Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Updates

Been reading a lot lately, spending most of my time at home, can be quite boring sometimes to be honest, it feels like living in a cage and there's no where to go to. When I do feel like going out, the feeling of laziness just creeps inside of me, part of the reason I am lazy is because my car is still in the paint shop to have some repainting done. God.. I really hope it turn out well. Since I can't get a new car yet, hence, a new paint job would be more than enough for me. 

I cherish my TV a lot lately, and especially for channels like DIVA, AFC, TLC, StarWorld, etc. Can't imagine a life without them, been a big fan of Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Janet Hsieh, Samantha Brown, and Ian Wright, all day long I sat in front of the TV waiting for their show to be aired, I even watched the replay sometime. And when there's nothing else to watch on the TV, I direct myself to my books, been reading 'Medium Raw' by Anthony Bourdain, interesting enough to catch my attention, getting to know every little secrets lies beneath those Big Chefs in New York and of course a lot of cursing and swearing in his writing, definitely not a good material to read for the children. 

Am hoping to save up some money to go holidays when school reopens. Been missing the fun going around to new places and seeing new stuffs. 

Laser Incident

If is found to be true about the laser beam incident on the First Leg Suzuki Cup, all I could say is bitter regret for the Malaysian fans. Of course I believe not all of them are like that, but even a small portion of them will be good enough to tarnish the good image and bilateral ties between the two nations. I do believe that the Malaysian team played better football the other day, however if the laser beam disruption is found to be true, hence it will never truly proven the true potential of Malaysian player and only worsen the matter.

Malaysian fans should show a little more discipline when coming to this matter... no matter what kind of sports it is, a high degree of discipline shall be shown, no matter how much you hated the other team. Hopefully, the Malaysian Team continue to play better in the second leg, and prove to the Indonesian that we are better.

I Wish You're Here

And again, my mom asked about you today...
she's wondering if you're doing fine overseas,
I didn't know how to answer her...
I am afraid that, she could see that I misses you deeply true my eyes..
Yes, indeed, I misses you everyday..not a day gone by without the thoughts of you going pass my mind...
I knew I still love you...

I was so deeply into my thoughts, I forgot that my mom were asking me a question,
Then a voice broke out... 'if you're still thinking about her, why aren't you keeping in touch with her?" she asked..
I couldn't bring myself to answer that question,
I just told my mom..I wish.. and I hope I can...
I say good night and I walk back to my room...
The melody of a love song was playing when I walked into the room...
I sat on my bed with my legs stretched out..
One hand holding on her picture and staring at it blankly...
Whispering quietly in my mind...
I love you...
and tears drop down from my eyes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Road Accident

A few more days left before 2011 comes knocking on our doors, woke up in the morning and I was hit my news that terrorize my nerves, again tragic bus accident, if I am not wrong it was the second of the month, and 24th this year, an average of 2 tragic bus accident for a month, you have to be fucking kidding me!!  

Looking back the time I spent on the bus for the past years, it could have easily been one of the victim involved in those accident, where bodies separated, crunched and squeeze like pizza, my brains could have become smoothies that be served cold. What has gone wrong?! That question keep appearing in my mind, is freaking annoying like flies that keep bugging on you. 

Well, if public transport are not to be trusted, and the price of petrol are soaring high, I guess soon, people will have to walk and track from town to town like what people use to do in the olden days, riding on horses back, kinda cool huh, except the fact that your balz must be aching like fuck after a long hours of riding. Obviously, something is wrong somewhere, most probably the driver, but not forgetting the road conditions as well, and of course, those assholes that drive crazily as thou their father owns the road shared equal responsibilities as well. The traffic police, JPJ, the government and the people should really be doing something, before more people die for nothing.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

说声我爱你,Baby,  你是我的唯一,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

今天, 我又在成市里闲逛












Monday, December 20, 2010


我该怎么办, 我该怎么做?


对不起。。。 Oh 对不起。。

Sunday, December 19, 2010

For You

If you're out there somehow and reading this, is for you in UK. I am really concern about you and I really hope you're fine. I saw the news and it seems UK is down with a big snow storm. Please do really take care out there. I miss you everyday.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Finally I fulfill my desire which has been lingering around in my mind for the past months. 'Tron Legacy' what seems like a must watch movie ever since the trailer was put on to the silver screen, I had been attracted by the running lights of yellow and blue, the sense of futuristics and the taste of awesomeness. The movie was interesting, but it hardly makes sense, so I guess we should just leave it the way it is, for the plot, fairly normal, blah blah evil takes over, hero trying to escape and boom! big explosion, hero manage to survive. 

That movie gave me a 'Matrix' kind of feel, transforming human into digital form, a new unknown world built by programs, resolutions.. and then a bunch of alien language being use, for example ISO, neither does it stands for international organization for standardization nor ISO image in photocopy. What it really stands for is Isomorphic Algorithm, don't ask me what it is, I have no idea either. However I am hard working enough to google it out, if you're that boring and lifeless then don't mind checking out this link: STUpid ISO

And with this coming of movie, Walt Disney had created the 'Tronorail' in Disneyland Florida and a video game called Tron Evolution was released as well. Damn! Disney sure knows how to work its way to provide good synergy in business. There you go, all about Tron Legacy, definitely worth the watch but is always up to personal judgement, with all the effects and the efforts in making the plot, is definitely 100 times better than watching stupid mother fucking Skyline!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

What I can say about this motor was, definitely over publicize, not exactly what I was expecting it to be, slightly below my expectation as I was hoping to see new and exciting cars that aren't easily available here, especially the 458 Italia where I could only see from a distance and not being able to have a detail look in the interior. But a round of applause to our national car makers, I think they did put in a lot of effort in this motor show. Putting up with new product line, new styling, energy saving and green concept cars. Of course not forgetting our competitor and well received brand from Japan like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi. For more details, please do make a trip there and I bet it will be beneficial to you. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Warrior's Way

Another day with a sucky movie, ''The Warrior's Way'. What I thought was an action pack, with luxurious effects, noble warriors movie, turned out to be non other than brainless, fuck up, lousy piece of shit. From the trailer and preview, it was all nice and cool,which lure me to the real movie but ended up to be a big let down. There's nothing that could describe the eagerness of me to watch a good movie, as I deep down inside of me, I am reluctant to admit Rapunzel is good. Reason? Gay..... T_T and I watched it with a guy friend. 

