Sunday, February 13, 2011


From a distance faraway, a distinctive honk caught the attention of a boy sitting in front of the television while working with his schoolwork. 'Is the RotiMan' he shouted! That's me when I was young. Quickly, I rush to the door reaching for the keys where at that moment still fairly high for me to reach, I got it! Opened the door hurriedly, while shouting out to the RotiMan, 'Uncle Uncle wait wait!', he stopped his motorcycle a few house away from mine, he noticed me, in a relief I rush back to my school back, unzipped and trying to reach down as far as I could to the bottom of my bag to scramble for that left over coins from school that morning. '10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents, good! Is enough' I said with my little voice, don't wanna wake up my sister as I would get scolding from her for wasting money. I got out the house and asked the uncle for a blue box with Doraemon cartoon outside of it, I got the chance to choose the box myself, so I picked out each and every box and shake it close to my ears and tried guessing what was inside, basically I go through every single one of it till I satisfied or the Uncle gets a little irritated by me then I would stop. I handed over the money and I sat down under my neighbor's mango tree to open up the box. As usual it was a packet of chocolate biscuit which doesn't bother me much, I was looking for the toy and it was a miniature green army man holding a rifle on a combat position, oh.. I was happy then, one more army man on to my collection of many. The neighbor kid shouted at me, " eh!what you got?", " Green Army Man with Rifle, you?" I replied.. 'Yerrrrrr, I got a stupid rubber ball, wanna trade?" he replied.. "Hell no!" I said. We traded with each other sometime when we got something that we didn't want but I was really satisfied with my toy and I went back inside while munching the side gifts of chocolate biscuit. 

I many years had passed and I couldn't remembered when was the last time I saw a Rotiman. The latest one was today in Ipoh and childhood memories start flowing into my mind. That was the good old days, where all my worries was my unfinished school work, and what kind of toys I might get with that 40 cents of asset that I  had on that day. It sure worth nothing nowadays but for me, those were the truest moment where money can't buy. Those army men, help me live through the days when there was no internet, no cellphone, no facebook and no video games, all I had was my imagination and a bunch of stagnant, hard plastic material green soldier playing, and I made a movie out of that, I made my own 'call of duty' game.. That was the moment I missed.. that was Jming.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Yau Siu Kia

Is the season of love, and in UTP not only the human is lifting the spirit of love but the cat as well. Openly confessing their love to the other once, cat walking around the hallway.. 'Meowww Meoowwww Meowwww' here and there, uses their tongue to lick and cleanse their genitals, to make sure is perfectly polished and is ready to go anytime and at anywhere. They meow here meow there and meow everywhere, no matter day or night.. they get extremely arouse, sexually active, some found their love fast, and soon one were on top of the other shaking furiously and making uncomfortable, high pitch, noises.. Protection never occurred through their minds as  their one and only goal was to make ten times more pussy in UTP than before. 

Some that Meow on the wrong tree, got bite by the female or hit at the face, poor them soon they have to find ways to satisfied themselves..masturbating or to look for some alternatives. Some who doesn't gave up keep smelling the female's genitals until that pussy gave in.. some tried persuading, talking to the female into conceiving a child with him.. kind of civilize but noisy as there are lots of meow meow conversation going on out there, 'meow meowww, meow meowww', meaning 'lai la lai la ( come la come la)' in their language. Some even tried with brutal force, pushing the female on the floor with their two front paws and pushing it in and out like a reciprocating piston, each time forcefully, causing an eruption of volcano, the earth stood still, the whole hostel were starting at that two little beast, one fucking and one being fucked! The one that got fuck cry out loud, every time she felt the thrust.. poor kitty... is like animal planet live in UTP. 

Some who's hunger for more tried gang bang.. threesome, foursome and so on. However, that always ended badly having two or more fighting with each other.. that poor bastard who has the smallest dick always loses, ran away from the other alpha males. 

