Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Last Meal

So.. someone walk over to you and start asking you a question, 'if tomorrow was your last day, the next morning you're gonna be hang till your brain juice got squeeze out or electrocuted till your ass get cooked, what do you want to eat for your last meal?' I believe all of us had played this last meal game somewhere, somehow, some moment of time in our life. 

Most of the time, when I played the game with my friends, the answer I got were unexpectedly simple, someone told me all he needed was a nice bowl of Wan Tan Mee, someone answered he wants his mom's 'PongTeh Chicken', some came and said a cool beer with some roasted chicken butt would be awesome ( that would be me too). And I realize most of them are not lavish answer, asking for 5 star cuisine, or abalone, shark fin soup, bird nest etc... It seems that there's a strong connection between good food and memories. Remember the movie Ratatouille? at the end of the day, it is the meal that are closest to your heart that matters. 

A few factors combine to make a meal great, there are no right or wrong answer in this one and I believe everyone had their own version of good meal, mine was definitely fresh good produce, a great company, smile and laughter on the table, a nice view, and a great appetite for food. Picture this, as you're chillaxing by the beach, your left hand holding a cool beer, and you just hooked up with an ever so beautiful girl, a meal was place in front of you, and you knew that after this you're going to have crazy monkey sex with her in the motel room, all of a sudden that meal of yours turn superbly great, and that's what I meant factors that combine to make a great meal. 

So back to that question? 'What will be your meal, if today was your last day? I guess the answer would be simple, people will tend to answer the meal that are affected by great combination of factors, mom's cooking where everyone sat on the table, eating with joy. A chill beer that reminds you the day at the beach, and the woman you hooked up with, and for me? I believe my answer will change according to time, but for now my best meal would be a nice hot piece of Roti Telur Bawang~ 

Is the most simple meal of all, you could get it nearly everywhere in Malaysia, but is the taste of what you grow up with that makes it so unforgettable. I blame it on this shop every time when I had my Roti Canai elsewhere, ahhh this Roti Canai sucks.. the Kuah (gravy) is bad.. this that.. all because of this shop where I had my first best Roti Canai in Malacca, and I blame everything on him, I blame him when he shifted and I couldn't locate his shop anywhere, it used to be just adjacent to my secondary school SFI, and every Saturday morning before the scout meeting begins, I will visit the shop for a nice piece of Roti Telur Bawang and Milo Panas~ 

I thought I would never had the chance to eat it again, thanks to my junior Han Wey for showing me where the shop is. I believe in destiny and I am destine to meet this Roti again, God sent Han Wey to me, to show me the way to that farking good piece of Roti Canai. Roti, crispy on the outside, tender inside, serve hot with fragrance of onion and egg, simply delicious. 

heartier gravy, with a little taste of asam pedas, a little sour and spicy just the way I like it, cut out a little piece of your roti, pour a little gravy over it, take a bite, satisfaction in your mouth, your whole freaking morning just brightens up one degree extra. And that's what I want if it was my last meal before I died. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Growing Up

Ever wonder why we have to grow up so fast? I guess everyone has his or her own moment, where you sat down quietly, as thou the Earth stood still, staring out faraway, and reminiscing the past. When we were young, we wanted to grew up so fast, we worried that if we couldn't catch up with the others, we would be left behind, and good memories just come and go to the back of our head, things happen so quickly like a blink of an eye. God, were kind enough to fulfill our little wishes, we sure did grow and after living for 23 years in this world, growing up sure ain't fun anymore. Tonnes of things to worry, tonnes of things to do, never ending business of managing your own life. 

I remembered I was once like that little girl in the picture, parents brought me to the beach, bought me a kite, my father taught me to fly a kite for my very first time, my father held the string for me, and I was at the other end holding the kite, and when the wind came, I ran with all my energy and simultaneously letting the kite go when my skillful father made that jerk on the string, the kite was brought up by the wind with one go and I jumped up full of joy running towards my father to take over the captain place, " you have control... now do it slowly, you don't want to break the or get entangle with branches from the trees." my father said. Holding my hand lightly he taught me how to maneuver my own kite, how to fly it high, and how to bring it low when the wind was too strong, he was there for me every single step till he felt that I was capable enough to handle the strong wind and take care of my own kite. 

