Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fried Oyster @ Penang ~ Nice

Oysters have always been linked with love, well that's according to some articles from the internet. I can't believe I read this shit.. so here's how it goes.

'Oysters have always been linked with love, when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, sprang forth from the sea on an oyster shell and gave birth to Eros, the word “Aphrodisiac” was born.
Around AD 766, the Roman Emperor Vitellus was famed for eating oysters, he ordered thousands of slaves to gather native oysters (Ostrea edulis) from the Blackwater and Colne estuaries and he had the oysters transported back to Rome in snow covered baskets to preserve them.
Never before had Rome seen such a humble creature arouse such a passionate feeling, Vitellus declared he preferred oysters to grapes and declared oysters were the only good thing in Britain
The ladies of the court regularly dined on oysters dipped in honey to aid their libido.
Apuleius, famed for his work the “The Golden Ass” written in AD125 reputedly made a love potion of oysters with which to seduce Aemilla.
Casanova is said to have consumed more than 60 oysters a day, this is hardly surprising as oysters are rich in zinc, which is needed for male fertility.
The Oysters natural aphrodisiac quality is dependent pharmacologically upon its dopamine content which is normally quite high in cold water British Oysters. Dopamine is a vital neurotransmitter which governs and influences sexual desire in both male and females. It intensifies sexual interest and sensation.'

and here's the good news for well most guys? or girls included? Anyway..  with only 75 calories per dozen oysters what a great diet when eaten three times a day, and a guaranteed improvement in your sex life. GUARANTEE IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR SEX LIFE. So here's the deal guys.. if you're afraid of taking raw oyster..may be you're afraid of the smell, the taste of the saltiness from the sea, why not go for Fried Oyster instead? 

I was in Georgetown, Penang in search for the best Ojien (Fried Oyster) the city could offered, I ate four Ojien within two days and I am pretty sure my 'Brother', 'Roger the Dodger', 'Cock', 'Magic Stick' or whatever it is that people called..is well loaded, in good shape LOL and pretty much ready to for war after that meal.. but I made a mistake instead, as I was there with four dudes,,, meaning that having a hard on Roger the Dodger is pretty much wrong in every level unless a sword fight occurs. 

Lam Ah Coffee Shop (Crispy Fried Oyster) 

In Malacca, if you're trying to look for fried oyster during the middle of the day, you will get none, and most probably people think you're crazy. The fried oyster uncle operates a stall in Lam Ah Coffee shop and starts during the noon towards evening. The fried oyster is different, unlike the usual where the oyster is fried together with the mixture of ground potatoes and flour, the uncle fried it separately, the fried oyster has a fairly crispy edge and towards the middle it softens. The oysters are fried together with some chili and distinctive sambal like paste, that adds fragrance to the oysters. 

Pulau Tikus Food Stall Fried Oyster 

In Pulau Tikus Penang, you get rolls of food stalls selling different kinds of food, your usual Char Koay Teow,  Hokkien Mee, Satay, Asam Laksa etc.. and of course Ojien. Unlike its comrades in Penang, this Pulau Tikus Ojien taste more or less like the ones in Malacca, fried and separated into pieces, less watery. Not bad at all! The price is reasonable too. 

Lam Heng Coffee Shop @ McCallister Road 

If you don't get enough.. eat some more lah.. very easy oni wat why worry~ Uncle came asking 'eh boy.. Ai Chiak Ojien Mai (want fried oyster? )' of course say yes lah what some more. Then uncle came with the Ojien, 'Chap Lak Koh.. (16 buckss..), my eyes went @.@ and what the fuck nearly came out from my mouth.. so ciko expensive!!! @.@ But then.. is delicious and the oyster is bigggg, good .. good for my balz... The fried oyster is different, more slimy the way I like it and the oyster seems fresh and taste fresh. 

