Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Market @ Cameron Highland

Most of us should know about this, life gets pretty boring when the sun set in Cameron Highland. Even with the night market going on, it doesn't help to kill your time, as the you will spent about one or two hours top over to walk and see things in detail from front to back. For youngsters like us who are looking for fun and interesting stuffs to do, Cameron is indeed a wrong place to be at, however the whole point going up to Cameron was to chill and I wasn't used with that idea yet. 

Night market is indeed a place that you shouldn't miss out when you are there. A place for all kinds of street foods an other merchandise to offer. What's so different about the night market over there? Nah.. nothing much but because of the weather, it makes you want to walk around outside more compare to the usual night market. And the night market there offers fresh flowers and fruits, OK I am not so sure about fresh fruits but the idea of being there and with that kind of weather trick me into thinking that all the things there are fresh so yea that's about it. 

What are the things that I like in the Night Market? 

Homemade Ice Cream from the locals. RM 3 for a cup like this, highly recommended, some might not like it, but I personally would go for more. The mint especially and strawberry are special. And it taste awesome when you eat at Cameron, your ice cream won't go all watery that easy so you can savor every bite by letting it melt slowly in your mouth. 

I was tempted when I look at this.. I should have tried. Here are some of the photos that I took when I was walking around the night market, so I will just leave you guys to wonder around as I am lazy. 

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