My dear readers, I am proud to introduce to you that I now own one of the alpha male, he consistently visited me as I provided a somewhat convenient, comfortable, cozy shelter for him. I named him 'The Yau Siu Kia King of Village 5'. When the days were cold, wet and full with loud noises of thunder, he came to me, when he needs to put on some nice colon, he came to me, when he feels like sharpening his paws, he came to me. When times are bad and he needed some condolence or boost of confidence, he came to me and take a sniff at my socks. As he is a SuperCat, and only he can take a sniff at that smelly socks of mine, but god damn that son of a pussy who destroyed my Adidas when exercising his fighting skills, sharpening his paws. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have done countless of nonsense stuffs ever since I started university and sometime I am quite amazed with myself that I have actually survived after a freaking cold blooded 4 and a half years. 7 months left before I graduate, wow freaking unbelievable. I am definitely not the brightest student throughout my schooling life but I ended up surprising myself most of the time, of course there're some downturn here and there, once in awhile, once in a freaking blue moon, sometimes rapidly, often and freaking every now and then for example the university management postpone my freaking graduation, that's a big no no for me. 


was a new beginning for me, a new chapter of life, a change of environment, leaving the family and joining new people forming my own click in a new environment. Kept wondering what the fuck did I do wrong, to deserve being in a shit hole. I wasn't ready to give up on all those entertainment, going out with friends, talking drinking yet, as I got my license a year ago and I was having fun! I went home nearly every weekend and people were wondering what's wrong with me. 

The day before I left Malacca to start my first day in school, I chatted with a girl and little did I know she was the girl of my dream in the continuous years after. I clearly remembered how it goes till this very day.. god that was sweet sweet moment in my life. Freaking awesome!

Starting new, meaning a need to adapt, and it took me some long time before getting use of going to classes in the morning, I screw up lots of quizzes for not attending the morning session, I didn't know there was assignment for I wasn't there in the class and that kinda fuck up my result, and also make me realize how important it is to have a click of friends that will push you up early in the morning to attend classes, helps you cheat in quizzes.. first taste of reality and the fucking world. Sooner than I thought I learnt that lecturer do not give a fucking shit about your problems! Yeah! they pretend that they listen but in real their mind were thinking what kind of position they would like to try at home tonight with their husband. 

That first sem, I did something new, I did Aikido, a Japanese form of martial arts, training was done at night from 10-12am twice a week, first encounter with Iranian, Sensei Hamed Zanjani, a big guy, a tough guy but a very good one. More like a bro to me as when we were around as individual he started giving me advice on how to conduct yourself in life, I was kinda amazed by him back then. Starting in Aikido also get me going on other forms of martial arts as well, and I was pretty busy every night during that sem for attending training classes. I also learnt something during Aikido, Middle easterners, Africans you don't want to be around them when they sweat! They fucking smell!!! 


Another new sem for me, I could remember how dreadful it was, when I knew my holiday was ending soon and I need to get back school I became really really emo that time, like a women having period but not once a month but every other day except that it didn't cause me any physical pain. I got problem eating.. not eating less but eating more, trying to put the whole Malacca into one mouth. 

Pretty much a routine life when I am back to school training training training, classes classes classes, miss quiz miss quiz miss quiz. Miss class in the morning, one of the finest moment was during physics classes when the lecturer call out my name for being the only person who scored full marks in his test and yet absent, proud day huh, but I miss the quiz and now I am directly on the spot in his radar, have to meet up with him later to get back my test paper. 

Discover the power of data sharing, movies were uploaded and shared among us in the school. Awesome! As thou a new religion was found that time. Porn sharing was one of the best you could find up there people were downloading forcefully, without hesitating.. Another realization.. men will always be men.. we are all the same, we have sex drive so high that could blow up the roof, we kept porn, we saved it, we shared it among each other and yea we commented after that, yeah I know is bad.. I am bad.. not a good guy anyway.. most probably shallow, hamsap and everything add up to be named a piece of crap. Theory that had been proven correct, 10 out of 10 men watch porn 9 admits and one don't, during the starting of the semester when everyone were still pretty new, decent, nerd and innocent loooking.. you get the don'ts more. As time goes by.. people are openly confessing, asking, begging and walking around room to room with a thumb drive asking if you have that something something for them. When the men shares or trade porn with each other, they became bros, just like how you share a cigarette with your close pals or your boss. Is a code, something that say hey this guy is just as fuck up as I am, we can be bros. 

