Wednesday, December 28, 2011


You know how it is like, that you always wish for something since you're young but you never get it, the frustration and desperation, and through time you have almost given up hope, especially when you got a new job that requires you to fly all around and you clearly know you wouldn't have time for it. So you learn to self soothe, watching movies about it, going around the park seeing someone with it and being jealous, and keep telling yourself someday you will realize it but you know you never will. 

Christmas came early for me, of course there's no white snow flakes, and the unbearable coldness, but a gift from Santa, not underneath the Christmas tree but at the front car porch, a white and black dotted Pitbull waiting for me. I name it 'Sky' to remind me of him everytime I'm up in the air. 

I'm deeply grateful to my uncle for being a kind Santa this year, of course the original intention was to have the Pitbull placed at my mom's store as a watchdog, but for me is fine as it is the perfect arrangement since I'm not being able to take care of him all the time. 

So everyone I would like you to meet Sky~ 3 months old, freaking 10 kilos, afraid of crossing the drain and a near fanatic towards my mom's broom.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Taal Volcano @ Batangas Province Philippine

The weather is a little crazy in the Philippines this time of the year, I could have just stayed in the hotel and not step a foot outside, but I didn't and all because I wanted to see an active Volcano with my own eyes. The whole journey took about 2 hours and it was raining all along, even fogging along the way up the Highlands of Tagatay, and throughout the journey I was praying... praying for the rain to stops and the sun to shine. 

As though God is testing my patience, before allowing me to seeing His Creation, the journey there was never easy especially when we arrived at the shore of Taal Lake, we were basically being toyed by the relentless wave in Lake Taal, being tossed left right and the occasional 'light sprinkle' of water in your face that causes much sharp pain as though a needle is piercing right at you. The only thing we relied on was the wooden made 'Bangka' that was fighting through the waves and life jacket that didn't seems to fit me right!

It was a big sense of relief when the Bangka arrived on shore, and from there onwards it was a hike up the crater on horseback which was pretty fun, and the only thing that worries me was whether the horse is going to hold my weight and even if it does, it might faint halfway through the journey and I don't wanna fall right into the valley.

As I'm closer to the crater, the sky gets brighter, everything seems to clear up a little with every steps up, I stopped for awhile to take in the amazing view of Lake Taal and enjoy the chilling breeze that comes kissing the face and brings away my worry. It was amazing and it made me realize how much I enjoyed nature despite going through all the suffering journey, it was the painful process that makes the fruit taste so sweet.

and the moment I reaches the top, God is preparing me a nice hot bowl of Sinigang that I won't be able to finish forever~

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Isaw Isaw @ Batangas Night Market

There could be a million ways to experience the culture of a foreign land, and FOOD is definitely one of the best ways. From food, we learn about history, we learn about the likes and dislikes of the locals as well as through food we bond and make new friends. 

Walking down the streets of Batangas made me realize how similar we are despite all the differences, and through that we found a common ground, 'the joy of food' where we can chat and talk about all day long and from there it always leads to more understanding and knowledge on how the local lives!

Sitting by the road side and simmered under the joy and laughter of the locals that are enjoying food, drinks and talks with their close friends and family, especially during this end year, where the Christmas lighting is up and music is on. It feels damn good blending in with the locals~ and that's the way I like it. 

Walking around the Plaza with Sally and Christine a mother and daughter combo that knows where all the good things are is definitely a bliss, giving me a peace of mind and has no worries of having some mystery meat inside my mouth. 

Isaw Isaw is what seems like intestines, stomach, liver from chicken, cow, hog etc marinated and skewed by bamboo stick and placed over hot charcoals till it sweats! It is mostly a love or hate relation from most of the Malaysian but when it comes to Philippines, I guess generally all the people love eating it, from old to young, pretty to ugly, sexy to fat, people are sitting there under the not so bright street lights, enjoying a few sticks of Isaw Isaw, some couldn't even wait till it got served at the table! I'm loving it, enjoying every single sticks of it, is indeed at times is the simplest the food that brings the most joy~ 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jeepneys and Tricycle in the Philippines

ahhh... I'm definitely too big to sit comfortably in the Tricycle. It was my first time taking this cute, noisy and bumpy public transport in the Philippines, a million thanks to Sally and Christine for extending such warm hospitality towards me as they knew that I have long wanted to experience the public transport here especially the tricycle and the Jeepney. 

Riding the tricycle was definitely fun, especially along bumpy roads, any more jumpy my head will hit right through the roof! Didn't manage to get any pictures thou as the ride was bumpy and it wouldn't make sense to get all blurry pictures. 