Fried Oyster @ Northam Beach Cafe 

Look for 亚顺 fried oyster if you're there in Northam Beach Cafe, among the four fried oyster that I had eaten, 亚顺fried oyster tops them all. Is slimy so some of you may not like it, but it taste good, fragrant, the oyster is fresh and huge good for your ballsssss and for the ladies I am guessing is your oval @.@. The price is reasonable and the portion was fine, no worries of not having enough. I am missing it as I speaks now, saliva forming in my mouth, I am gonna get it again when I am there! The sauce that tops over the fried oyster most probably is either Hoisin sauce or Oyster sauce and it does make the fried oyster taste better =). Nice

Monday, May 30, 2011

Restaurant Tasik Raban

I drove for several hundred kilometers on the Highway, heading to Grik from Perak, it was a hot sunny afternoon, and soon I found myself at the middle of nowhere, jungles stood high and unfriendly at both side of me, the road were straight and long as thou you could land a freaking plane there, there was nothing. But according to ShinCan there was nice food ahead of us and he better be right, or else I will plant him down at the desert and let the eagles feed on him or let him died of dehydration. 

My car wasn't really helping.. brrrrooommm brrr brrrbroomm... like a soon dying old man, struggling to finish his quest, the air conditioning wasn't really working either, maximum fan speed.. 2, coldness like nothing, clear glass window without any film tinting, hell yea..we were riding the old school style. I was praying deep down, hoping that my car does not give up on me during such critical moment. 

The journey wasn't at all joyful, it was warm, we were running out of water, everyone was tired, our mental strength was being challenge, and soon our determination was being shaken.. however we had drove to far to quit now and there was nowhere to stop along that dumbass road, all we could hope for was to detect any sign of civilization, living creatures, some smoke may be coming from the ikan bakar pit.. 1 klik, 2 kliks, 3 kliks, 4 kliks.. none.. SinCan was worried by now.. Is the GPS showing the right way?? Sweat dripping down from his forehead, he was begging for the Restaurant to show and it better be good as his head is now on the chopping board and will be chopped not by one but three desperate, tired, despair hooligans in the car. 

Just when I was about to mention the male genitals towards SinCan, a big sign appeared out of nowhere, big white bold letters writing RESTAURANT TASIK RABAN, and I swear it was a big sign of relief for SinCan. We drove for long grueling hours, just to try out the ikan bakar here, and it better be good. The sun was still shining brightly and roof made of zinc wasn't helping either.. it was like a freaking oven sitting underneath it, we were all sweating.. sweat dripping through our back and our shirt was like getting glue to our back, feeling of sticky and uncomfortable. 

Soon our ikan bakar arrived, if I am not mistaken, it was a Siakap. The meat was tender, doesn't at all felt like being burned dried, but it does seem like it from the outlook. The gulai that was pouring on top over the fish was different, it taste a little bit like satay sauce but not exactly like it. It works its magic on the fish by simmering into the tender meat and it works its way in your mouth also not forgetting the lime, chilli, garlic soy sauce that came along with it. The 'kick' came when you go with the sauce, and it urged you to go for more.The fish was cleared within minutes and till the very bones, sucking and leaking the left over gulai. Nice~

So does it worth the journey?! NO! hell no! looking at the weather nowadays and the petrol price, fuck no! unless you have a car that works like an ice box, and runs on water, most probably yea. But if you're driving through or passing through the area, you can always stop by. But not going there on purpose, the fish was great, that's for sure but you know is not something that you eat that will make you remember forever.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Food @ Langkawi

Is hard to get nice and cheap food on an island.. at least that's was the case in Malaysia. What you get is overpriced, overly sell, tasteless, plain, salty food. Of course I am not talking about the kind of cuisine you had in a five star hotel, that would be a totally different range. I could still remembered my trip to Redang, I spent my three meals in the resort that I stayed for the whole four days.. towards the second day, I already grew bored with the food there, in Tioman, there was a small town that has several restaurant, however the food wasn't that great and was overly price. Is hard to get a descent food on those two islands that I had mentioned. 

Unlike most of the Island, Langkawi is like a small town on itself. There is the town of Kuah which houses several shopping complexes, a small descent cinema, foods of all kinds, pretty descent Kopitiam, restaurant and of course the high ends one which I would never go to with my half empty wallet. I am pretty satisfied with Langkawi as it provides pretty descent food and has a nightlife.. meaning that if you're hungry during the night at least you're able to go out there and hunt for some food. Which is not the case for Redang, Tioman etc where people slept at 9am or the only thing you could find yourself eating was the maggie cup you brought along with you, some bread or biscuit and indescribable plain coffee or milo.  