Most nonsense feature of the year, me with a broken elbow! walking around attending classes with casting on my right hand and supported by a triangular cloth. Best moment of the sem, have two weeks of mid semester break, excuses to skip quiz, as I injured my right hand, writing was really difficult for me, exploring the potential of my left hand, started writing with it, eat with it and do lots of stuffs with it.  I was wrong to say lecturer doesn't give a shit about you, as I started getting pity marks from lecturer, more time during test and quizzes. 

2007 was a good year, first introduction of a hot lecturer in computer science class. Awesome.. she dress like a corporate office lady, decent make up, most importantly she has a perfectly curved body line. God was pretty generous to someone in particular. Class started to have full attendance from that day onwards, if you're slightly late, you might not be able to get a seat. 

At the beginning of First year degree, I brought my car to school! That's the time when I said goodbye to my bicycle, and started eating out everyday at Tronoh. I soon forgot the taste of cafe's food in school. Was embrace by the fragrant curry, roast duck, steam herbal chicken from Onn Fatt. Of course with cars around means more regular Ipoh trips, no thanks to old rusty, no air conditioned town bus. Saying hi to Penang, driving up and down and was enjoying myself travelling and eating much which contributes to my weight gain.

Which is also a year, I started dating with the girl of my dream, ahh I could still remember those days we spent seating at the field enjoying the night breeze and scenery of Malacca. 


2008 was a battle, to cope with assignment, work so on and so fourth. Worked part time during the break, earn some money and got attracted and hooked up with sneakers and sport shoes. Towards the end year of 2008, I was made president for Aikido club, not exactly the best moment as I was handling a pile of shit then, the previous president who is also the Sensei soon graduated and will be leaving the school, I was left with nothing, some money, some badges, and some contacts, just enough to make ends meet. Made all the effort to discuss and make adjustment and arrangement for an Ipoh Sensei to come in, who gave me a hard time. Time passed swiftly during 2008, I started swimming again and doing some exercise to help improve my hand conditioned. Oh, and I got my Taekwondo black belt certificate from Korea that year. Gave 'Duit Kopi' to a police officer for the first time. 


Introduction of my gf to the whole family during CNY, moment was sweet and happy. A year full of skipping classes, sleeping in the room, going out and enjoying myself, going to cyber cafe, camping in there playing 'Call of Duty', 'Left 4 Dead'. The year when I was introduced to Wonder Girls, SNSD, Big Bang, Family Outing.. basically the new and hottest Korean Entertainment. The year when Michael Jackson died and started listening to his songs again, the day when I attended my Taekwondo Referee seminar, and I am now an official state referee. Got my SCUBA Diving license, first trip to redang, a taste of the beautiful ocean. Trained hard, lost sensible amount of weight.. lowest in 3 years freaking 80kg!!! Invited to MTV World Stage in Sunway by Jason! Awesome moment.. met with new people. The world was hit with H1N1, everyone were required to wear a mask when walking in the academic complexes.

Towards the end of 2009, I started my interneship with Siemens Malaysia, in the Power Generation department working on Gas Turbine maintenance. First encounter with Germans, my supervisor was a German, and my stereotype of Germans that they were strict and no nonsense type soon gone. Supervisor was a cool guy, and thanks to him, I get to go on Tioman trip during working days. Everyone must be pretty much wondering why was Jming sick all the time. My not so brief experience of what working was like, spoke to many people, experience gained, connection established, it was quite a journey to be in Siemens working with all those people, the late nights at the Power Plant, the Six Sigma project from the VP. 