Life was easy and simple back then, as I knew if I ever had any problem I can always fall back to my parents, and there are always there to back me up, to support me, to correct me and to bring back on my path, to pat off the dirt on my shoulder, to wipe off my tears when I cry and continuously, without failing, telling  me that I can do it. 

I am 23 years old now, and if my life were to equate with a process of flying a kite, I am now at the stage where I am taking over the captain seat and I know very soon in the near future, I will have to fly my own destiny and to not only take care of my own life but as well as the passenger that had made a significant impact in my life, my father, my mom and my sister. Tonnes of things to worry, tonnes of business to take care of, I know I wouldn't be able to fall back to my parents like I used to when I am young, I will have to watch my own back from now on and continue marching forward in life. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan @ Kota Kinabalu Part 2

Ever tried coconut pudding before? I had no idea that such things exist until I signed up myself for this trip, obviously there are much more things that I need to see and learn, coconut pudding definitely something you gotta try, refreshing, slight sweetness from the coconut is so rewarding, especially on a day of hot and sunny weather. 

Owh.. and a word of advice, don't be too greedy and ask for one whole damn coconut for urself, after having the coconut water coagulated into pudding, is not that easy to take on as comparing to drinking coconut water. However, it is still subjected to personal preferences and that damn pudding tasted awesome and I am still longing for it till now. 

So you're in a streak of scoring good foods into your mouth, you had something refreshing on your hand a normal human will just said 'ok, that's enough for me today.' However, if you get a bunch of abnormal human being who just gone off from Island hoping and the stomach is starving hungry, they would be looking for something else that are stronger in flavor and highly potential in dirtying their mouth and a high chance in screwing up their stomach as well. I present you the Lokan~ 

I don't usually trust my instinct with this things. there was once, I tried to be open to things and it was spot on with things like sea shell and exotic looking food, next thing I know I was down with mild food poisoning, spent the whole night sitting in the toilet, slept beside the toilet bowl, waiting to throw up anytime. It took me 3 days to make myself sober. But you know when you're together with a bunch of good friends, and someone suggested to tried something, the feeling of 'Ok la.. come die together if anything goes wrong' start fucking up your mind and you go along the flow, this time however, things were great, the Lokan were great... 

OMG is the only thing that I can give to you.. the chili were fantastic, goes well with lime, pour it over the shell and let the Lokan swim in the shell, take a big slurrppppp and let it simmer in your mouth. Trust me is all OMG after that. 

Of course there are things that doesn't worth mentioning, and this is one of that, Keropok most probably made from some kind of vegetable or flour together with lines of caramelize sugar on top of it. Hard, and it taste plain. 

I am wondering if I should post this up.. It seems like when you're in the Sabah, you can't ran away from Seafood, but to be totally honest with you, I am afraid of seafood as I am allergic to eat.. not crab, not fish, not shell fish but shrimp, prawns, Hae, Har, Xia... And frankly speaking the place that I ate wasn't that awesome at all, is like seafood made expensive, finely decorated, plated nicely and charged you for some say fairly reasonable, I say fuck price. Most probably my wallet was all dried up that time, so I didn't seem to be extremely enthusiast when the bill arrive, who will tell me haha after a meal that was less than awesome and you're charged for somewhat less than affordable price, is like being cheated to fuck first, and you're now paying money for it. 

If you have to know the place that we dine, is called New Gaya Seafood Restaurant. However, to completely  write off the restaurant would be utterly unfair and bias because it was my personal opinion. The food was ok I would say, and with a good company, what more can I say, is a dinner full of joy and laughter, poking fun of your closest mates, talking about the funny moments that happen throughout the days was pretty amazing and we are soon distracted away from the expensive, fairly ok food, and all we were doing was talking and shoving food into our mouths and fueling up our empty stomach. 