If you're in Pantai Tengah, try out Fat Mom's restaurant for it's Yee Mee. It was flaming hot, literally with blue flames all over it when it was served on the table and fragrance radiated out from that flaming hot noodles. The texture of the mee was cooked to perfection, not overly soft and tender, just enough of the sponginess that provides you with the joy of chewing and 'Q-nesss'. 

If you decided to visit Kuah Town during the night, make sure you give it a try at Orchid Restaurant. The Guinness Stout Pork Rib and Thai Style Chicken was excellent. I am not a big fan of Guinness Stout, but if you're talking about Guinness Stout Pork Rib, I would have my fork and spoon ready in no time. The fragrant smell of Guinness Stout enhances the flavor of the pork rib, it doesn't taste at all bitter, but sweet.. the slight sweetness and flavor makes you wanna go one after another and you wouldn't get enough. I found myself licking the remaining sauce left on the bones. The Thai style chicken was excellent but I had better which was in Sabah, like the one in Sabah, it uses unripe mangoes slice together with the chicken, the sweet and sourness was infuse together and is well in balance. Definitely worth the try, the price was fine not too expensive and is affordable for people that are going on budget like us. =) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Charcoal Factory @ Kuala Sepetang, Matang, Taiping

If someone were to ask you what's there in Taiping, please do not say that there's nothing. In this little area near to the mangrove swamp of Matang Taiping, our local factories produces one of the finest charcoal in the world and is highly sort after in Japan. 

I didn't plan this trip at all, I stumbled upon it by chance when our lecturer organized a field trip to the local factory. From the outlook, it doesn't seem much of an attraction, but getting in closer and through understanding and listening..this place my friend not only produces the finest charcoal but as well preserve the traditional ways of charcoal making. 

A narrow channel runs between the side of the factories leads all the way into the mangrove swamp where cheap labor working their ass off cutting down the mangrove trees. During high tide, an old wooden boat will transport the harvested mangrove trees into the factory and the tree bark is carried and place at the side of the river bank. 

There was an old man on looking thin and dark, working relentlessly under the hot sun. He was holding a hammer that seems as heavy as Thor's Mjolnir, knocking on a stud that was slowly protruding the center of the tree bark. Such thick mangrove tree are not good for charcoal making, hence it has to be break down into thinner size for further processing. I was there watching.. his sweat drenches through his whole body, drops dripping down from his face and falls on the tree bark.. he didn't stop for a drink.. no not until he gets his work done.  There I was trying to look for the perfect exercise to lose weight.. and I found one. I am an asshole who's too comfortable with life and my comfort was achieve on the expense on hard working people like them. 

On a scorching hot mid day sun, an old Malay lady holding what seems to me like an extra large wood chipping tool, doing the debarking of the mangrove trees.. the removing of the outer skin allows better drying of the wood in the fumes later. She was the only one working.. the traditional method doesn't seem bothering her at all, she didn't complain it was hard, neither did she mentioned anything about her low wages.. life for her was fairly simple even thou the pay was low she didn't seem to mind and continue working hard trying her best to earn more everyday.. something that people like me will never be contended with. She only smiles when she saw us.. and gladly showed us how it was done when asked to.. she did it so elegantly and we were all fooled by thinking how easy it could be.. the only return we could give to her was trying to do it ourself that provided some laughter to her when she saw big grown men trying to debark a mangrove tree to no avail, as well as sweating like a pig. 

The ready tree bark are arrange in upright position in a igloo like fumes or furnace.. hot stones were laid on the floor and the fumes were prepared for sealing. the process of charcoal making also known as pyrolysis.. it is a process of drying the tree bark as well as burning it with the absence of oxygen to provide an incomplete burning and you get a dark, dry charcoal. 

Just for the fun.. I decided to enjoy a sauna inside... I was sweating within seconds, it was hot and humid inside and my small eyes wasn't coping the dust and smoke very well. 

The arch opening was then sealed with clay.. however it wasn't close completely as this provide the initial drying. The fume expert will then judge base on the smell from the smoke whether or not the tree bark is completely dried. 

The fumes was then closed into a smaller openings that allows slow burning. The tree bark is kept within the fumes and the burning continue and last for weeks before it is ready to be cooled off and the final product of charcoal is gained. 
There was a Malay kid running around the compound, innocent.. not afraid of the strays dog around on site, playing with the carts around, dig up holes on the ground while her mother was working over the other side. Mucus running down from one of his nostrils and he wiped it off with his dirty hand causing a dark mark that looks like a mustache on his cute little faces. He reminds me of myself when I was young.. about his age I used to play around my mom's store, digging up holes, filling up with water, making my own reservoir.. dirtying myself all over and get good scolding and ear picking from my mom later on. That was the good old days..  