Love the Jeepneys as they never fail to excite me with customize deco on both the interior and exterior. 'Para po' is what you should said when you needed to stop. 

The one that I got on to has an interior decorated like a Thailand Night Club, a running mirror on the top, with yellow and red neon lights by the side. I wouldn't be surprise if there's a Thai Girl show going on the Jeepneys. Is definitely a fun thing riding the Jeepneys, do experience it if you are here in the Philippines.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


There's a bathtub in my bathroom, which I couldn't be bothered using it... Sometimes when I am brushing my teeth during the day or night, I was always looking at it, imagining that it works like a dispenser machine but instead of dispensing coca cola, it dispense hot girls wearing bikini lying inside in the tub waiting for me to join them. 

Tonight I was brushing my teeth again and when I looked at the bathtub, the dispenser thing kicks in again but instead of hot bikini girls, this appeared instead.

I bang my head on the door, drank two dozens of San Miguel and slide two sleeping pills down my throat just so I can sleep and hoping that I won't wake up like this in the morning...

I swear I wouldn't go near to bathtub again...

~the end~

JorJanes @ Batangas City Philippines ( Philippines' version of Spare Parts Soup)

I was bored sitting in the office while waiting  for the workers to finish up their job before I can proceed with the final inspection, a sudden called from my supervisor asking me if I'm interested to go for some 'Goto'. Without knowing what the fuck that was, I said yes. 

So we headed out from the power plant, a short drive later we parked and entered a small shop named Jor Janes along the road, with big pots cooking on burning charcoals at the front and the shop was made from a combination of wood and bricks and was painted apple green on the exterior, a cozy space inside, with wooden tables and chairs. 

Seconds later, I was greeted by a bowl of steamy, hearty soup along with Beef and spare parts. Ahhhh... so this is called 'Goto' the Philippines style of spare parts soup. 

The broth was amazing, a slight soury flavor and spicyness like a mild version of tomyam or nyonya laksa in Malacca, a little more watery but the taste was perfect, sprinkle with a little spring onions and fried red onions for that extra fragrance. 

Nothing beats a warm hearty soup with tender and juicy beef and spare parts inside, giving you the energy and satisfaction for the rest of the days. Amazing taste to compensate for a boring day at work, not too bad and I'm definitely coming back again for more next time. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Philipine

I have to say the Filipinos really has a sweet tooth, they are basically coating everything with sugar, peanuts with sugar, banana with sugar, cake with sugar, even sausages! The only thing that I have yet to discover is sugar coated with sugar, but I'm pretty sure I will find that somehow if not I'm sure they are on their way there. I wonder if they would die a day without tasting sugar, despite that the food is really great here, the dessert just got to be careful not over consume or else I will have to book a double seat on the flight back home! 

Here's some of the things that I have tried over the past few days, 

Nilupak, is made from plant that is ground into flour and made into a afternoon snack along with peanuts and sugar. It taste like Apam in Malaysia but a little more sticky in texture. 

Toron, is a fried roll with Banana and Nangka inside. Sweet~

Cassava Cake, is made from the same plant like Nilipak, sticky in texture, caramelize on the top, a sweet cake, nice to go along with coffee.

and here's my lunch, the sausage is known as Longganisa and stuffed with Baboys and it taste a little too sweet for my taste of sausages... the first bite was awesome but for 5 Longganisa you will start to worry if you get diabetes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Restaurant F.Baylosis Batangas Philippines

Life is pretty good here in the Philippines, excluding the 11 hours a day 7 days a week work. The people here are really friendly, and I am in good hands under the care of Siemens Philippines Office. All those concerns before this seems meaningless now as I'm really enjoying myself here, especially the food! 

What's there not to like about extremely crispy deep fried pork leg that is so addictive even just a tiny bite, even great if goes long with chilled beer. Tear off a little, and dip it with soy sauce, chili, garlic and vinegar, enjoy the crisp, fragrance of seasoning, and combination in texture from crispy skin, to tender juicy meat. It was love at first sight... missing every moment about you my Crispy Pata~

Sinigang, is a kind of soup or stew, sour in taste serves as good appetizer, The soup comes with all types of vegetables, long beans, tomato, onion etc along with meat such as seafood, chicken or baboy~

Not forgetting Chap Choy, mix fried vegetables, thin seasoning of soy sauce, fresh vegetables, to balance all the Baboy that I am eating.

and not forgetting to wash down all the food that I eat with a bottle of San Mig Light. Best light beer in the Philippines.