Well obviously we are all carnivores, leaving only the vege for plating on the plate, and obviously there are some auditing to do based on my previous statement claiming that the food was just OK. Do judge for yourself if you're thinking of going there for food tasting. 

I know this seems to be funny, but some how the  Thai style chicken was one grade above the others, definitely worth the try if you're going there. To have the chicken better than the seafood in a seafood restaurant is like walking into a Mosque asking help from Jesus. However, is the best damn Thai Style Chicken I ever tasted, somehow someone in that busy kitchen got something right. I believe it was due to the unripe mango slice in there, that enhances the taste of sweet and sour. To talk about it now, cause my mouth flooded with saliva. Ahhh... 

It took me an hour to search for this, 5 person in the car waking up 6 plus in the morning, to drive, navigate, and in search for places is equivalent working with bird brains. Sensors weren't working as it was told, and to reach the final destination that we dream off seems to be far to reach, however persistent brought us our final reward, valuable price, unforgettable taste of morning breakfast. Godlike arrrr.... Well if by this time, you were still reading my post, thank you so much, I very much appreciate your faithfulness or patience, write down your name in the comment column, I would be very much happy to treat you for a lunch, as most of the time, people will finally make up their mind and stop reading because I am starting to talk cock now. 

The name of the coffee shop is Called 华园 or Hua Juan.. no idea why it is spelled that way obviously it is not mandaring. Anyhu.. The noodles were fucking awesome.. the texture is different but I couldn't quite compare it to anything, definitely softer, and smoother comparing to normal yellow noodles, like MiHunKueh if you have any idea what it is, or else just take it as very special noodles kay~

Dear Muslim counter part, if you're reading this, I am so sorry if I offended you. I just couldn't help it, Pork tasted so fine over here. If Cow were nominated as the first most useful animal in this world, my dear pig would be the first runner up, and it only lose out because it couldn't milk. Or I should say I haven't tasted pig's milk before. This plate consist of everything from a Pig, ears, stomach, lungs, intestine, tongue you named it.. Well to correct my previous sentence, I am sorry if I said everything, I don't eat pig's dick definitely  and I didn't think I found any in there. Well, full credit given to the boss, the sauce were all simmered into the edible parts, and it taste better than ever, noodles were great, soup were great, the waiter or waitress which I have no idea more like a transsexual was overly passionate with us, little ingredients here and there which made up a damn good morning breakfast and satisfied foodies. 

One more picture before I end the post, there is indeed something more in the noodles that I couldn't quite figure out. Anyhow, the funny part was, after our meal, it only took us 10 minutes to get back to our Hotel,obviously we were down with the bird brain symptom before that. So if you're in KK, I know the food is a little bit pricy as comparing to Peninsular, please do not at all tried to put all your money eating KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut, obviously good food is everywhere, is up to you to look for it if you're hard working enough, Be an Early Bird, don't be an angry Bird haha XD.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beach @ Sabah

Ever wonder where all that once lovely beach, beautiful sand, shining crystal clear ocean water, and those sunny lovable hot, busty and sexy babe had gone to? I couldn't answer that until I had seen the beach in Sabah... Is the bitch of all beaches in Malaysia I would say. Definitely a place, for some exotic escapade, hot sexiness, pour in some lust, add in some fire and you get a damn fucking awesome place to be in. 

White sandy beach, crystal clear water, one could actually look where you're swimming towards in the water, and fishes are all around, clear blue sky.. the perfect weather for a beach day getaway. Best place on earth.. beautiful sexy looking babes, wearing all sorts of bikins, varieties of design and colour perfected the picture. It forms the perfect picture for a man to see, fully tinted sun glasses are the best thing you could have with you, a cold beer, chillax and enjoy the awesome scenery. 

Owh Sabah Sabah, I regretted for not knowing you soon enough.. The time spent at the beaches was not enough for me to be honest, the place was so cool and the babes were so hot, I felt guilty for not spending enough time with you. 

