comes eating Jawa Mee, as a matter of fact is his pride and duty to inform you that the best Jawa Mee is in Bukit Mertajam. 

I was being driven by Bobby Chong in his Black Wira TT under a hot sunny afternoon.. The weather was unbearable and I was actually looking or dreading for a place with air conditioning, as his two seater Wira TT  air conditioning wasn't coping with the hot weather well enough. The car was parked behind the market place and since it was already in the afternoon, the market was closed.. and there didn't seem to be much people around either. I was wrong! crossing a small drain and peeing through the brick wall crowds were busy slurping their noodles. I could smelled Hokkien Mee! owh owh.. and Asam Laksa.. owh and I saw big bowls of Ice Kacang resting on top of the table, melting away under the hot humid weather. I was sweating.. my back were wet , sweat dripping down through my forehead.. I gave up trying to look for a nice spot to sit as there was none.. there was sheds of course but it was made from zinc so guess what.. you're cooking yourself underneath it! 

The Jawa Mee was awesome..the plate was clear within minutes after it arrived. Poor bastard who is waiting for at the next table was giving the awhhh.. looks. I love the gravy, blend of sweet, sour and a slight of spicy, like satay gravy but more watery. The fragrance from the peanut.. the crispiness from the prawn biscuits, simple yet fantastic. Is the kind of food that makes you go for more. But I didn't go for second round.. as something caught my eye instead.. Asam Laksa~ 

To be completely honest with you, I'm not a big fan of Asam Laksa.. I had a very bad experience when I had it the last time. I spent the rest of the day in the toilet, bad bad day..  Still had the chill when I think about it but who knows may be I'm just having a bad day or a little under the weather, hence I decided to go for a second try this time, since is a different place then before.. nothing much could go wrong I guess.  

If, I'm saying if.. if anyone were to ask me why you love Asam Laksa so much ? There's no doubt is because of this freaking shit Laksa that brings back the confidence and love again towards Asam Laksa. See that slices of pineapple.. Magic.. is Magicccc that bloody piece of Pineapple makes the perfect blend between sweet and sour of the Laksa and it taste damn bloody awesome.. that makes you missing and thinking that moment again and again. 

Prawn Mee also known as Hokkien Mee in Penang.. and when it comes to Prawn Mee once could easily expect that there should be Prawn in there and of course proper in size. Prawn Mee my ass.. they are replacing the prawns with dry baby prawn instead.. @.@ and the broth taste plain.. just plain lousy.. the absence of the 'kick' a good bowl of Prawn mee should have. 

Ice Kacang on standby mode.. waiting to put out any  fire that cause the burning of tongue etc. 

Here's the place.. you will never miss it. But then again is at the back of the Market so ask around if you could not find the place. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roti Taiwan @ Georgetown Penang

Waking up in a hustle and bustle Georgetown, wondering what to have for breakfast.. the best thing to do, follow the working people, they know where to get their good, tasty and cheap morning breakfast and if Wan Tan Mee, Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Koay Chap, Dim Sum, Pau etc.. no longer satisfied or qualified as good breakfast, why not fall back to something simple, tasty and yet different. Yea simple as in a simple slice of bread.. tasty as in the taste of peanut butter different.. different than your usual peanut butter toast. How much different? Can't tell exactly, one thing is for sure.. they don't call it peanut butter toast, but Roti Taiwan instead. 

The shop name is called Eng Loh Coffee Shop @ Church Street, a small aging building, housing working adults taking a bite and a puff before working their asses off in the office. Love the crust of the bread, the thick peanut butter and the peanut bits and pieces that are spread on the top. Smart move to cut the bread into small pieces, by using a satay stick.. save the trouble of getting your hand dirty. 

Apart from Roti Taiwan, the shop offers some other varieties as well.. 

Char Kueh Teow is like their staple food in Penang. 

Healthy breakfast.. for those who had extra curriculum the night before and running low on their sperm count.. time for refueling!! 

Garlic bread.. errr not recommended.. is dry like biscuit and it taste funny. 

and finally my energy booster in the morning.. Kopi Beng (Ice Coffee).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Koay Chap @ Penang

When it comes eating intestine.. is a hate or love kind of relationship.. many hates it, some loves it so much that they willing to wake up early in the morning just to follow you for some nicely cooked, fragrant intestines feast, I knew a handful of friends from both side, and the one who actually woke up early in the morning just to join in the intestine feast is actually a girl. For me personally, I am loving it.. I love the pork intestine feast.. and I love girls who actually eat intestine.. you can tell a lot from a girl who actually eats pork intestines but I will save it for the next post. one thing is for sure she's definitely not Muslim so first round of girlfriend material clear~ haha 

Today I'm gonna talk about Koay Chap, is hardly to be found in Malacca, even in Penang, there are only a few shops that sells. Found one in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, several in Kuching. Koay stands for a kind of rice strips, but in this case is not strip like but in slightly large pieces. While Chap in this case means intestine but more accurately in means mixing. I had the chance to experience Koay Chap from two different places at different time while I'm in Penang and I'm telling you, both were fantastic and definitely worth the try of course if you're an avid fan of Koay Chap. 