Restaurant F. Baylosis Batangas is definitely a good place for dinner with friends and families, good atmosphere around the area, good services and not forgetting there are Karaoke rooms available, the people here loves singing and they can really sing well. You can either dine inside the restaurant or alfresco style dining, to enjoy the breeze from the Philippines.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Sneak Peek on Makati Manila

The beautiful skyline of Makati, Manila is getting me excited, is a regret that I didn't get to visit the place when I reached the airport as I need to travel down to Batangas. Amazing view from far, and I couldn't help but be amazed  on the scale of the city and its development, a total city vibe and immediately you know that's where all the cool things are. 

Feeling insecure being at the other side of the road, I turned my attention to the view outside, my driver was cruising at high speed along the unbelievable long 'Skyway', the sky was exceptionally clear with stars shining brightly from the top, the Jeepneys along the streets were not shy in showing off their customize exterior, colorful neon lights from the advertising billboards all along the way, a truly modern city. I can't wait to visit Makati during my break after work from Batangas. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kumusta! Greetings from Philippines

Here's a little encounter that I have on my journey to Philippines... 

I was sitting in the plane with headsets on playing songs from Olivia Ong to help me sleep through the journey, it was dimmed and dark in the cabin with a flashing red light from the wing's tail, the environment was smooth, calm and relaxing. 

There she was sitting by my side, with her smooth long hair, fair looking face, thin and long eye brows, and big round eyes, petite in size, wearing a white dress with a black scarf, from the way she speaks it was soft along with a little bit of shyness, her cheek blushes when she laughs, a total Asian beauty the best of both world a mix of Chinese and Filipino.

We had a brief conversation before the plane touch down at Ninoy Aguino international airport... I didn't pursue further as I knew deep down this was and shall always remained a brief encounter. We said goodbye at the arrivals hall when I saw my driver waiting for me out there... Not a bad way to start my journey in the Philippines. 

Till then~ Osige, bye~

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When the Life of Skipping Classes End

Life turns autopilot ever since I started working at the beginning of October. I couldn't remember a thing during the past month as everything happened so quickly within a limited frame of time. I remembered travelling a lot for the past month, up North and down South, like a ball being thrown here and there, living like a nomad with an ever ready suitcase well equipped with clothes, tools and equipment, uniform that could last me for at least a month or more in a foreign country. 

They say I'm living the dream, travelling around experiencing the world, I say yeah... but sometimes certain things are better to remain in wonderland. I'm living the life where everyone hopes for but no one actually likes it when it actually happens in real life. I'm saying this because travelling extensively, sometimes up for months from one job site to another without resting in between can be pretty fuck up, I use to champion a life like this, earning good money, flying around constantly meeting new people and culture but I soon realize the 'Oh No' moment when one leg is already on the puddle.

Is not exactly as fun as imagined because :

1. Being a service engineer, I pretty much says goodbye to my personal life as I wouldn't know what's coming up next and always fuck up when it comes to making plans. 
2. Power plants don't usually built around the cities, it is either near the beach at the outskirt or at a middle of nowhere, so if you're thinking of visiting the cities after work you're pretty much out of your mind. Sometimes if you're lucky you get the job site nearby the beach, where you get greeted by the breeze during lunch break but that's as far as it goes. If you're unlucky somehow you get sent to a job site at the middle of nowhere, or a war prone area and get completely locked down inside. 

For the past month, I have been trying my best to adapt the working life, constantly brainwashing myself that I actually have to work when I'm having trouble waking up in the morning. It has been rather difficult for me as the path I chose wasn't exactly the standard 9-5 job where in most cases, you have a desk, a proper chair, with colleagues around you, and gets to go on lunch break at the right time. The life of a service engineer can be pretty drastic, yesterday you might be fucking busy trying to meet the schedule, getting fuck by customer pushing you to get the job done and today you might be on standby waiting for the customer to rectify their own problems, waiting for equipment containers to arrive a slow day which does not necessarily translate to a good day as being a service engineer you have the constant fear and worry what might hit you next, even during the calmest day, a small thing can fuck you up so badly, so we never ever try to mention 'hey today is pretty good/smooth/great' as we are so afraid to jinx it. 

