Friday, October 1, 2010

Fishing Frenzy- Mekong Fish

This was really uncalled for, I wasn't really ready for this fish when I went fishing today, but damn I am lucky!! I caught my first Mekong Fish. Muaahahahaha it puts a freaking smile on my face. After that was a Rohu and a few other small fishes like Telapia which makes me freaking piss off as they kept eating my bait. 

Owh I am a happy man... my mata damn sepet and I can't stop smiling Muaahahahaha. It took me 20 minutes to pull this one up, this fish is a real fighter. Everytime when it is near to the surface, it runs back into the deep again,  pulling out strings from your reel, I was partly praying that my strings didn't break in the middle of the fight. However, it gave up at the end and surface up to th shore, I reel it in and drag it on to the higher ground by its tail.  I was jumping with joy that time and release the fish from the suffering of hook. Snap a few pictures with it and then let it run back into the pond while I kept my happy memories and threw my second cast. 
Not long after that a Rohu was caught on the bait, but getting it in was way easier and relaxing compared to the one I just caught. But that fish wasn't that small as well, weight roughly about 2kilos. Later on was long and dreadful waiting and psychological warfare with the fishes as I observed the line closely and waiting to pounce on that rod and set the hook everytime there was a movement. But then I guess I ran out of luck and all lefts for me was some small Telapia fishes that kept toying with my fishing line and got reeled in by me or while I was setting the hook and caught right on their eyes. One of which got the hook punch straight into its mouth and went out through the other side. Muahahahaha >.< 

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