Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fried Oyster @ Penang ~ Nice

Oysters have always been linked with love, well that's according to some articles from the internet. I can't believe I read this shit.. so here's how it goes.

'Oysters have always been linked with love, when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell and gave birth to Eros, the word “Aphrodisiac” was born.
Around AD 766, the Roman Emperor Vitellus was famed for eating oysters, he ordered thousands of slaves to gather native oysters (Ostrea edulis) from the Blackwater and Colne estuaries and he had the oysters transported back to Rome in snow covered baskets to preserve them.
Never before had Rome seen such a humble creature arouse such a passionate feeling, Vitellus declared he preferred oysters to grapes and declared oysters were the only good thing in Britain
The ladies of the court regularly dined on oysters dipped in honey to aid their libido.
Apuleius, famed for his work the “The Golden Ass” written in AD125 reputedly made a love potion of oysters with which to seduce Aemilla.
Casanova is said to have consumed more than 60 oysters a day, this is hardly surprising as oysters are rich in zinc, which is needed for male fertility.
The Oysters natural aphrodisiac quality is dependent pharmacologically upon its dopamine content which is normally quite high in cold water British Oysters. Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter which governs and influences sexual desire in both male and females. It intensifies sexual interest and sensation.'

and here's the good news for well most guys? or girls included? Anyway..  with only 75 calories per dozen oysters what a great diet when eaten three times a day, and a guaranteed improvement in your sex life. GUARANTEE IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR SEX LIFE. So here's the deal guys.. if you're afraid of taking raw oyster..may be you're afraid of the smell, the taste of the saltiness from the sea, why not go for Fried Oyster instead? 

I was in Georgetown, Penang in search for the best Ojien (Fried Oyster) the city could offered, I ate four Ojien within two days and I am pretty sure my 'Brother', 'Roger the Dodger', 'Cock', 'Magic Stick' or whatever it is that people called..is well loaded, in good shape LOL and pretty much ready to for war after that meal.. but I made a mistake instead, as I was there with four dudes,,, meaning that having a hard on Roger the Dodger is pretty much wrong in every level unless a sword fight occurs. 

Lam Ah Coffee Shop (Crispy Fried Oyster) 

In Malacca, if you're trying to look for fried oyster during the middle of the day, you will get none, and most probably people think you're crazy. The fried oyster uncle operates a stall in Lam Ah Coffee shop and starts during the noon towards evening. The fried oyster is different, unlike the usual where the oyster is fried together with the mixture of ground potatoes and flour, the uncle fried it separately, the fried oyster has a fairly crispy edge and towards the middle it softens. The oysters are fried together with some chili and distinctive sambal like paste, that adds fragrance to the oysters. 

Pulau Tikus Food Stall Fried Oyster 

In Pulau Tikus Penang, you get rolls of food stalls selling different kinds of food, your usual Char Koay Teow,  Hokkien Mee, Satay, Asam Laksa etc.. and of course Ojien. Unlike its comrades in Penang, this Pulau Tikus Ojien taste more or less like the ones in Malacca, fried and separated into pieces, less watery. Not bad at all! The price is reasonable too. 

Lam Heng Coffee Shop @ McCallister Road 

If you don't get enough.. eat some more lah.. very easy oni wat why worry~ Uncle came asking 'eh boy.. Ai Chiak Ojien Mai (want fried oyster? )' of course say yes lah what some more. Then uncle came with the Ojien, 'Chap Lak Koh.. (16 buckss..), my eyes went @.@ and what the fuck nearly came out from my mouth.. so ciko expensive!!! @.@ But then.. is delicious and the oyster is bigggg, good .. good for my balz... The fried oyster is different, more slimy the way I like it and the oyster seems fresh and taste fresh. 

Fried Oyster @ Northam Beach Cafe 

Look for 亚顺 fried oyster if you're there in Northam Beach Cafe, among the four fried oyster that I had eaten, 亚顺fried oyster tops them all. Is slimy so some of you may not like it, but it taste good, fragrant, the oyster is fresh and huge good for your ballsssss and for the ladies I am guessing is your oval @.@. The price is reasonable and the portion was fine, no worries of not having enough. I am missing it as I speaks now, saliva forming in my mouth, I am gonna get it again when I am there! The sauce that tops over the fried oyster most probably is either Hoisin sauce or Oyster sauce and it does make the fried oyster taste better =). Nice