He seems to be like a nice kid.. and I couldn't stop myself from buying him an ice cream that I was enjoying myself. He seems to like it and I was happy. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Restaurant Law Chang Kee Fresh Place for Octopussy

Restoran Law Chang Kee

What seems like an old run down building most probably erected during the colonial period, modified into a restaurant and squeeze in between houses alike. The business was quiet that day, but it didn't really bother me as I was here to experience some octopus eating that my friend Philip had gladly informed me. The weather was good that day, and we chose to seat at the table outside, to chill and enjoy the cool breeze of the night. The customer at the next table was busy dirtying their fingers mingling with crabs..sucking every tiny bits left over from the shell, licking every juice and gravy covering the shell inside and out, the other table was sat by an elderly couple, the husband seems to be struggling with the meat, munching, grinning with his left over tooth.. the wife was trying to pick out a piece of meat that stuck between the tooth using a toothpick... another table was sat my some elderly guy, bottles of opened Carlsberg standing on the table, faces looked red.. giggling loudly and speaking softly most probably chatting about the hooker who gave them a free handjob yesterday.. puffing out smokes that smell of mentol. That scene looks like a typical soon to run down business place.. but then again I was wrong.. the food was fantastic!

I was there specifically to try the Octopus, when the boiled octopus arrived on our table.. it looks like hmmm Octopussy? To be honest it didn't look that appealing at all.. but at least it look fresh. I decided to tackle the easy one first.. the tentacles. What seems from the outside looking rubbery, having the thought of 'oh dear god.. another chewing gum like food' , I took the leap and stuck it inside my mouth. Hardly chewed at the beginning as I had trauma eating half cooked squid and octopus before and holding it inside my mouth wasn't really helping at all.. but then what the fuck.. I am here to try, the moment I started chewing, the octopus taste fresh, doesn't carried any heavy odor with it and the tentacles was actually tender and easily chewed off. 

My balz grew bigger soon after and I decided to go for the head... Dark red bean colored brain was forked up, the brainy looking thing was not exactly helping with my appetite either.. Ewww what the fuck was that black black thing..Without much thought I let it slide into my mouth and started chewing.. oh this taste different, the texture is a bit powdery like, slightly heavier in taste and you chew on some soft bones once in awhile. Before the brain reaches my throat ready to be swallowed, my right hand was already reaching for my cup of chinese tea on the table, preparing to wash it down just in case it got stuck somewhere along the esophagus. That night.. I didn't sleep well.. I was having Octopus dream.. and I was making love with some female Octopus and got gang bang!

Soon after the Octopus.. I was eating frog and some sea shell from the sea shore.. and it was just ok comparing to the blast the Octopus gave to me. =)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Got Rape!!!

Attended my first examination paper of the semester today, Engineers In Society, dark bold, Times New Roman letter written on the cover page of the papers, answer all question and I was given two hours to do so. Well everything seems normal at the beginning, woke up normal today, feeling all good and pumped up for the examination, ate my healthy breakfast, bathed got ready, look at myself repeatedly at the mirror, telling myself again and again I am awesome and I am gonna nail this paper. 

When it comes to examination, I had a system, the long entrusted system that had worked perfectly well for me for the pass years. The system that I had gained through knowledge, experience, heartache and fucking up a few papers to learn it. The system that I held so high that I thought it could solve any problems for me. But not today.. the system had failed... it crashed, a big, dense heavy stone hit me right in the face or my nuts probably.. Ouch! 