Is a postcard in the making, is as thou, every turn, corner, every side were so perfect that one wouldn't get enough of. Dear oh dear Sabah.. I shall come back and visit you again. I won't keep you waiting for too long, cause you're one of the nicest beach I ever seen. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan @ Kota Kinabalu

When someone told me that there's nothing to eat in Kota Kinabalu, I didn't really trust them. I believe that is whether or not you know how to look for the right place and have the right click of people with you. Trust me the group of people is really important as a simple meal together will make it joyful and delicious as well. However, the food in Kota Kinabalu is slightly higher in price comparing to Peninsular, so if you're going there as a foodie, make sure you do prepare yourself sufficient amount of money to avoid unwanted embarrassment and awkwardness. Here I am writing a post to share the foods that I have eaten, tasted, touched and smelled in Kota Kinabalu. 

A sunny and busy Sunday morning, the perfect time to hunt for food. Walking around in Gaya streets, many shops were open, many were busy, a shop selling food and was fulled with people, nothing could go wrong, "that's it! Is here." I said, nothing could go wrong with so many people in there eating. Is a Shop called YikFung and is full of hungry hooligans that has no manners at all, but never mind, I understand that you're hungry but so do I, so fark offf from my table. 

'Ngu Chap' 牛杂 , meaning beef intestine or in layman term spare parts soup. However, this here comes with noodles, not normal yellow noodles but rice noodles. Apparently people here are more health conscious than in peninsular. The broth taste like Bak Kut Teh, the beef is slighly or for me is totally overcooked, for the other spare parts of beef, it was ok. 
 The Wan Tan Mee was ok, but one should try to avoid something that is so common when they are travelling around. I am wondering how I should comment on this.. it taste.. plain.. wan tan mee plain. 
Sabah Laksa, from the outlook it did look rather appealing, something that could cause your mouth water up by your saliva from the first look at it. However, after the first taste of the gravy, it wasn't that appealing anymore, it taste like curry but curry hangus or burned. I could taste the bitterness in the gravy and it somehow spoil my appetite. Most probably it was how it taste originally, but it sure does didn't suit me at all, I only manage to eat half of it and I stopped. 

We were all starving and hungry when we reach Kota Kinabalu town after our expedition, and what we could think of is something that could refuel and replenish our lost energy, and there and then Bak Kut Teh comes to our mind. Took out my phone and started surfing, 'Top 15 best food in KK" and this was listed as the first one. Name of the shop Yu Kee 佑记. If you have no idea what to order, ask the owner to mix it all up for you. Do prepare for the price thou, is slightly pricy, RM 56 for 4 person, this was my first time eating Bak Kut Teh that expensive.

Everyone were starving when the food came, all chopsticks were up and ready to tackle the food the moment it landed. The Bak Kut Teh style is a little different, the broth comes in separate small bowls, and so does the meat, ribs and intestines. Not bad at all. but I prefer yam rice comparing to plain white rice which they did not offer here. There's also a plate of Choi Sam with sesame oil all over it. The place is near to Gaya street, opposite of Jesselton Hotel, the shop is busy and full with people outside, so you won't get it wrong. 

If you're still hungry and capable to take on more, try Yoyo Cafe's croissant. The sugar coated croissant, is crispy all over the place, and the sweetness are just perfect. Something I would love to have for a midday tea break. Once you taste it, you wouldn't stop eating. 

Breakfast breakfast breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Feeling lucky today?? Wanna taste some pork, try Kedai Kopi Melanian. The shop serves up big bowls of delicious pork noodles. Not too expensive comparing to what I had before. 

Ok, I am gonna drop some tips for you here dear readers, if you have a small stomach, do not take the noodles, it gonna stuffed you up like a freaking bean bag, avoid ordering the dry noodles, unless you wanna get yourself into soy sauce poisoning, try the noodles soup instead. 

