Friday, October 1, 2010

HatYai Water Market

So the Hat Yai journey has not been completed yet, in fact I have tonnes of things to blog about but I couldn't manage to find a free time to do so. Ever since I got back from mid semester break, life's been pretty fuck up to say, anyhow since the weekend again, I shall take a break and steal some time off to do something I like. 

Water Market in HatYai, is definitely a place to go if you're touring around in Hat Yai. Is interesting, is fun and is different. For me is definitely far better than going around temples and praying. There are varieties of food there, and is definitely a place where food lovers can go freaking crazy and try out from the front till the very end. 

Do stay alert and be careful always as there are many people walking around the deck which are narrow and full with people holding foods. You don't wanna walk into someone and have hot soup pouring all over your face. 

This small and traditional way of doing business is definitely an eye opener to me. Of course, is not exactly the best way to do a transaction but is something that the Thai's should preserve as their selling point for tourism, I am quite sure there isn't much places in the world are doing things like this. Most of the person selling stuffs there are Thai muslim but don't you worry about communicating with them as most can speak a little Hokkien, Malay and English. 

Drinks anyone? Serve in bamboo or clay containers. Well, it doesn't taste better drinking that way but it definitely brings out the fun about drinking it, sucking liquids with bamboo made straws. 

And this were the foods that made us go frenzy throughout the whole time when we were there, basically trying to check how much Thai Baht we had left and spent every on every single things that we could. 

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