Imagine this.. throughout the years of studies.. there has been a pattern for the lecturer, a pattern that they followed so fondly that me as a student thank them for doing that. well sometime at the back I thought it was kinda stupid because it sort of defy the whole purpose of study actually. But anyhow, when it comes to grades, pointer and knowing how to do in exam, not leaving blanks.. and wasting time in the grueling fuck up 3 hours that is so terrified and could consume your whole mind, you just don't care that much anymore and op t for the easy way.. is a norm.. is how we humans are.. we are born lazy and if there's a easy way out it will definitely be the best choice. I do not consider myself as a lazy person.. in fact I think I did quite a lot of work when it comes to examination or test, well of course it doesn't necessary involved the right way for example studying.. what I am saying here is that I did a lot of work predicting, guessing, forecasting what would come out for the exams.. I did the graphs, I did the maths.. heck I even did the probabilities.. labeling charts and graphs, deciphering a histogram of lecturers and their patterns and ways of setting examination question. Some lecturers are easy, there's a strong vivid pattern that you could identified upon running your statistical analysis, there are some lecturers who are tough and is hard to forecast the papers.. then I have no choice but to study harder for that particular ones. What really tricky is that you did your analysis you found that pattern but it came out otherwise in the exam.. and that's exactly what happen today in my exam "wink wink".. of course it doesn't happen always, and it hardly happens at times, but when it does happen, you're in deep shit or at least.. I was in a deep shit. 

It felt like getting raped..as thou some foreign object was inserted into you know what.. thrusting forcefully causing physical pain and mental stress, deep impact to your body and soul, something that you will not forget for the rest of your life.. especially the convict! I was the victim today.. I got raped all over, up down both side ways.. and the convict was the lecturer who set the paper.. he was walking beside me smiling as thou nothing has happened, as thou in the movie, where a rapist who after messing up, polluting, contaminated an innocent girl, turn over sat beside her, pulled out a cigarette, lid it up, took a puff and smile telling her.. how tight she was.. and he enjoys her.. that's how my lecture smile feels like. 

Well, I try not to do anything stupid.. I kept my cool.. I did my paper, it was doable at the very least.. but the feeling of being cheated.. and there's no one to blame but myself was horrible.. the time spent not sleeping, reading, memorizing the functions, objectives, stupid acts was non to be seen on the paper, I was laughing at the end.. every time I started a new question, laugh because the question was stupid and laugh because I have to figure out how to crap for the remaining 15 marks that the question carries. Everyone got a shock with that paper I believe.. but no one dares to say a word.. is like forcing yourself to swallow a whole elephant and it has not been digested till now~ 

After crapping for so long.. I believe I shall get back to my study.. peace yo! =) wink wink haha

Monday, May 2, 2011

Marina Bay Sands

" The country that I loved, She is a small country, so small that you can hardly locate it from the map, but everyone knows her name." said Mr. Lee Kuan Yew 

I had been to Singapore for several times now, and each and every time, I see a new sky high building coming up or may be a new commercial complex, HDB flats or may be a higher class condominium.The complexion of Singapore changes so fast that I could hardly kept up with. The first word that came across my mind upon seeing Singapore was 'Fusion', a mix of different cultures, having the usual Chinese, Indian, Malay mix and of course a large, densely populated foreigners from the West, Middle East and of course from other Asian countries, food of course is great there too having varieties of taste, fusion mix and the usuals that you might find close to your likings. 

Is hard not to compare between Singapore and Malaysia as two were so closely related and only separated by a narrow channel of sea so small probably less than 2 or 3 kliks. The image that Singapore projects was a clean, systematic, relatively safe and efficient environment which makes people like me from Malaysia felt short and shy away upon comparison. It is hard not to like Singapore, but somehow there's something wrong somewhere which I couldn't quite explained it, but may be is just an excuse for myself to make me feel better about Malaysia. 

My not so long Singapore trip was fun, 2 days and a night was definitely not sufficient to see Singapore but at least I get to see what I want at the very beginning. The weather wasn't kind that day, it was scorchingly hot and humid, walking around during that time was definitely unthinkable, but I was wrong, there were people wearing suits, ties walking around, crossing the road, I was trying to see if anyone was hating the weather like I do, but to my dismay there wasn't a slight of discomfort showing on their faces. Upon reaching Bugis street, I shoot straight to the nearest MRT station, first trying to avoid the unforgiving solar radiation, second trying to cool myself off with some air conditioning. Got the ticket from the not so complex GTM short for general ticketing machine and headed straight to Marina Bay. 

The last time I was here, that building wasn't even up yet, after 2 years, a 5 star hotel and shopping complex with the top deck resting on top of those building and swimming pool overlooking Singapore skyline as well as a viewing deck. I was fascinated by that building while watching it on NATGEO, and looking it with my bare eyes was definitely different, what more can I say, is engineering in excellence! Bravo and I had to put my hats down for each and everyone involved in this magnificent project. 