Despite being thrown like a ball, no life, checking in and out of hotels, like a nomad, away from the comfort zone, I'm grateful for being where I'm today and especially grateful to my supervisor who is willing to take the risk in employing a young graduate with zero experience and has no fucking idea what he is getting himself into, provide him with training, coaching and dumping money on him, in hope that he will one day be productive. I'm hoping that in 10 years from now I will earned enough experience to be delegated elsewhere and having the same passion like my supervisor does. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kuih Keria Hj. Jalil Limbongan @ Malacca

While many is in love with Dunkin Donuts, J.Co, Big Apples... I find myself craving for our local delicacy, Kuih Keria. Kuih Keria is our Malaysian version of Donut, made from sweet potato, deep fried and coated with crispy, sugary crust that creates the best contrast to the soft and lovely sweet potato ring. 

One of the best tea time snacks for the locals... no matter breakfast, morning tea break or afternoon snacks, that kind of food where those having a sweet tooth will crave for. 

I don't care if is a shabby old wooden stall by the roadside, I don't care if there are tonnes of vehicle passing by with their Exhaust releasing like an old man having Diarrhea... It doesn't bother me, it doesn't seems to be bothering either to the line of cars parking by the roadside waiting to get some awesome Kuih Keria. As we only live once, having a piece of Kuih Keria by the road side wouldn't harm further more is one of the best Kuih Keria seller in town. 

What's not to like about life when you get to seat comfortably, sipping coffee and taking a bit of that crispy crusted Kuih Keria~ That moment when you feel that's all you need in life~ Simple and loving it. 

If you're like me not worrying to much about taking in a little bit of roadside food and willing to try, then look for Kuih Keria Haji Jalil Limbongan, on the road to Klebang Kecil using Jalan Tengkera. Kept going straight until you see that old rundown wooden stall at your right. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

Char Siew Rice @ Jalan Bunga Raya Malacca

Good food, great vibe, awesome experience.

Good Food

Simple, Unpretentious, Commoner's Food. Great sauce, crunchy roasted pork, sweet, tasty with a little burned at the edge of Char Siu, Char Siu's BBQ sauce along with curry sauce to give that extra sweetness and slight kick in spiciness  pouring it over the top of the rice makes a damn fucking good meal. I'm not joking, I like my rice wet.. real wet basically soaked in the curry, I even asked for an extra bowl of rice just for that. A small plate of onion in egg strips, to give that extra flavor and difference in texture. 

Great Vibe 

Sitting around with strangers, indulging in the same food that everyone loves, without words but the same expression of satisfaction when one is done.. we know we are all the same. 

Awesome Experience 

Crazy weather, Great Food, Warm People... and a cold sugar cane drink is the only thing I need. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wan Tan Noodles @ Restaurant Dong Fang Malacca

Wan Tan Noodles, typical food for Malaysian Chinese where people have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, such simple food yet there are vast numbers of ways to do it differently, from the sauce, the 'Char Siew' (meat), the 'wan tan' (dumpling), the 'soup', the noodles etc. And everyone of them taste differently and special in its on way. Which is why everyone has their own particular taste when it comes eating wan tan noodles.

There's this particular stall that I love when it comes to eating Wan Tan Noodles in Malacca. The only shop in Malacca that gives you 'Siew Bak' along with 'Char Siew' with thick and flavorful sauce that suits me well as I'm that kind of guy that loves strong taste of food, the noodles were served along with a bowl of flavorful  broth holding three little wan tans inside, wan tans are small but the filling is succulent and tasty. The stall was run by a family, a husband and wife combo along with the assistant from their children ever since God knows how long, the stall starts selling at 9pm in the evening and towards 2 or 3am in the morning, definitely a good place for wan tan's fanatics after sundown. Price ranges from RM 4-5, apart from that the stall provides curry noodles (not bad as well), chicken feet, and some green 'choi sam' with sesame oil. 

The stall is located inside an old style coffee shop known as Restaurant Dong Fang, somewhere along the road of Bukit Cina's wet market. Come early around 9pm or late after 12pm as it gets crowded especially during the weekends. 

Happy Eating~ =) 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bukit Gedong Goreng Pisang Malacca

Underneath that bright, intense sunlight of Malacca, there's a little shop made up of bricks and zinc roof located at the opposite of an old Chinese cemetery accommodating lazy working adults, high school students, Mak Cik Mak Cik, Pak Cik Pak Cik, and also some guy who is unemployed, too free, too boring, too hungry and on the look for some afternoon snacks to fill the tummy, kill the boredom, skip work, and to keep the jaw moving. 