Towards, the end of my internship, I couldn't wait to get back school and meet up with my friends. The thought of graduating soon started pouring in! 2010 was all about travelling, eating and updating blog. It was also a time for reunion with some close friends that were graduating. Final year first semester was like seating on a roller coaster fun and short. Kuching trip was awesome as well as Rainforest Festival. MTV world stage with Jason! First close proximity with Wonder Girls, we dance like crazy and got really embarrassed later when we noticed people are looking. I caught my first fish that year, not with a net but a fishing rod!! I climb Kledang Hill!! I went HatYai!!! Got haunted by Shemale!! Took a drive to Cameron!! Awesomeeeeeee semester. Fetch Vern and Peow back from dinner, pick up a middle easterner, a classmate who just after basketball, big No No! Vern was sitting behind with him, savoring, smelling, tasting, enjoying the smell from his armpit throughout the journey from the front gate to the hostel. Me blasting the fan fully and holding my breath.

The Highlight of the year would definitely fall on the study week, when I passed a handwritten note to a girl saying that I would like to get to know her... god that was freaking embarrassing and got chicken skin all over! Never in my right mind I thought I will be able to do that. 

The WORST MOMENT OF 2010 WAS, WATCHING THE MOVIE SKYLINE!!!! Worst decision made during my life. 

Christmas was lonely.. so does new year's eve. Slightly worst time of the year still skyline no.1. 

And another year passed... and now is 2011!! 7 months more to do lots of nonsense before I graduate!

Friday, February 4, 2011

年糕 Nian Gao

年糕, Nian Gao ( Sticky Rice Cake) 

Something that are made with 100% love and sincerity, may be a simple gift, but is an extended of care and love to someone else. My donkey ass brain couldn't quite make up the logic earlier on, I thought it would be a waste of time, definitely not worth the trouble, hassle, the sweating, and the tiredness to make this. But now I understood, is a show of concern, love and care to the one closest to you, after a year's of hard work, something you made with your both hands and sweat, the sincerity is definitely far more than any other present you could find or buy outside. Those who receives are happy, those who made it are happier. 

Is the time of the year again, for my mom and my aunt to get together and make some nice, tasty, sticky, sweeettttt Chinese Rice Cake. And this time, I am not gonna let anything lose, and try to capture the most important tradition of my families, something I could cherish in the future, hopefully =)

Banana leaves are prepared, clean, smoked so that the leaves become soft and easy to work with. 

The leaves are cut, and arranged properly to fill the base and side of the containers, and is secured with a rubber band. 

This, my dear readers, is the essence, a mixture constitute of sugar and finely grind gluttonous rice, in a balance ratio of 1:1. 

The mixture is then scooped into the container and measured to desire quantity, shape and size. 

Because of the different sizes and shape that we are making, arranging the containers are more or less like playing lego, you're trying to maximize the space, because of the large amount of Nian Gao we're making, we're trying to make sure there aren't any waste space as we need to complete all in one go. 

Finally, light a small fire on a piece of old newspaper, drop it on the stove, and turn on the gas.. and the sound gushing out like a small gas turbine. The mixture is steamed for 12 hours straight throughout the night and till the morning, water is checked once in awhile and refill if necessary, at the end of the session, the sugar should be fully caramelize and you're suppose to get a brown, sticky Nian Gao, if it is nothing close to that, then my friend you have failed, if you need to know why.. please called hotline 012-288888888 (don't call number do not exist, if yes tell me I would like to know who's on the line as well.)

And before the new year comes, my mom and aunt will distribute the Nian Gao as a gift to our closest and dearest, wishing them a good, happy new year ahead, they are happy and my mom and aunt are happy too as their hard work are paid off and being cherish by others. 

We live in a modernize world, a world that emphasize on individualism, we forgot that how much we might need others sometime, is the art of giving that keeps people connected, that keeps the family together.That's something I need to learn and to learn it by heart, I never know if I could ever be as good as my mom, but I promise myself to try. Sincere, love and care, that's what the world needs now. 

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone, may all of us live healthily  and happily in our lives. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011





春风啊春风。。。你却带来了剪不断的思念。。让我独自坐在房间里,熏陶在浪漫的歌曲里,把思念写在部落格上,希望,或许孤单寂寞的人能读到, 让他们知道他们并不孤单。。

好一首花好月圆夜。。 的确两心相爱心相悦,有情人应当成双成对。。可我就像相片里的红灯笼,一个人亮着心里的灯,对着窗外的月亮,许了个愿,希望,心的一年里。。有情人儿,成双对。