'The Warrior's Way' is short, brief, as thou everything was done quickly and simply. The main character's past was not described or presented properly, the whole movie started so quick, he got the baby, couldn't kill her, decided to runaway to meet up with his friend ( who unfortunately past away), met a girl, help the girl from danger, himself met with danger assassin from his past to punish him for not killing the baby, he manage to kill of them, ran away, leave the baby with the girl, end of story. 

I was hoping to see how the character got trained to be so strong, and to be honest Jang Dong Gun body isn't that awesome, which explain why he is wearing something all along the movie. Thin, and lack of muscle to project the feel and touch of an assassin. 

The setting was simply lousy, backdrop was a desert in the west somewhat similar to wild wild west, but now the town is nothing but ashes. Of course not all movie maker has the finance to make awesome big, mind blasting set up, but at least they could do well by improving the plot, developing the character, making people eager to know more. But is as thou they are running out of budget and simply trying to make it short and fast to earn a few quick bucks. 

However, if you were to asked, I would say this movie is definitely better than the mother fucking Skyline! Worst movie ever made in the century. One thing about this director nowadays, they focused too much on the technology part 3D effects and all, and they forget the most basic thing about a movie, which is to make the story telling interesting, to touch the heart of millions or at least make it a worthwhile movie. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Traffic Summons

Just recently, I got to know that I had 6 speeding summons under my name.It fucking freaks the hell out of me, thinking that it summons cost RM300, it could have cost me a lot, and before the sem starts I would be broke. Well million thanks to the 50% window given by the police traffic thou, I get to settle all my summons once and for all and in half the price I should be paying for. I guess I am one of the earliest to pay, one day before the paper released the 50% window last till February next year. However, I am glad that I cleared it off and no longer have to worry about it. 

However, the thing that I couldn't quite understand was that, my summons was spread throughout the years having the oldest dated at year 2006, one each year so 2007, 2008, 2009 and two in 2010 and I didn't know anything about it, there weren't any official letters from the traffic police department to request me for settling my summons, not until when my sister receive a summons for illegal parking and went to the police station to paid and check out for me as well. Hence, I am guessing that most of the staffs inside weren't doing their job in mailing out the summons. I read the paper the other day, some even collected like 21 summons, godlike! It only projected how inefficient the traffic police department is.

Yes, I definitely agreed that those who broke the law needs to receive necessary punishment. But that doesn't mean that the person who break the law aren't willing to pay,it is the failure of the traffic police to inform them about their summons causes the inability for the police department to collect the money or make necessary punishment. And if this goes on, I believe next year, the year after that and forever this practice of 50% will continue. 

What I believe would be a good practice are, the police do their work, make sure those who break the law are well informed and the summons are mailed to their home, with the information and everything. Given a window if they paid within 10-15 days from the day they received the summons, 50% will be given, that I believe many will be wanting to clear off their summons as soon as possible, and for those who collected lots of summons, they will need to pay more and heavier fine will be imposed on them. 

What's punishment for when it is not enforced properly, people don't learn their lessons forever! and you will be suffering huge loses every year. Another question is that, is 110km/h really necessary??? They should studied why people speeds sometime. I believe a speed around 120-130km/h is ok if you make necessary adjustment and proper rules to guide the traffic on the highway. driving 110km/h at a constant speed only make one sleepy and causes more accident later. >.< That's how I felt and which is why I got so many speeding tickets, but non more than 130km/h. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Skyline Movie Review

I had seen the movie skyline recently, and I couldn't quite let go of my hatred towards that show. I never once walk out a cinema feeling that piss off and felt cheated. Worst movie ever made, worst than a freaking porno film. I couldn't quite understand the movie was all about so I started google the movie. Not surprising thou, the reviews and comment for the movie were somewhat unfavorable and unfriendly towards the film. The actor sucks, the director sucks, the dialog sucks. Sitting in for the whole 92 minutes felt like forever, starting was boring, dialog was really lame. I guess they tried too hard in making the effects and forgotten the most simpler basic about a movie, which is to attract the attention of the audience, not only does the film effect was just plain normal, I fail to connect with the film, I felt like I was standing from the outside watching lame people making fun of themselves. Seriously thou, feel free to read the review online, if you don't believe it, please do sit in the movie and watch it. I cursed so much when I walk out the cineplex. 

To the creator of Skyline, you're mother fucking con man. If you only know how to make effects, then go learn how to write a script or plot for a movie, or higher someone else to do it for u. check wikipedia, apparently the effect cost are much higher compare to the physical cost for the movie. And they claim there will be a sequel for this, I wonder who's gonna watch it again. 

Now That I'm Home

Now that I am at home, I shall start actively blogging again to occupy my free time. First up, KL international auto show, can't wait to see up close all the concept cars, latest models and of course the main intention was to be there and look at those pretty show girl.  Cheers.. Till then XD