Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hat Yai Trip Part 1

Hat Yai, biggest city in Songkhla Province, largest metropolitan in the south and second largest metropolitan in Thailand, often being mistaken as the capital city of Songkhla, however Hat Yai is just a very big busy business area. Songkhla city is the capital and holdings of all culture and administation of Songkhla Province. As the second largest metropolitan in Thailand, one could imagine how huge and busy the city is. It was a shocked for me to see such busy city and how widely spread the land but still compacted with buildings all over. 

Staying in one of the Highest Building in HatYai, I have the luxury to view the city as a whole from the top.

The awesome thing about Hat Yai is that, it serves as a little sin city for Malaysian. Just cross the border and whatever that is illegal in their homeland is now legal. Of course I am not talking about drugs here but I believe you are able to find some here but you just got to know how and where. 

Roaming on the streets of HatYai, 'Tut Tut' powerrrr. Life starts early over there, streets get busy with cars, trucks, motors and people. Tourists are everywhere especially food stalls for those who are out hunting for morning breakfast. 

Moving around through the quieter streets, where most of the shops are still closed. It gives a sense of nostalgic when you walk through the streets of Hat Yai, as if I am walking down the roads of Bunga Raya streets in Melaka, but this time 10 or 12 years older may be. 

A old, stained road sign.. I have no idea where it leads us to but let's just keep it that way...

Hmmm... this is something you see quite often when you're around the cities, and it makes the sky looks a bit messy around there.

Finally, we got tired of running around the streets without any idea where to go to. We stop at a poll with a map on it, and there we start looking for clues on where to go to.  Soon after.. was 'Tut Tut' time for us!!

Roaming the streets like fugitive, eating dust, sands and of course engine smokessssss for those sitting at the back.

As night fall, the city lights up beautifully, busy streets. Is what you imagine exactly or like in the movie 'Bangkok Dangerous', motorcycle roaming the streets abusing their hons, cas, 'Tut Tut' and the whole streets are line with small stalls selling foods, handcrafts and whole lots of other stuffs imaginable.

Lee Garden Plaza Hotel, the place I was staying and one of the high rise building around the city. Thirty-three floors rooted in HatYai and with a sky bar on the top. Amazing view, that makes you go Awwww.. and makes you go WTF when you look right down. There is a shopping complex inside the building, and across the streetsss there is another one which I don't know how to pronounce it cause is in freaking Thai Language,  awesome place if you're for air conditioning and spend some Baht!

Like Malaysia, the weather is rather humid and hot. And one thing I notice is that in Thailand, they don't blast air conds like Malaysian do. So be patience when you enter the shopping complexes or the hotel room if the temperature is not that cooling, wait for awhile before your body cools off.

Of course, please don't get shock when you see something like this going around the streets, hanging its long nose on your shoulder asking for something to eat.

Is a pity to see such act on streets especially to the animal.. but I could understand what kind of condition the Thai landers are in.. Just try not to pay them for feeding the elephant, it does nothing good but to encourage them keep doing that way.

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