Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Downside of Chinese New Year

Correct me if I am wrong.. I couldn't quite understand why is there a need to make up a big feast during Chinese New year, when clearly food, drinks and nearly everything have gone up in prices? Fish especially during such season, is extremely rare and highly demanded, and poultry. We ate that quite often right? Do you need a special reason to eat such things? 

I could understand that during the good old days, people, mostly farmers, labors had work hard for the whole year and they seldom have the chance to table up meat, fish and may be even chicken for them is extremely rare. So that's the only one time in the year that they get to eat food like this. But now, our life is clearly more comfortable now.. we could enjoy food like this every now and then.. or anytime we want if we could pay for it, until a certain level I think is kind of a waste.. to cook up so many foods during Chinese New Year that could clearly feed a whole farm of pigs! 

Ok you might, say things like sea cucumber, abalone, shark fins are rare to be eaten during the normal days, but seriously do you need that?? you still live without those things right? Further more those were freaking expensive stuffs.. Sea cucumber??? come on.. I barely even like that slimy stuffs.. and the cleaning process, prep work before cooking is tedious and time consuming. Abalone? come on... you should eat that during the normal days definitely.. is cheaper.. so why bother paying extra to eat during the new year? Does it taste better? or it burns a fucking hole at your pocket?Wouldn't it be better to donate the money for charity.. for old folks, or orphans that couldn't get to celebrate new year, give them warmth or something. Do something good at the beginning of the year. 

Is a pain in the ass.. when someone go through all the tedious work to cook up a feast for a bunch of morons.. especially some idiotic, overly pampered children, spoil brats who not only choosy.. but a bunch of scumbag.. they are more willing to eat up a fucking hamburger than to take a spoon of rice.. they might be flipping over your dishes.. playing tantrum on the table.. refuse to take the vege. Yes and dear readers I am talking about my young ones, and if you're one of them you're pretty fuck up as well! This are the bunch of kids that should get a slap straight at the face! Worst still when the parents are just sitting beside and letting them do all they want and not even as a courtesy to speak a word or sound their children. Sad... sad... no wonder their children are talking back to them at such young age. 

So you might think.. ok la.. since so ma fan, might as well go to the restaurant. Worst! You get mob there! So what are the price for a decent family dinner let say during the Chinese New Year eve? 200?300? wrong! Definitely not lower than that, most probably they would charge you something like 688,888,1288... and they serve you shit! 

Common sense.. what are the odds that the fishermen are out fishing on chinese new year's eve or during chinese new year??? what are the odds fishmonger wanted to sell fish at the market during chinese new year? What are the odds, wholesaler for vegetables work during chinese new year? You wanna work? Definitely they don't want either! So restaurant will most probably stock up in advance! not one or two days definitely weeks or may be months depend on what kind of items, they freeze it, kept it... and let's say probably one or two weeks prior to the new year's eve dinner they took it out, de-froze and start doing their prep work. Some are cooked much earlier and they packed it! in plastic bag, and throw into the freezer to keep it, when it comes to New Year's eve, they would take it throw it on the fire and heat it up... put in extra MSG.. salt broth and you got SERVED! 

The fun part is when, someone slurping, eating, biting, licking, tasting and claiming how good it is.. how delicious, yummy, the best! What a joke! Big fat lie! You should know why it is so good, is never always nearly about the real produce.. most probably the sauce and the taste..Is never fresh! When you get a fish during CNY and say that it is fresh.. then most probably you're a joke, trust me the cook might be laughing at you as well, cracking to his mate saying you know that asshole outside??? the rich brat?? hahaha he is paying RM 300 for a rotten fish and saying it is fresh... what a joke... you know the fish is fresh.. when it is properly steam with only a little touch of salt for taste and some ginger or may be not even ginger.. and it doesn't smell that's good fish.. that's fresh fish.. You barely taste it like that in restaurant, most probably not during chinese new year.. what you get is a beautiful looking piece of fish.. heavily flavored, with lots MSG.. or most probably deep fried and you dare say is nice and fresh.. you must be freaking out of your mind!

If you're thinking they will give you fresh cook food.. you're the most innocent person I ever seen.. how do you think they served 50 60 tables a night.. Try cooking everything prep everything the last minute.. impossible! Why is your food out so quickly? clearly something is done way before.. you better pray hard is not your fish.. your sea cucumber, your shark fin soup. How do I know all this shit? I know because I been there, the kitchen of a restaurant, I seen with my own eyes, is better not to see it sometimes, you won't want to eat it anymore after that. 

Hence, why waste that money, you clearly have to spent 10 times more during the normal days and you get crappy food.. most probably MacDonalds, KFC or Pizza taste better during that time. 

Then what? Chinese New Year no need to eat ar? Holiday K! I don't wanna cook! Then you, my friend are a fucking piece of shit! I never asked you to cook those big feast.. just do it like what you do usually.. cook the normal, the simple, the things that satisfied you, fried some egg. cook up some vege, make a soup then cook some rice! or steamboat.. buy a fucking chicken.. use the bone to cook up some broth, buy some ready made  fish balls, meat balls, vege this and that and ask them to fucking dunk it inside shut up eat and don't complain! That's it! that's what you need! If you wanna make it taste like restaurant, drop lots of MSG, make a broth earlier on.. Or if you're damn lazy.. just go order some fucking pizza, kfc and McDonalds, no trouble cooking, you can sit down and talk and watch tv and lazy around. If you need to pray to your ancestor, just tell them the menu has changed this year.. offer them KFC, most probably they like it, you might get some revelation in your dream, asking you to serve more next year. 

So easy meh... you might say! Is never easy! but if you never start.. it will never be easy your whole life.. and you will ended up doing all the unnecessary every year.  

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