Walking around in Marina Bay Sands was amazing but somehow intimidating, intimidated because the obvious difference in class and I felt short being in there as my wallet wasn't thick enough, oh wait.. the rich and wealthy don't carry cash.. they carried their gold or platinum cards.. and obviously all I had with me in my wallet was my identification cards, some ATMs card with limited amount of money inside, driving license and some thing like 50 Sing dollars. Branded stuffs are everywhere.. Apart from the usual Gucci, Prada, Escada, Tiffany & Co. Jimmy Choo blah blah.. there are also those that I haven't heard off.. names that are long  scarily classy and which is hard to be articulated. With guards dressing up looking like James Bond guarding the front door of the shops, door holders, and door frames painted or coated with gold paint, black and gold, glass wall, perfectly and carefully thought out lightings that shine on the product that most probably cost more than my arms or probably the whole me, a sense of pride and cockiness from the face of the sales personnel or whatever they are called in there. 

Looking through the glass window from the outside of the walkway, a lady most probably in her late 20s dressing up so elegantly, fair skin, tall and lean were choosing her heels in Jimmy Choo, her Gucci bag hanging onto her folded left hand, while another hand trying to fit Jimmy Choo's heels  onto her feet, the shop assistant following ever so mannerly beside her around the shop. I was enjoying the scene but my mood were soon cut off when she started speaking.. I knew that voice, I recognized it.. I could tell even with only one ear and through that glass window.. that aggressive, distinctive, high pitch, bitchy voice that Chinese Girl from CHINA possess.. my steam cut off right away, whatever fantasy that I had, no matter how elegant that she looks it all gone within a matter of seconds after she started speaking. Rude is the word I would describe her, is as thou she owns the world. I walked off immediately afterwards. Well apparently they are all the same whenever they go. 

Took a stroll in the newly open casino, upon reaching the front entrance, I saw a bunch of uncles and aunties probably around their 50s or 60s lining up patiently, while waiting for the security personnel to check their passport, took a peek on their passport, there are the Chinaman, the Indoneisian, Vietnamese and Thais..' God this people are rich to be able to spend here and flung their money' I thought. I decided to do the same, lining up with them and to go down and have a look how it is inside. First thought that came across my mind was..'Fucking Huge!!' the casino was big.. most probably housing around 6-7000 people inside and there are even a few levels. Noise of chips flipping, stacking, the sound of the slot machine, the noise of the people sighing despair and of course the sound of people laughing most probably winning. Poker, Russian Roulette, Slot machines, black jack... everything you name it is all there, there are the high stakes and low stakes area. I saw soulless, mindless, tired, wary faces of aunties and uncles sitting as helplessly pressing the start button of a slot machines like a child waiting for the candy to drop or in their case waiting to hit the jackpot, liquor are placed at the side, taking a puff on their cigarettes wondering where their luck had gone. It was like a fucking movie on display inside.. and there's that distinctive bitchy voice of china women that I hate shouting, scolding in vulgarity while pressing their cigarettes on the ash container putting off the fire, buff security that looks intimidating, bold with wires and hearing devices attached to their ears, speaking through the walkie talkie eye-ing on anyone that looks suspicious for cheating or creating havocs or most probably they were like me too walking around checking out pretty babes.

Noon.. it was lunch time and my stomach was hunger for food, walked to the nearest directory in search for something edible and affordable. Browsing and browsing.. top of the list was celebrities kitchen ok.. that's a no no, second fine dining.. ok another no no.. scrolling down to the very last.. Rasapura Master ( glamorous name) but is actually a food court, great! obviously it was the only affordable choice, decided there and then to walked all the way to the other end of the building for stomach refueling. I loved food courts, food court is a greatest thing in the world in fact, you get all kinds of food concentrated in the same area, and the varieties of food in Rasapura Master covers nearly the whole Southeast Asia and some parts of Asia cuisine from our usual Chinese cooking: Yong Tau Fu, Fried Kuey Teow, Wan Tan Mee, Hinava ( Grill Fish) from Philipines, Thai delicacies, Indian curry, naan, and many more.. and the price wasn't that bad at all.. for people like me going on the budget, even thou it was a little pricy but still it is far cheaper than eating in a celebrity chefs, and the food was great!