Saturday, September 25, 2010

HatYai Part 3

Two things you will be asked frequently by the locals if you travel around in Hat Yai. First, 'Leng Chai Ai Zha Bo Mai '( translation: Handsome, do you want girls?). Second, 'Ai Bai Sin Bo?' ( Want go temple to pray?). Is kind of funny especially both have such drastic differences, one's for sinner and one's for religious follower. On the other hand, both share something similar as well, which is to get close to something. 

Travelling around in Hatyai, there's nothing much you are able to do there, as is just a busy business center and everything is packed around that area. Other than eating, walking around the busy streets bargaining for cheap prices on goods, and prostitution, strip clubs, drinking and get wasted. 

If you're looking for tourist attraction spots, going around, checking the scenery. Then my friend, you will need to hop on to a vehicle and travel a little further from HatYai to Songkla. Songkla is a province and HatYai is just a city inside of Songkla, most of the time HatYai is confuse as a capital for Songkla but do mind you that Songkla has its own city which is known as Songkla city where all its administration building, offices are there. 

So like I say before, is all about 'Zha Bo' (girls) and 'Bai Sin' (worshiping) since, I didn't do the first one so I can only talk about the latter. Like Malaysia, Thailand has a mix of different religion but from what I can see in Hat Yai, most of the people are Buddhist, of course they have quite a number of Muslim as well. And among all the temple I visited, all of it are Buddhist temples. I since quite a few Sleeping Buddha over there and is not something new for me as Penang and Kelantan has it as well. 

To be honest, if is called a sleeping buddha, why isn't the eye closE? More like me watching world cup in front of a television. Guess most of you should know, that Buddhist monk are well respected in Thailand. and  I could see that they spent quite a lot in their Temples, with all the detail crafting and painting inside. 

This is the statue of Guan Gong ( Is actually a general or protector kind of God), situated on the way up of a hill. There's a big temple for Guan Yin there too. And also en entrance being craft out like a Dragon's mouth. The scenery was splendid but the weather was a little too hot for us to bare.

The place was full with tourist and there are stools or statue being sponsored by people with their names on it and mostly Malaysian and Singaporean and I am not surprised.

The statue of Guan Yin is huge, standing tall on the hill, overlooking the whole Songkla area. Protecting the people, giving them peace and harmony.

You do feel respectful when you walk into places like this, and when you see such huge statue, you say nothing but wow that's a freaking huge thing, same goes to the scenery when you look down from the top.

The scenery from the Hill Top, standing right in front of Guan Yin statue and look down to the city from there. A wow moment. Took some picture and scram asap because of the freaking hot weather. The higher you go, the more you expose yourself to harmful UV rays haha.

Laughing Buddha.. you sure can laugh big guy when you see a bunch of dumb people come to visit you under this scorching hot sun and sweat like PIG! Can't even freaking look up because of the bright light.

Then we decided that the sun wasn't hot enough, so we headed up to a higher level of the mountain, and now looking down from the top, everything seems really small now, so does the Huge Guan Ying statue that I had mentioned previously.  And we are there standing a tall Buddha statue, coated with gold painting. Respectful, symbol of peace and the way of life of people there. Aahh watever~

Seriously, i got tired of looking at Buddha statue, but this one isss fucking hugeeeeeeee... and is situated at an island called Yo island. How cool is that name! But seriously it was freaking hot, and I don't care if the statue is made from Diamond, I just need freaking air conditioning by that time.

To go to a beach at the middle of the day is something really crazy.. After that freaking hot weather on the top of the hill, we then go to Samila beach to make go make our balls cook under the freaking hot weather. I couldn't understand why was there so many freaking people around, may be everyone was as crazy as us. However, there are a lot of stalls selling nice handicraft, and at a good bargaining price, so I did some last minute buying over that area. The sea was.. like a sea. nothing much actually. Then you go around snapping picture with half naked fish human like the picture below.

Then you have disgusting stuffs like this...

Yea, freaking disgusting... that's where I draw the line. I didn't wanna go back home with a upset stomach or feel like puking all along the way.

Then it was time to get lost and head back to our nice commuter with comfortable seats and awesome air conditioning.


  1. Maybe it's time i should visit Hatyai as an aspiring nun. *wink* Lol. Other than temples do they have any shopping complex?
    ps: this is the main concern=)

  2. Haha they have like four there. But the price is about the same =) haha