Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clearwater Sanctuary @ Perak

Is a place where the rich spend their time after work, or during the weekend for a game of golf, or a swim. A piece of old tin mine land, turn over into an exclusive club house for the members to have meetings, foods, exercise or some leisure activities.

The food was quite good, and the price was affordable.

and thanks to Philip, I got to have my a one fine dinner overlooking a good view. Splendid!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Visit To Boh Tea Farm @ Cameron

This will be a continuum from my stories in Cameron, as I told you previously. 

Life's good when you got a great view....

And you wish you're a tea leaves on top of hill, facing the cool and comfortable breeze throughout the day and night, and the healthy sunlight in the day, shinning brightly on you. 

Or even better, you hope your life could blossom like those beautiful flowers...

With that great view, is a waste not to enjoy a good pie and some tea while you were up there.. and while sipping through your hot tea, you may think about your future a bit, or your homework that's undone at school >.<

And of course, I am thankful to have friends to share such joyous trip with..

To both of them who are graduating this sem, jia haur, jason.. many thanks for the years that gone by am grateful to have you in the boring days in UTP. Life will never be the same after grad but I wish the best for both of you always. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

One Fine Day @ Cameron

One Fine day, is that kind of morning where you don't give yourself any excuses of not going up from bed. The weather was too beautiful to resit and so does the atmosphere around. The morning sun greet us with bright sunny smile and present us with cooling breeze, that's the kind of thing you cherish the most when you're in the highland. 

Is a damn fine day for me! 

Since is such fine day, everything around me seems beautiful, so I walk around and took some pictures of those beautiful thing around me. 

Including a one fine lazy dog, that didn't wanna move even for an inch, even thou you try to temp it with food. One Fine Dog!

Strawberry Moment @ Cameron Highland

Name of the shop is Strawberry Moment, if you're looking for some desert after dinner or lunch, then this might be a place you're looking for. However, I do wanna warn you that the things sold there are sweet sweet and sweettttt. So sweet that you might think that you might not want to eat sweet stuffs for the rest of the day or more. 

The variety of deserts available there. There are even ice cream cake available for sales. 

Recommendation from the shop, forgot what's the name of the desert, but is serve with crust, creams, butter and strawberries. The crust is soft and crispy and with the little sourness of the strawberries and sweet from the cream is just the perfect combination. 

Chocolate Avant, sweetest drink I have ever tasted, is the kind of good sweet, not the bandung kind of sweet that makes you feel like puking afterwards. But I do get a little jelak when the cream reach the bottom and all I taste was dead sweet rather than chocolate kind of bitter and sweetness. 

It does worth the try but not for everyone I guess, especially if you're a person down with diabetes, or a person that has zero tolerance to sweet stuffs. 

That's how it looks like when everyone ordered something.. a table full with deserts. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night Market @ Cameron Highland

Most of us should know about this, life gets pretty boring when the sun set in Cameron Highland. Even with the night market going on, it doesn't help to kill your time, as the you will spent about one or two hours top over to walk and see things in detail from front to back. For youngsters like us who are looking for fun and interesting stuffs to do, Cameron is indeed a wrong place to be at, however the whole point going up to Cameron was to chill and I wasn't used with that idea yet. 

Night market is indeed a place that you shouldn't miss out when you are there. A place for all kinds of street foods an other merchandise to offer. What's so different about the night market over there? Nah.. nothing much but because of the weather, it makes you want to walk around outside more compare to the usual night market. And the night market there offers fresh flowers and fruits, OK I am not so sure about fresh fruits but the idea of being there and with that kind of weather trick me into thinking that all the things there are fresh so yea that's about it. 

What are the things that I like in the Night Market? 

Homemade Ice Cream from the locals. RM 3 for a cup like this, highly recommended, some might not like it, but I personally would go for more. The mint especially and strawberry are special. And it taste awesome when you eat at Cameron, your ice cream won't go all watery that easy so you can savor every bite by letting it melt slowly in your mouth. 

I was tempted when I look at this.. I should have tried. Here are some of the photos that I took when I was walking around the night market, so I will just leave you guys to wonder around as I am lazy. 