Behold.. the signature sinful food of Malaysia~ The locals called it 'Goreng Pisang' (Deep Fried Banana) 

Crispy on the outside, lovingly sweet and tender at the inside, is that kind of food you won't get enough of, like a devil the alluring smells penetrating your senses, challenging your great wall of determination till it falls and crumble down into pieces. Without notice, your hand just reach over, take a bite, munching munching, that crunching sounds from that crispy outer layer, Opps! that's when you realize is all too late, you have succumbed to the alluring aura of 'Goreng Pisang', you're drop dead embarrassed, but you couldn't help you're hooked! 1 more 1 more... then I will stop.. but you never will. 

Pairing it with a chill Icy Milo at such weather gives you the extra 101% of satisfaction. The thing I like them the most is that the food is cheap and so does the drink. It only cost me RM3.20 for just that. If you're interested, the shop starts selling at 2pm in the afternoon, drive along Jalan Bukit Gedong and you will see a shop with lots of cars and bikes park along the side, that will be the place you're looking for.

=) till then, happy eating. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Desperate Times~

I spent my undergraduate years at a deserted land mining area called Tronoh, that unforgettable place that has rooted deeply inside my heart, I remembered when cows, buffaloes used to own the street, and when you walked out from the school, all you could see was sand, a lot of them, everywhere and on the far side, is a deserted lake due to mining activities during the booming times~

At the beginning of my undergraduate years~ 

Closest entertainment source was disturbing your roommate, or looking out the window, watching the day turns from foggy morning with rays of sunlight shinning into your window, to night sky with bright starts above along with the chirping sound  of crickets and the smell of burning mosquitoes coil. 

When the long hope weekends finally arrived, I remembered walk all the way out from the campus early in the morning, just to get the earliest bus out from that God Forsaken place, I usually head down to either two places, one is the Interstate Terminal of Ipoh known as Gopeng (so that I can go back my hometown), or Shopping Mall for some weekend entertainment with my friends. 

I remembered sitting at that old rusty town bus in green commonly know as 'General' or the red known as 'Ipoh Roadways' that comes with a loud noise and leave with tonnes of black smoke (almost close to a fart), sitting in that cramped bus, tumbling and swaying and tumbling, and with the addition of what I like to call the 'Mystery Scent' a mixture of smell from fruits, Nasi Lemak, Curry, Body Odor, Smokes from the engine and cigarettes, all mixed up, infiltrate and penetrate every capable sense of smell in me... and soon I passed out with my head on a free swaying motion opposing the motion of the bus, because of that my neck strained everytime when I get off that DaMn bus. 

Best food that time.. McDonald. Sad to say but that big yellow letter 'M' was my symbol of happiness that time, due to depressing days of eating the same same but different 'Nasi goreng Cina, India, Melayu, USA, Tomato, Pattaya, Papaya etc..' I can't believe I ate those unspeakable food...crap.. just to keep myself alive to live day by day waiting for the arrival of weekends.. so that I can eat McDonalds...and it makes me cry a little while writing this. 

Best babes to look at... my favourite next door 'Ah Lian' that wonders around Ipoh Parade (shopping mall in Ipoh)... Teenage girl wearing socks so high up that you thought they were from the hockey league, with excessive make ups and accessories, hairs with the colours of the rainbow, striking, eye catching and entertaining.

All that ended when I reached my second year in school... I got my car! and with that I concluded my desperate days in school~

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Breakfast Option

If you wake up in the morning, having an enormous hunger for food, please do not waste that hunger by eating CraP! What I meant by crap, is something you don't enjoy eating, something that makes you feel nothing or  just for the sake of refueling. Eat something that makes you happy and satisfied, since you earned it for holding on so long since last night. 

A decent meal in the morning, gives you a great start of the day, being alone at home, and having all the time that I want now, is indeed a luxury. I have the leisure of thinking what I want to eat, take out the products from the fridge, do the prep work, make my own food, sit back, relax and enjoy a great meal. 

Decided to make myself some toast with scramble eggs and bacon. Gathered some fresh produce from the fridge, did some prep work, removed the inner part of the tomato to avoid over moisture, cut it into cubes, slice some spring onion to give that extra fragrance and chili for that extra kick that I love. 2eggs, well beaten, add in some salt and pepper for flavor. Heat up the frying pan with a little bit of oil and start frying the egg, stirred well and removed before it is cooked... I like my scramble egg to be almost runny and slightly moist.That left over bacon strips that sits in the fridge since last night became the perfect combination with my Scramble egg, fried it gently with a little bit of oil to avoid the strip sticking to the pan, 1 minute is more than enough to cook that perfectly cut and juicy thin strip of bacon. 

