Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lousy Ojien and Popiah

If you're thinking of eating at Hup B Kopitiam here at Malacca, and thinking of ordering the Popiah and Ojien, please don't. Is not that good. Of course, it subjects to personal preferences. Here's the reason why I don't like the Popiah and Ojien there.

The Popiah skin is a bit too thick and the Popiah just doesn't taste right.. a bit blunt I would say and for they don't put enough 'secret weapon' ( pork fats) so the popiah doesn't smell as good as it should be, and very little eggs. May be that's just his style of making Popiah but seriously I don't like it at all.

The Ojien aka Fried Oyster is a bit under average, too many eggs, very little flour, too little oyster. So you feel like you're eating eggs and the whole plate smells like eggs only. The chili sauce.. I wonder what's wrong.. may be a little overdue or they don't keep it properly. It just taste different. May be for those who loves eating the egg will like it, but for me is just plain lousy.

Note: I only tasted the Ojien and Popiah so I am not sure about other foods there.

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