Charcoal Steamboat At Cameron Highlands

Took a trip to Cameron during the weekend, best decision ever made, as UTP, as usual is a 'fucking hot place'.  Pardon my language but that's how annoying I am with the fucking weather nowadays. You can even sweat without doing anything. I wouldn't say is UTP's fault, but I blame the management for building the University at a totally deserted and exposed area under constant sunlight radiation. Not a very conducive place to study and neither a very good place to go out and play. Might be a good place if you're planning to do 'ikan masin' business, a very good place to dry your salted fish. 

The weather in Cameron ahhh... comfortable. You feel less annoying over there, because the weather was so nice, cool in a good way. Not that humid so you don't feel sticky and wanting to bath all the time. First thing that came of my mind was to get something hot to eat at such comfortable weather, hence the charcoal steamboat. 

There's a row shops with restaurants selling the exact same thing, namely Charcoal Steamboat, some claim theirs the best, some claim theirs using organic vegetables. Whatever it is, we clearly didn't do enough preparation work before, so we just went into the shop that look most appealing to us, hence Restaurant Silverstar. 

RM 15 per person, not buffet style by the way. Food come as a set, there are fish balls, meat balls, Tofu Skin, Chicken Meat, Prawns, Tofu, Vege a lot T_T, Mihun, Eggs and Sotong. No TomYam soup, so big big disappointment for me, default soup is chicken soup. 

What you do here is, pour in everything in the soup. Wait for it to boil, and grab your chopsticks and put everything in your mouth. Simple. Remember to blow because is hot! The long chimney is to direct the charcoal smoke to escape upwards, so please don't try and hold it with your bare hands or stick your tongue there just for the fun of it. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fishing Frenzy- Mekong Fish

This was really uncalled for, I wasn't really ready for this fish when I went fishing today, but damn I am lucky!! I caught my first Mekong Fish. Muaahahahaha it puts a freaking smile on my face. After that was a Rohu and a few other small fishes like Telapia which makes me freaking piss off as they kept eating my bait. 

Owh I am a happy man... my mata damn sepet and I can't stop smiling Muaahahahaha. It took me 20 minutes to pull this one up, this fish is a real fighter. Everytime when it is near to the surface, it runs back into the deep again,  pulling out strings from your reel, I was partly praying that my strings didn't break in the middle of the fight. However, it gave up at the end and surface up to th shore, I reel it in and drag it on to the higher ground by its tail.  I was jumping with joy that time and release the fish from the suffering of hook. Snap a few pictures with it and then let it run back into the pond while I kept my happy memories and threw my second cast. 
Not long after that a Rohu was caught on the bait, but getting it in was way easier and relaxing compared to the one I just caught. But that fish wasn't that small as well, weight roughly about 2kilos. Later on was long and dreadful waiting and psychological warfare with the fishes as I observed the line closely and waiting to pounce on that rod and set the hook everytime there was a movement. But then I guess I ran out of luck and all lefts for me was some small Telapia fishes that kept toying with my fishing line and got reeled in by me or while I was setting the hook and caught right on their eyes. One of which got the hook punch straight into its mouth and went out through the other side. Muahahahaha >.< 

HatYai Water Market

So the Hat Yai journey has not been completed yet, in fact I have tonnes of things to blog about but I couldn't manage to find a free time to do so. Ever since I got back from mid semester break, life's been pretty fuck up to say, anyhow since the weekend again, I shall take a break and steal some time off to do something I like. 

Water Market in HatYai, is definitely a place to go if you're touring around in Hat Yai. Is interesting, is fun and is different. For me is definitely far better than going around temples and praying. There are varieties of food there, and is definitely a place where food lovers can go freaking crazy and try out from the front till the very end. 

Do stay alert and be careful always as there are many people walking around the deck which are narrow and full with people holding foods. You don't wanna walk into someone and have hot soup pouring all over your face. 

This small and traditional way of doing business is definitely an eye opener to me. Of course, is not exactly the best way to do a transaction but is something that the Thai's should preserve as their selling point for tourism, I am quite sure there isn't much places in the world are doing things like this. Most of the person selling stuffs there are Thai muslim but don't you worry about communicating with them as most can speak a little Hokkien, Malay and English. 

Drinks anyone? Serve in bamboo or clay containers. Well, it doesn't taste better drinking that way but it definitely brings out the fun about drinking it, sucking liquids with bamboo made straws. 

And this were the foods that made us go frenzy throughout the whole time when we were there, basically trying to check how much Thai Baht we had left and spent every on every single things that we could.