Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hat Yai Trip Part 2

Finally, I have the time to sit down and look through all my pictures to start blogging again, had been really busy for the past few weeks of my life. Hope it would just stop for once and let me catch a breath. Back on to my Hat Yai Trip. In Part 2, I am gonna show you the foods that you could find around that area. 

To be honest if you're looking for something really different then you will really need to do some research, dig deep and ask the local probably. As we were only there for merely two days, we didn't have much thought on the food to be exact, and most of the food that could be seen around that area are mostly adapted to the taste of tourist, mainly Chinese foods. However there are still some slight difference in taste when comparing to those we ate locally. 

Things that worth mentioning about is definitely this!!

Sorry, I don't speak Thai but based on my not so professional translation, I am guessing 'Hat Yai Style Fried Oyster That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind Off'. 

Well, to be honest it doesn't appear to be that appetizing to me when I saw this. But heck! I am eager to try out some street foods that are edible and not some spoil eggs with little chicken inside and smells awful or some insects that are deep fry till crispy and partly because I lost my appetite after some very 'DISTURBING' show that open's up my imagination to a whole new level. 

Voila, Fried Oyster Hat Yai style, for those who don't know what the hell is this, is basically starch, oysters and eggs mix up and fried to perfection and smell so good that your nose will drop. The thing I like about the fried oyster is that the Oyster is huge and not some premature baby oyster inside. The side of the fried is crispy so you have a combination of crispy and spongyness of the starch when you chew. God, I freaking miss it~
Of course, my trip to HatYai will not be completed without tasting some local beers.. After some 'DISTURBING ENTERTAINMENT' I thought it would be good to drink some and put myself off a good night sleep without having any nightmares. 

And there you go, 'SINGHA' and 'CHANG' both well known local beers. For the Heineken is just a tag along where I figured that the beer might not be as good and at least I still able to have my usuals. Well, is beer.. so it can't get wrong unless is pee inside. I would say the that both beer doesn't taste much difference, however Singha did have stronger taste compare to Chang, so is your choice whether you like the mild or the stronger one. But both are equally good for me. RIBENA the best actually! Imagine Ribena is made into beer. AWESOME

This is another restaurant near Yo Island, Songkla. Where I had my lunch during the day trip. Not much of the food worth mentioning, to me is just an overpriced restaurant that served overated food. However, we did have some really hot and spicy moment over here. First was the fucking hot weather that make me curse so badly, second was the low volatile of air that makes you feels like air just don't fucking ventilate in there, third was the seemingly hot Thai Tom Yam soup. It wasn't spicy, is just hot, they put a freaking candle down it at such weather, and all you can say is 'oh my fucking god'.. 

But we did have some very fond memories of this Tom Yam Soup, we finish the soup accompanied by bowls of rice. Pouring the soup over the rice, goddddd.... that's just freaking wonderful and because of that I think we ate more rice we could eat in our whole life. The soup tastes sweet, aromatic and may be a little spicy but for me is just nice. 

So my HatYai trip boils down to two edible food, haha of course not, more will come out later on. 

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