Sunday, October 10, 2010

Charcoal Steamboat At Cameron Highlands

Took a trip to Cameron during the weekend, best decision ever made, as UTP, as usual is a 'fucking hot place'.  Pardon my language but that's how annoying I am with the fucking weather nowadays. You can even sweat without doing anything. I wouldn't say is UTP's fault, but I blame the management for building the University at a totally deserted and exposed area under constant sunlight radiation. Not a very conducive place to study and neither a very good place to go out and play. Might be a good place if you're planning to do 'ikan masin' business, a very good place to dry your salted fish. 

The weather in Cameron ahhh... comfortable. You feel less annoying over there, because the weather was so nice, cool in a good way. Not that humid so you don't feel sticky and wanting to bath all the time. First thing that came of my mind was to get something hot to eat at such comfortable weather, hence the charcoal steamboat. 

There's a row shops with restaurants selling the exact same thing, namely Charcoal Steamboat, some claim theirs the best, some claim theirs using organic vegetables. Whatever it is, we clearly didn't do enough preparation work before, so we just went into the shop that look most appealing to us, hence Restaurant Silverstar. 

RM 15 per person, not buffet style by the way. Food come as a set, there are fish balls, meat balls, Tofu Skin, Chicken Meat, Prawns, Tofu, Vege a lot T_T, Mihun, Eggs and Sotong. No TomYam soup, so big big disappointment for me, default soup is chicken soup. 

What you do here is, pour in everything in the soup. Wait for it to boil, and grab your chopsticks and put everything in your mouth. Simple. Remember to blow because is hot! The long chimney is to direct the charcoal smoke to escape upwards, so please don't try and hold it with your bare hands or stick your tongue there just for the fun of it. 

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