Nice big bowl of spare parts soup, perfect breakfast for you, energy booster for the rest of the day. Pig stomach, pig lungs, pig intestines, pork balls, pork meat. Heavenly~Godlike.. If you're a pork lover this is definitely the place for you. 
More than words to describe how it feels.. Take that beautiful looking piece of meat, dip it and let it swim in the chili sauce or soy sauce full of chili, put it in your mouth... ahhh farkk it taste so damn good.
Chicken Feet in Mushroom sauce.. splendid. Something I didn't ordered at first, but the side dish are too attractive and I couldn't resist the temptation. I wasn't wrong at all, the smell, taste and look were equally good. The sauce are sweet and fragrant, coated on to the chicken feet were just perfect, I spent that morning sucking on that succulent chicken feet. 
This shop just kept coming out with good stuffs, self made stuff toufu with gravy pouring on top of it. The gravy tasted like "Wat Tan Hor" and is real smooth and goes straight down to your throat. 

That's all for today, stay tune to Jalan Jalan Cari Makan @ Kota Kinabalu Part 2. I am a little hungry myself now. @.@

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Journey Up to Mount Kinabalu

I told myself repeatedly on the way back to Peninsular, "Jming, pls pls post this up fast when all that you saw was still fresh in your mind!" and here I am doing what I was told by myself. 

Climbing up Mount Kinabalu was never once on top of my list, but visiting Kota Kinabalu, the still fairly unknown land to me was. So when my friend offer me to go for Mount Kinabalu, I said yes! but not for climbing highest peak in Malaysia, but for the wonderful place of Kota Kinabalu where my friend Edgar is from and also for the name of second busiest airport in Kota Kinabalu, second busiest, this sure means something right?~! 

So throughout the days, weeks and months before the Mount Kinabalu trip, I wasn't preparing myself at all to climb that Peak! All I had been doing was going searching on line hunting down interesting places to see, nice food to eat, awesome things to play. When the day comes, I wasn't fully prepared at all, what I had with me was some little piece of information on how it was like on top from dearest relatives and according to her it was like hell to hike all the way up to the mountain. 

The journey up was a tough one, if you're not fully aware and well prepared for this, trust me, the mountain gonna fuck you up nicely, every inch of your muscle on your body will be strained. Definitely not for those who are weak in will, mentally and physically unfit. Yes, you may still go ahead, you might even reach the top, but trust me you will find yourself exhausted, tired, headache, dizzy, feel like puking and wondering why the fuck do you need to pay yourself to suffer, are you nuts? are you retard?? Is that worth it?? Farkkkk, fark fark fark, and of course along you add in some hokkien vulgarity that some might find it a little uncomfortable with, ^^!!

This is me before the hike.. all smile and sunny look along the way.. wearing just a Byford inner wear and a sports pants.. feeling all awesome as though I can take on the world. Hooorahhhhhh! The cool breeze and the sunlight radiates slightly above mountain, that view was just plain amazing, something that I had not seen for years. 

"Take Nothing But Photographs, Leave Nothing But Foot Prints." a big sign that greeted me when I arrive at the park. Hoolllyyy cow!! Whaaddaaa farkkk, Maddaaa farkkk was my first few words when I step out of that minivan that drove us to the park, indeed no one will ever say no to that magnificent, fantabulous, awesome, simply beautiful, mesmerizing and romantic view. Your life span might even prolong for a few extra years, your temper might be reduce, you started smiling wow is that real? Am I dreaming? Is this Malaysia? and when I turned around and looked at my friends, their eyes were hooked as thou they are looking at the most beautiful thing ever.  

Like I said before the journey up was not easy, the first few hundred meters was a breeze, or I could say a walk in the park as energy level was soaring high, mental will were still strong, however as you climb higher, the air gets thinner, without noticing, you're gasping for air and every steps get heavier every time and you run out of energy sooner than you thought. I was sweating by then, here's a picture of me resting my head with a walking stick, another 1.5km to reach the top. Don't even dare to look up, as the steepness and the amount of steps that I need to climb frightens me, sweat dripping down my face and my body even thou the air was cold, the closer it gets, the harder and more steep it is, the colder it gets, the harder your nipple is as well haha =P

After bad mouthed and cursed and begged and I wonder how many times I had mentioned the word shit, ass, mother and fuck.. both words do go along well. So .. thank God, I reach Raban Lata finally, it was 4pm in the afternoon, all I felt was grateful that I am still able to stand, and I had not die. The sun was shining brightly but I was not afraid of that as it took care of the coldness for me, my sweater by that time was still along the way carried by the potter, so I spent my time there taking picture and enjoying the damn fucking awesome scenery. I was 3300 plus meters above sea level at that time. The feeling of being higher than anyone else, even higher than the trees, cloud is so near to you as thou you can reach it with your hand, tear it off and put it in your mouth like a cotton candy. Honestly, the feeling and sense of achievement was there, even thou I had not reach the peak yet.