Unlike the taste of Kota Kinabalu 'Zhu Chap' and Kuching 'Koay Chap', Penang Koay Chap has a strong taste of Loh Duck ( let's just say duck broth) and nice~or I shoudl say AWESOME. Duck Mee is normal, Koay Chap in Duck broth.. yea you know what I mean double the taste, double the awesomeness. Fragrance from the duck broth and spices, the taste of duck meat and pork intestines.. nice~ very nice~ Sibueh nice~ 

The best thing about Penang is that, when you woke up and feeling all heavy in the head, tasteless and plain your mouth, and you could have Koay Chap as your breakfast. It helps to excite your plain tongue, and the fragrance from the broth strikes your brain that is still sleepy in the morning just like a good cup of coffee, hahaha XD. And let's say you have been walking for the whole day, and is nightfall now.. after your dinner you go for a movie and everything is digested, a good bowl of Koay Chap is not a bad idea at all of course if you're a health conscious person then most probably this is not a very good idea, if you're having it as supper you will ended up sleeping soundly, dreaming me of mommy during the night ( I dunno wTF I'm Talking) 

Wah Meng Coffee Shop @ Air Itam Penang 

The coffee shop opens in the morning for breakfast hunters, all sorts of food can be found there, from your normal noodle like dinner to Roti Canai, to cakes and Kuih. Splendid! Everything held in a single place, save the trouble going around! Do come early, as it get's crowded during peak hours ( 8-11am) and you do not wanna fighting for seats with a Penangite, unless you're prepared or you will ended up suffocate by any Hokkien vulgar words imaginable and might cause damage to your parents, your relatives, and your ancestors. 

Nice full bowl of Koay Chap.. I ask for the addition of ingredients and it only cost me like RM 5 a bowl, affordable and satisfying. Heavenly~ the tender duck meat, the chewing of intestine.. exercising your mouth is a pretty good way to start your morning. 

Loh Duck Koay Chap @ Kimberley Street, Penang

And when night falls, Kimberley street my favorite street comes to live. Business starts on 6.45pm and ends when everything is sold out.. exciting.. that only explains one thing, they are so good that they believe they manage to sold out every single night.. Lan Si Lor~ XP 

the moment I stepped into the small dining area the streets hawkers provided, i started to think otherwise as nearly every single table ordered the Loh Duck Koay Chap and was selling fast. The moment we ordered they were soon running out, I'm grateful that we manage to land three bowls on our table. 

Remember his face because he is gonna win the upcoming 2011 International Koay Chap Making Competition.. or if you got food poisoning after eating the Koay Chap you may sue him as well. XP 

The difference between Wah Meng and here is the Pig's blood, stronger in taste in the broth, slightly spicy but I like it. The Koay is thicker as well. 

Not many prefers the pig's blood, if you do not, can always ask the boss to exclude it from your bowl. But then again.. no harm trying, it taste like pudding haha~ Till then Happy Eating Guys~ 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Char Koay Teow @ Georgetown Penang

When it comes to Penang, the first thing that came to my mind was Char Koay Teow, the fragrance of the fried rice cake strips, the fresh nicely size prawns, slight sweeten Chinese sausages aka lap cheong, the bits and pieces of the stir fried eggs that are attached to the Koay Teow (rice cake strips), and the Siham (clamps) all that are served on a small plate on top of a banana leave. Is like the state dish for Penang, everywhere you go, every cafe, hawker center, restaurant, street sides there will surely be a Char Koay Teow stall and all claiming that they are the best in making it, how true is that I have no idea but generally they are nearly the same. 

However, the possible differences that I had observed are, the portion, the price, ingredients main difference whether it is chicken egg or duck egg. And do mind you that at times, the portion are not directly proportional to the price. Take the Twin sister Char Koay Teow at Lorong Selamat Jalan McCallister for example. It cost you RM7.50 a plate and the portion is small enough that makes you think that you're having Dim Sum, however it does taste good but then again it makes you ponder whether it is worth to pay RM 7.50 for it as most probably there are some other shop out there that taste the same but cheaper in price. And be careful when you're eating, do it slowly, strips by strips so that you don't feel awkward finishing it to fast while everyone still at it. I personally think I could finish that plate with three mouth.. is that little. 

