Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

Is a beautiful Sunday morning, the taste of freedom is awesome and addictive. It never felt so good before this, I guess this time is a little different, as seeing my friends graduating just make me feel that I need this more. Finally, my last paper ended yesterday and is now history except that I will still be receiving my result during January, but that will be future Jming's problem. As for now, I am gonna take my life easy and stay lazy for the moment of time.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

It is now mid of November and I have not been writing for quite sometime for now, partly due to studies, datelines and exams, another reason was that I am just plain lazy for the moment of time. For the past two months life was different, how different? I have no idea, is just how I felt. Going to classes, doing assignment, projects and stuffs are something normal for students right? But why do I feel different? I guess may be the way that I embrace all this norms with a different attitude now.

It wasn't a particular smooth sailing semester for me, the big let down was being informed by the University that all engineering students have to defer for an extra semester. Worst still in order to cover the lost credit hours in semester all mechanical engineering students have to pick up extra two subjects which translates into more work, more effort and less sleeps. Well, after studying for about 4 and a half years now I guess you could understand my skepticism. Of course major problem comes attach with other smaller ones which direct or indirectly sculpted my not so smooth sailing semester. 

Of course downs in life are common, it is the ups that I cherish the most. The moments of happiness I shared with my bros, batch mates. The outings we had, the trips and even the daily lame conversations that we had. Everyone knew is gonna be different after this semester but no one knew or dare to say how different it can be. For those who are leaving soon, they are now being placed at the cross roads of their life, whether or not to choose the road less taken or to follow the common norms in life. For those like me who have basically another 9 more months to go, well may be I am lucky to have room for breather before going out there venturing on my own whether it is good or bad, I have no one to blame but to myself.