A view straight down from Raban Lata.... what more can I say.. you really have to be there to feel it. Is that kind of scenery that makes you feel worthwhile living in this world.. all I could said during that particular moment was wow.. this is really beautiful.. most simple yet had the strangest feeling of all time as thou I couldn't believe that I am seeing this.

Being in Sutera Sanctuary Lodge was a bless, the heater provides warmth for us.. is like a little heaven inside, food is served for starving mountain climbers that could take on a whole cow, hot soup is there to warm your stomach, red bean dessert, coffee and tea, never felt so grateful for both things. I couldn't believe that the best soup I ever tasted was in Mount Kinabalu, even thou it was just a plain simple chicken soup.. the urge to drink something warm surpass the need for taste and flavor. I am a person that is not afraid of cold, I could sleep with my clothes off with 16 degrees air conditioning in my room but that day I gave up..It was bloody 8 degrees Celcius at the outside when I checked on the thermometer, still bearable but not when the wind blows on to you.

Farrkkkkk the food taste damn great and I am so farrrrkinnng hungry. I am not gonna comment about the food, all I know it was tasty and I ate as thou I have never eaten for my whole damn life.

Good things just kept happening, is as thou the nature knows that I am still hungry, and HE is cooking up a big yoke for me, the bright red yellow yoke of the sun sets and the mist forms the perfect picture of a boiling egg. That view itself, cause an havoc in the lodge, everyone rushed out with their cameras, Wow here Wow there Wow everywhere, I couldn't catch it with my camera as the battery was still charging, never felt so grateful for my N97 before, for taking that perfect picture at that very moment.

And at that moment, a hero walk by at least He was my hero, true hero, true inspiration, an 79 year old man from Norway, with several joint paints and shivering legs, climbed all the way up here and told me how beautiful this place was and how much he enjoyed it, while all I do was cursing with vulgarity along the way. I was embarrassed there and then, I felt so sorry for myself for being short and timid, not having enough endurance, patience and will. If someone as old as him are still able to do this, there's no reason why, we should be wasting our life being satisfied with our current condition when there are still many things out there for us to see and achieve.

1.30 in the morning, I was awaken by the walking sound outside of my room, as the floor was made from wood and the bottom was empty, it became apparently loud and low ton when people walk pass. I wasn't too angry thou, I barely even sleep throughout the night, in fact it was better for me to wake up as I was struggling to sleep, the air was thin and cold, my nose was blocked, and every time I breath, it made my throat dry, drinking was not a good idea, water was cold, and I shivered throughout the night, the blanket provided was thin, I put on two socks, my sweater and my wind breaker, body was warm but my face could felt the cold ever so sensitively. The thought of going to the bathroom to take a poop was unbearable, exposing your clean wide as on that cold freezing toilet seat was fark farking farkkkkk up down and both side ways. Try brushing your teeth, I did that, I even washed my face, is like hitting your face with a brick of ice, the coldness spike into my teeth even my finger.. I don't even think Sensodyne would be useful =P. I even bathed as I couldn't stand sleeping without bath, is like dancing in the bathroom, but this time shorter duration along with shivering noises as well as losing control of ur jaw muscle.

Never mind that as I need to wake up and prepare for my hike. We started our journey at 230 in the morning, all geared up, with chocolate bars, energy drink, camera and water in my small sling bag. Barely even feel my fingers, took a peep on the thermometer, 5degrees.. fark.. look at it again this time more carefully.. it just drop another 1 degrees.. the @.@ face started showing, we are not even at the peak yet. Farkkk. After a short briefing, we were good to go.

