Sunday, April 17, 2011

Road Trip Up North and Up Yours!

April comes haunting without me noticing.... the dreadful month, busiest period of the semester, foresee long sleepless nights lining up for me to pass day by day like a walking zombie, there's no escape, what will come will come at the end of the day, so instead of starting the month feeling like shit, I decided to go for a road trip to cheer myself up a little before I go KAMIKAZEEEEEE for the rest of the month! 

The plan is simpled, to drive with a bunch of good friends up north, stop wherever we like, see whatever we want and do whatever shit we wish to do, eat whatever things we want, and stop in Kuala Kedah to take a ferry off to Langkawi. 

First stop, Taiping. a town that I had long heard off, been there once when I was young and it was just a brief stop. Passed through the tolls, and was welcomed by uneven roads with many pot holes, unfinished construction, bridges etc. First impression when entering the town was ' Wow not bad.. better than I thought and the rest was... .... .... nothing could be said really. However, I do like Taiping, the old architecture of the buildings, the typical chinaman design, with big chinese characters for shop names, is like reliving in the olden days, what was different is that trishaw and bicycle is now replaced with cars and motorbikes. Old building with fast food restaurant inside, interesting enough, sad in some way but hey. that's how the world rolls now. 

What seems to be like an interesting market place, old men sitting down sipping coffee and tea, take a puff of cigarette, shaking their legs and talking cock with their friends of course the occasional vulgarity appears, and because most of Taiping people speak Hokkien, the 'common vulgar words' do appear here and there and it was like symphony in the making, and I felt at home immediately because I am a Hokkien myself. 

Took a stroll around Taiping lake while waiting for the hawker centre to open, around the lake are trees so big and branches out like nobody business more like a threat than a nice view to me. However, walking around Taiping lake does give you a feel of relaxing as thou the rhythm of your life has been turned down by a notch. People there are more relax generally. 

Some folks having their evening exercise, so eagerly trying to extend their life in this world, trying to stay healthy. Is a typical scene of an aging town, the population is aging, and the young ones are leaving to the city in search for jobs, education etc. 

2.30am in the morning, and we were leaving Penang, heading to Kuala Kedah. Driving around in the night, was rather peaceful, less car as thou the whole Highway was yours. The only regret I had was not having a fast enough car to speed.... and the passenger inside weren't hot enough as well.

0930, dream destination reached! Time for some booze and boobs!! ^^ Wheeeee~ You know is gonna be a good day, looking at the sunny sky and the beautiful ocean, with foreign girls wearing tank top walking around, AWESOME.

If you were to ask me what's so nice about Langkawi, I would ask you come to this Hanging Bridge, bring a bottle of tax free vodka with you, finished it and jump down from here, that would be a pretty awesome view. If you ever get tired of the beach, and the hot sunny weather near sea level, try bring yourself higher up by taking the Langkawi Cable car and enjoy being on top of the others and having a bird's eye view or more accurately eagle's eye view. Is chilling and is windy up there, I didn't even feel like going down, but then there are more to do and see other than spending the whole day on top of the bridge.

The beach was beautiful, white sandy long stretch beach. Most importantly it was happening and I love it! I regretted not spending enough time at the beach. My initial idea was to spent some quality time at the beach, cover my legs in the sand and lying against a tree, with a cold beer on my left and a nice book on my right, eyes staring elsewhere. But I did nothing, I spent my beautiful day in the room, drinking alcohols any playing cards and ice.. sore loserrrrr.

Unlike other island in Malaysia, Langkawi is actually a town on it's own. So after your dinner you can actually take a walk somewhere, and not heading back straight to your room and sleep at 8pm. And of course life's more happening over there since the booze are cheap and you can actually spent your night doing something else other than sleeping or having sex inside the room ( good for you if you're a couple, bad luck if you're a guy with another 4 guys sharing a room.) Get yourself some beer, find a nice spot to sit down and enjoy the breeze, if you like, you can always get into trouble after u drink, showing middle finger to passerby ( I didn't do that.)

Walking around Pantai Cenang was interesting, long stretch of road that leads you to the airport, with rows of shop on both side that are nicely decorated with colorful lights, paints and design. Is kind of relaxing and fun walking around, checking out the stalls as well as the babes walking around with bikini on the walkway.

Took a stroll on the beach in the morning, trying to savor the very last moment before leaving to mainland again. Walking around with my camera.. capturing things that I love and things that I saw, couples hugging, cuddling each other, seating side by side enjoying the breeze and the view of the sky that turns from dark to bright, the sound of waves and the little sea creatures that were washed up on shore. Beautiful morning and I am feeling all great!