And with that great meal I just made, I sat in front of the TV with 'Passage to Malaysia' on the screen.. enjoying that delicious meal of mine by pairing it with a good cup of coffee giving me the sweet sensation and slight pleasure I needed for the day and seeing Dennis Keller on the screen, my day just turned from great to Awesome~ 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Room For One Last Time

Towards the end of my schooling life, days were spent loitering around the room, at the cowboy town of Tronoh, the mamak stall, the old town of Ipoh, and the cinema with little show. Life was good, less worry, or in fact no worries at all, life was fantastic, I do whatever I want, whenever I want,  the only problem I had was lack of money, however it was so much more simpler, peaceful and calm. 

I packed my bags and was ready to go, towards the last remaining items to be move onto the vehicle, I stopped, I sat down on my bed, and enjoy the last minute of loneliness, quietness, and the sunlight that shone through the curtains of my room and created and atmosphere of blue dim light, saying Goodbye was never easy, especially something so familiar to me, something that I had known for the past 5 years of my life.


'The undersized bed that has been with me for all this while, I cherish you and I thank you for all the bruises and numbness you had cause me throughout nights..'

'The sharp end of the cupboard, I thank you for all the cuts you gave me on my right knee...'

'The cats around my block.. I thank you for giving me such joy throughout my years in school.. I'm sorry that I sprayed water, pepper, deodorant, hairspray, on you.. and also deeply apologize for throwing my slipper, my friend's slipper, my housemate slippers and some stranger slippers on you, I'm also sorry for taking pictures of you having sex with whomever she is...'

'The shower without shower heads, thank you for that chill water every morning,  you never fail to wake me up and cause me to shiver in the bathroom, and that whole hard stream of water that hits on my body, just like a full body massage and I deeply appreciate that.. except that one time when it hit on my groin due to my carelessness and cause me unspeakable pain... but I love you just the same.. except I can't have sex with you....'

'The cement floor that has cracks everywhere, I thank you for making me feel like being at a sandy beach everytime I am in the room.. it will be better if it is white.. then it will be white sandy beaches for you..'

To all you live-less items.. so long Farewell.. and you will always be remembered.

I gave a call to my Dad .. ' Pa.. I'm coming home.. see you tonight while watching mooncake festival programme..' I headed out from the school and never looked back~ Bye Bye UTP.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Morning of 9th September 2011

9th of September 2011, Just like any other morning, today was no exceptional for most of the people out there, working adults stuck in the traffic on a way to work, students walking towards the school, moms to the market, and granny playing 'TaiChi' in the garden.  For me, it meant a whole lot of different, the air smells extremely fresh today, even the annoying 'meow' from the cats are like a symphony, and the birds chirping outside the window makes me feel how beautiful the world has become, the 'Pak Guard' that i hated so much looks exceptionally loving today and today is just my day, as it marks an ending and a new beginning, a transition point between a final year students, to an unemployed human being. 5 and a half years in UTP soon become a walk back in the memory lane. Where the word 'used to' will come out often enough whenever we mention anything regard about UTP. 

Sipping coffee in a shop called 'Kheng Heong' somewhere in Tronoh mines, life felt extremely peaceful, no more datelines at least for awhile, no more assignment, no more sudden calls from the supervisor, and the best of all no more technical paper and the only paper am reading right now is the daily news~ Looking at the juniors lining up waiting for their food, is like looking into a mirror that shows you the past, 'the what's next discussion...' ,'why the paper so fucking hard talk', 'the idiotic lecturer who gave so much work', 'where to go for holiday this coming break..', 'who's that pretty girl sitting over that table...'  It all came back and hit you right at the face, constantly reminding you how much you will miss all this shit soon. 

Despite all the bashing, trash talking towards the school, I have no doubt live here for the past 5 and a half years. And I do not deny the fact that, I'm just a prick, who doesn't appreciate things, constantly angry with the surrounding, blaming the whole fucking world for ending up in this shit hole, surrounded by left over mines, sands, dust, and cows for the past 5 years.. and towards the end, they started building hypermarket, cinema, and fast food restaurant.. that makes me even more angry, angry at them for not doing that sooner. However, knowing that I am leaving this place for good, does bring some sadness.. being the one who constantly go home as thou my home is just right next to the school, and who doesn't like being at all inside the room, now spend more time than I knew, lying down on the hostel room, walking around the school, and enjoy the very last moment with it. 