The night sky was amazing.. never once I felt the stars so close to me.. the clearest most beautiful sky I have ever seen so far. The only regret I had was not being able to stand the cold and the strong wind on the top, I was afraid to take off my cozy hand gloves as my bones could felt the piercing coldness, taking it off and to press the camera shuttle was unthinkable at that time.

The road up was dreadful and dangerous, energy drain quickly and endurance and physically challenging, from a breeze walk turns into mountain climbing for a sudden, big formation of rocks everywhere, pool of mountain water gathered on the rocks, some ferns that could survive the coldness and strong wind lives. Got to be really careful on your steps, as some of the rocks were slippery and steep. It shattered your will whenever you try to look up and the peak were still faraway from you and the road becomes more and more challenging, I was climbing alone, those behind me were too far away and for those in front of me, I couldn't be bother to catch up with them, I was moving on my own speed, trying not to over push myself, whenever I am tired or I am out of breath, I looked for a big stone to take a rest, sat down for awhile, took a sip of Livita before I started walking again, the air was thin, and the cold wind kept blowing, my wind breaker didn't seem to be working, I felt my face being slapped by the coldness.. cheek turned red, nose felt cold, mucus dripping,   trying to wipe away, stuff my hand into my bag in search of my towel, big gloves were obstructing my way, the coldness paralyze my finger muscle, sensitivity level drop, finally I pulled out my small towel and wipe it off, continue my journey again. Something funny did happen thou, a couple cut passed me, and the girl farted big time awkward as clearly me, the boyfriend who is behind her hears it and laugh at her speaking back in Cantonese asking why do you fart at me.

Every time when I felt like giving up, I looked back down it looks 10 times more scarier comparing to climbing up, I kept telling myself "Jming you had come a long way don't give up now", all I could see was a dark sky at the back and some dim white light those are the headlights of the people, they are moving up quickly, don't give up, don't give up, be there, see the sun rise, those are the words playing in my mind at that moment. The stars gave me strength and so does the moonlight, it reflects the light from the son ever so brightly and forms a hollow ring around its aperture. I gather myself, slapped my face both left right with my big gloves, clapped three times, held my hands close to my mouth and breath out, I could see warm smoke coming out from my mouth and continue my journey upwards.

5.30 in the morning, I officially reached the highest peak in Malaysia, 4095.2 meters above sea level. A huge relief and sense of pride of myself. I told myself you had indeed achieve something this year.. well done Jming well done. There wasn't many people up there yet, so I managed to have my own picture taken with the wooden board. Being on top of everyone else, I shouted Yessssss!!! Woohoooooo!!! with my lungs out. Congratulate the others who make it to the top as well of course this time with my gloves off however regretted quickly after a few hand shakes.. the temperature was like 1 or 2 degrees Celcius at the top. My face are frozen when I smiled but it worth every single sweat and pain I had endured to be up here.

First ray of sunlight blazing across the sky.. magnificent wind started moving real quickly, never once I prayed for the sun to come out fast, I was hoping that the solar radiation could help bring some warmth over the land as I was freezing. I couldn't help but asked my friend to hand me his towel so that I could rapped around my face and cover up my soon dropping nose and cracking mouth.

Going up was hard, but going down was even harder, dangerous, lose control and you fall. Most probably you fall with your head down first, then you die, or you fall with your knee knock on the rocks, then you have a broken limb.

As the sun rise, sky turning from dark black to blue, and I could see the clouds, and that bright yellow sun light.. is 615 in the morning by that time.

Is time to leave the peak and headed back to the lodge.. I was really hungry by then and I need my breakfast badly, all I had in my mind was grabbing the hot coffee cup with both my hands to get some warm and some bread or cakes to fill my stomach.

Pass by 'Donkey Ears' on my way down.. couldn't help to take a picture of it. As the sun was just rising between the ears. And there ends my journey to conquer Mount Kinabalu, never underestimate yourself my dear readers even at time you doubt your own capabilities, do your very best and never give up till the end, most probably is due to the crisis in Japan, I felt and think a lot on my way down the hill, there are too many things that I need to do, and I am gonna do it I told myself.