Then there's the one that fried with duck eggs, slightly more expensive than the usual by 50 cents may be, I had mine at Pulau Tikus. There are several stalls in that area and is like a food haven for people, crowded during the evening till night. Duck egg does make the difference, the char koay teow is slightly heavier in taste and more fragrant, slight salty compare to the usual but is the nice kind of saltiness, so you don't worry about bringing a whole mineral water bottle there. Best thing is, I don't have to freaking pay RM 7.50 for a plate of Char Koay Teow and with the portion that doesn't makes any sense at all. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Peanut Soup @ Kimberley Street, Penang

Sometimes we go all around the places in search for the perfect food, could be something expensive for example a fine dining experience or the best hawker food in town or may be the most exquisite food the city could offer, or the rarest, the most expensive, the poisonous, the deadliest, but that wasn't always the way as the perfect food represents something further than merely just the taste or the exterior or the price tag that comes with it,  the perfect food has the potential to bring back fond memories, walking back into the past, looking at yourself growing up, and your mind starts working its magic with the presence of the 'catalyst' or in this case the perfect food. 

And I do not believe there's only one perfect food.. there could be many and each one of them has the potential to bring back part and pieces of my childhood memories or the time when I was in my secondary school, or the time when I just got to UTP, when I had my first girlfriend etc.. The perfect food not necessary to be lavishly prepared, it could be so simple at times that you gotta look twice or slap yourself in the face to see if you're dreaming. 

Today I found mine, at Kimberley street of Georgetown Penang and is no other than the Sweet Peanut Soup dessert. 

A good dessert for cold warm days, but I used to eat it as breakfast when I was young. I remember the little old wooden house that are poorly stacked up near the corner of the junction between the Jalan Tokong and Jalan Tukang Besi in the old area called Kampung Kuli, Malacca where I grew up. My Da Yi Zhang (meaning uncle) would held my hand and both of us will walked out from the house in the morning to purchase some fresh, nicely made sweet peanut soup and of course not forgetting the 'Yau Char Koai' that was still hot and left on the holder for the oil to dripped off, the 'Yau Char Koai' are being stacked up on a piece of newspaper and being rolled and tied up with Rafia strings and I will held it with my hands delicately trying to balance it at the middle so none of it could fall off. 

Every taste of the sweet peanut soup reminds me about the good old days. The only regret that I had was not having 'Yau Char Koai' with me, the adds on would definitely perfect and highly enhanced my mood for the rest of the day. The shop made good sweet peanut soup, every little bits of peanuts were soft and tender and smashes with softest bite or even with just the close of the lips. The soup were perfectly smooth and warms my stomach for the night. 

Life starts right before nightfall in Kimberley street, come early to save yourself from standing and drooling looking at people eating while waiting for a seat, it starts around 645pm and it ends around 11pm, you could be out of luck even when you're there at 10pm so make sure be there early. It is a busy road during the night, do be careful walking around as the street isn't close for vehicles to enter. There are a bunch of streets food there make sure you empty your stomach before you go! Old Taste old taste.. I am starting to believe it is the best taste, Happy Eating Guys~

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hakka Noodles and Beef Soup @ Ipoh Old Town

I ain't joking when I am telling you that I am slowly falling in love with Ipoh, more specifically on the food side. And when it comes to food in Ipoh, the best place would be in Ipoh old town. I believe any Tom, Dick and Harry from Ipoh err.. ok make sure all of them are Chinese will direct you to Ipoh Old Town, for the White Coffee, Custard Egg, Egg Tart, Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun etc etc... 

Another reason for me to love Ipoh old town was the day when SinCan enlightened my with Hakka Noodles and Beef Soup. Sorry for those who can't take beef, it actually taste damn bloody good. The thin slices of beef was tender and succulent, not overly cooked soft, tender and juicy just the way I like it, partially pink in color, the sign where the meat was just nice and the best to be eaten now. The noodles are top with minced pork meat, smooth noodles even out with the sauce at the bottom taste so much better. 

If you're thinking of giving it a try, here's the address 

Restaurant Sun Yik 
No.4, Jalan Panglima 
30000, Ipoh, 
Perak Malaysia. 

It opens in the morning and lasted till noon if I am not mistaken. Happy food hunting!  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Egg Custard @ Ipoh Old Town

I am falling in love with Ipoh. As I am speaking right now, my mind is wondering somewhere at some coffee shop in Old Town not the commercial one but the real Ipoh Old Town sipping icy cold white coffee, and taking a bite of egg custard enjoying the warm and humid afternoon of Ipoh. Sitting down, observing passerby, listening to the elderly conversation going on at the next table, watching the classy rich ladies dressing up in their classy white top, tight jeans, showing a little tummy, with their Gucci sunglasses shifted to the top of their head, projecting an image of silent objection towards aging sits at the opposite table sipping white coffee that cost a ringgit fifty cents so elegantly and slowly afraid that it might mess up their make up. 

Egg custard taste extremely smooth and the sweetness is right at the balance, cutting a small portion of it ever so delicately using the small spoon that I was provided and let it melt slowly inside my mouth and slide down through my throat.