Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visit To Boh Tea Farm @ Cameron

This will be a continuum from my stories in Cameron, as I told you previously. 

Life's good when you got a great view....

And you wish you're a tea leaves on top of hill, facing the cool and comfortable breeze throughout the day and night, and the healthy sunlight in the day, shinning brightly on you. 

Or even better, you hope your life could blossom like those beautiful flowers...

With that great view, is a waste not to enjoy a good pie and some tea while you were up there.. and while sipping through your hot tea, you may think about your future a bit, or your homework that's undone at school >.<

And of course, I am thankful to have friends to share such joyous trip with..

To both of them who are graduating this sem, jia haur, jason.. many thanks for the years that gone by am grateful to have you in the boring days in UTP. Life will never be the same after grad but I wish the best for both of you always. 

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  1. yea, after this sem end we all say goodbye d. (then next sem see u come camping my house every weekend)