The not so 'clean' toilet, the annoying cats around the hostel room, the bastard middle easterner who smokes 'Sisha' at the middle of the night, 'the techno and rave music from full blasted speakers', the florescent light that turns disco mode when you really need it, the annoying roommate, the pantry that are constantly full with stuffs and trash, and the refrigerator that kept things warm.... Do I wanna relive the past again? Hell no.. Do I miss it? Hell Yeah! and it will all join up to be part of a wonderful memories for me in my life journey. 

To those who are still schooling, and especially if you're living inside a campus... here's some advice for you.. no matter how hard the road is, keep scolding, curse, use vulgarity as much as you like, but never give up... and till the end of the road, look back and smile. Enjoy your life being a student, do some crazy stuffs, we all have regrets, we all did mistake, but like herbal egg, the more cracks the shell has the better it taste. When you're down.. always remember you're not the only want. 

Till then~ Good Life everyone~ 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

From A Great Principal

It has been nearly a month since I write something here. My bad, I had let laziness in me taken over the pilot seat. However that will not be the case anymore, as I'm finishing my studies soon, very soon.. exactly 7 more days, I will kiss goodbye to my Alma mater that has accommodate me for the past five years, and step out to the working society, using my own skills, knowledge and attitude to earn myself a living as well as producing better quality blog post. Talking about my Alma mater, there's one that has rooted deeply in my heart till this very day, which is the one and only St.Francis Institution. In life we only experience certain things for once, and growing up, learning, playing in High School is one of them, that I will never forget throughout the course of my life. Here's something I would like to share with all of you, and is from my High School principal, Mr. Ong Chong Wee.. who is now happily retired and leading the life he wanted. Seeing him again reminds me of the moments he used to lecture us in classes, when we were still young and too ignorant to listen to him.. and it seems whatever he had said has realized little by little some knowingly and some without me even realizing it from the day I left St.Francis. 

Here's to all of you from a great principal whom I always look up to~ 

"You come to school, to get educated.
What is education?
People always say to get education
means to study and obtain good results,
but education is not
 just about studies.
It is also about character building,
and this school, will be the place u build that character in you.
Education is for life, not merely earning a living.
Like Mahatma Gandhi said,
there are seven sins in the world,
and knowledge without character is a sin."

"To me, life can be divided into 4 phases.
The first phase is like you boys,
learning and building a strong foundation.
Full of energy and time but not money.
The second phase is like the teachers who are teaching you,
working hard and earning money.
Full of energy and have money but no time.
The third phase is lik
e me now,
retiring and being able to do what i love.
Full of enerygy, time and money.
And the forth phase is death.
Everybody have to expe
rience that.
My first phase was nice.
Studying and learning.
My second phase was nicer.
Working and earning money.
My third phase is th
e nicest.
Being able to do what i love and dun have to work.
So you see boys,
if your first phase does not have a strong foundation,
you wont enjoy your second phase
and same goes to your third phase.
Success only comes with knowledge, s
kills and the right attitude."

"If you cut an apple into half,
can you count how many seeds are there inside?
Yes, you can.
If you take one of t
hose seeds,
can u count how many apples can the seed make?
No, you cant.
You are like the seeds boys,
we never know how much potential lies in you."

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nothing is Better Than You

Lying on my bed with my eyes wide open
your face I remember appear before me
that smile that I will never forget...
the smile that opens up my heart...
I can't believe I fall in love that easily... 

like air.. I can't live without you...
the more I breathe the more it reminds me about you 
like you have never actually left... 
remain by my side..whispering to me

If this is a dream..
than I wish I will never need to wake up
and dream an endless dream
where we are actually happy being together... 

Years have passed since we parted 
but I can't forget about you..
cause nothing is better..nothing is better than you... 

Years have passed since we parted
the love stubbornly remains...
cause nothing better..nothing is better than you~ 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hakka Noodles @ MGS Ipoh

A simple breakfast in the morning, lights up the rest of the day. MGS Hakka noodles.. simple but delicious.   My favourite is definitely the minced meat topping over the smooth noodles. Speaking of Hakka Noodles, I remembered having the exact dish at a few different locations with a few different Hakka friends, the funny thing was the comments were the same, "Not nice lahhh.. my mom's Hakka Noodles better." That kind of comment does caught me off guard and I didn't know if I should let it slide or give a reply. If is in a joking manner than is fine.. but there are times when you could tell one is being overcritical on things. 

Being proud of ones own ethnic cuisine is not wrong, but being overly pushy and constantly needing acknowledgement and confirmation is a little too much for me and it can be a little annoying at times. It kinda makes you wonder at times.. why the fuck do I have to eat with this idiot. There's definitely a better, more mannerly, gentle and mature way of giving comments. Is kinda pity at times when a good meal turns sour when there is a jackass being overcritical on things. 

If there's a host, even the food sucks, one should at all times smile and give a nod even you dislike the food. Take a bite for taste as a kind gesture, and mannerly reject if the host kept pushing you for more. Of course is not a must to follow, one is always entitle to his/ her own opinion, but try being a jackass to your host, you will most unlikely to get any invitation in the future.


If you're thinking of giving that Hakka Noodles a try here's the address:~ (which I will upload when I get back haha) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Claypot Crab Rice @ Restaurant Rasa Lain, Ipoh

I was randomly searching for food the other day, and I came across Claypot Crab Rice from Restaurant Rasa Lain. An unorthodox way of eating crabs.. at least for me. It seems like people had gone creative now, chili crabs, black pepper crabs, sweet and sour crabs is no longer the 'In' thing now in the food world. 

The source gave a good review on Restaurant Rasa Lain and definitely the Claypot Crab Rice as the highlight of the review. What it did not mention was that it cost RM 57 for that particular Claypot Crab Rice... and I'm completely dumbfounded upon receiving the bill.

I was there with Sin Can, and apart from the Claypot Crab Rice, we ordered two side dishes as well, a vege and 'Lala Clamps' which pile up the bill to RM 80 in total excluding the two coconut drinks we were having. So what seems like a normal dinner turns out to be a lavish celebration with no particular occasion in our mind... 

Nevertheless the food was great, the portion was way too huge for two person, maybe three would be nice. The crab was excellent, but it takes time getting use to crab meats that are dried without any sauce, unlike usual where hot chili or sweet sour sauce pouring over on the crab shells. The claypot rice was fine, the usual 'Chao Ta' smell you get from claypot which I like.. but the thing I hated was instead of having finely define bits of rice, the grains hardened hence, the rice do not get a perfect covered of black sauce overall. 

'Lala Clamp' was perfect.. I love the simple steamed Lala Clamps, with sesame sauce, ginger and garlic bits. The meat was succulent, tasty and fresh. Most importantly it was wayyyyyy easier comparing to eating crabs... towards a point where I just wanna get over with my crabs and start digging in on that lovely tasty clamps. RM 15   for a plate like this, which I think is a fair deal. comparing to that RM 57 claypot crab rice I just ate. 

Dry fried Brinjal.. biggest mistake considering that the Claypot was dry and the Lala Clamps have little sauce. I'm basically eating dry food that day. Not to say it was bad, but it did feel a little oily and the fried onion bits was a little too much I think. 

So Restaurant Rasa Lain.. true to its name.. it did taste different but whether it taste nice it depends on your own judgement. Will I go there again? Yeah.. there's a whole lot more choice to choose from and I do believe that restaurant serve good food judging on the amount of customers that night. 

Address: 69, Persiaran Medan Bercham 2, Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham, Ipoh. 
Contacts: 012-5128407
Operating hours: 5-1030pm, closes on Wednesday. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Curry Noodles @ Restaurant Xin Quan Fang, Ipoh

The sky has cleared, the haze were gone, the unforgiving radiation from the sun came shining brightly on this old town of Ipoh, is a boring Sunday and the only thing I had in my mind was to look for something nice to feel my stomach. Surfing online, and Restaurant Xin Quan Fang caught my attention, a half-century old curry mee stall, that is commonly known as 'ma ta liu' ( police station) curry mee as the stall was located opposite of the police station near a road junction. 

The shop is fulled with people on a Sunday morning, many were out to have their brunch, a long wait of almost an hour before we were served. 

A small bowl of thick, gravy curry sauce with a slight touch of mint is served up front before receiving your noodles and side dish. 

The curry is thick with a spicy aroma, suits my taste as I'm a big fan of heavy food. The noodles is served together with a side dish consists of roast pork, stewed pork, chicken and beansprout, that goes really well with the curry sauce. Noodles are available in curry, dry curry and dry.

I do have to warn you that, the price is a little high, a meal for three cost about RM 29.00. =) so if you're a little tight on your budget you might wanna let this slide. However, I do recommend you to try as it is nice!

Address : 174, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh. 
Operating Hours: 730am to Noon. ( Avoid brunch hours like 10-11 as the restaurant will be packed!)