Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fishing For Fun (FFF)

Fishing has been fun for me ever since I threw out the first bait, and now it has been a very good past time activities once in awhile. When you do something you like, time actually past really quickly and there's nothing else on your mind other than concentrating on what you do right now. 

However, I still do not own a fishing rod or any other accessories for now. All this time, I have been borrowing gears from my friends. May be I should get my own sometime later, when I have enough money. 

It was a good day for me yesterday, a little cloudy and it rains a little throughout the fishing period. The very beginning was a drought, non of the fish got caught by the hooked, mostly nibble and toying around. It was devastating and it feels really sucky everytime you reel in your bait, it was nice and clean and effort wasted. However miracle happen later when I threw out the bait for the third time. Pff! my string got pulled, and the sound of the string dragging out from the reel can be clearly heard! I was full of joy! It was a big fish! AWesomeeeeeee!! and it took me some hard work to bring it up to the surface, it was a strong fish, it kept fighting along the way. when I am trying to reel it in. 

My first fish of the day. Couldn't be much happier about it, at least I know I won't go back empty handed for that day. Awesome feeling, I felt sorry for the fish when I got to unhooked him, the hook was hurting the mouth and blood was flowing out. 

Well, after the first fish, there was a second bite, and I got freaking insane, without thinking I pull up my rod, trying to get a good hook at the fish. The fish fight for awhile, then it got offf.. haiz.. what a disappointment. The is waiting time for me again.. a few cast came back empty. 

After a few number of cast later, another one was up, this time an easier catch, smaller fish presumably. Less fighting time and I could reel it in with ease. Reel it up to the surface.. arr awesome feeling, second fish of the day. And my day was completed. Two fish.. god I am a happy man,but little did i know there's something extra that comes later. 

I am stepping the fish with one of my foot and trying to take out the hook from the mouth. This one didn't get hurt that much as it resisted less compare to the first one. 

And there was my second fish of the day. A smaller Rohu, may be a bout a kilo plus a little. >.< God I am grateful hahaha. For some rookie like me, is enough to make me smile for the day. 

May be, the big guy on top was having a real good mood that day. I was gifted with third and fourth fish at the end of my catch. We were getting ready to pack and go, and I reel in my bait, along the way something got hooked, and it resist, I felt it immediately and I was like wat the fuck.. and kept laughing non stop... Call me crazy but I manage to reel in two fishes in one bait. LMAO >.<

Muahahahahahahaha, but I let the little fellows go anyway. So this are the dumb fish that nibble all my bait away that cost me to lose the big ones. You were lucky I was in a good mood, or else I will leave you on the ground to die. 

Then it was pack time and fuck the hell off time. 

This was me on a night fishing with friends. Same fish got caught.. boy I was a happy man. 

Any Idea what I got to do with the Fish? Both were sacrificed to fulfill our stomach later on at a restaurant called Onn Fatt in Tronoh, and my mates were asked to come along to enjoy the wonderful dinner. Awesome day. 

Steam fish. 

Steaming with Bean Sauce , nice that little spicyness make it more awesome. 

HatYai Part 3

Two things you will be asked frequently by the locals if you travel around in Hat Yai. First, 'Leng Chai Ai Zha Bo Mai '( translation: Handsome, do you want girls?). Second, 'Ai Bai Sin Bo?' ( Want go temple to pray?). Is kind of funny especially both have such drastic differences, one's for sinner and one's for religious follower. On the other hand, both share something similar as well, which is to get close to something. 

Travelling around in Hatyai, there's nothing much you are able to do there, as is just a busy business center and everything is packed around that area. Other than eating, walking around the busy streets bargaining for cheap prices on goods, and prostitution, strip clubs, drinking and get wasted. 

If you're looking for tourist attraction spots, going around, checking the scenery. Then my friend, you will need to hop on to a vehicle and travel a little further from HatYai to Songkla. Songkla is a province and HatYai is just a city inside of Songkla, most of the time HatYai is confuse as a capital for Songkla but do mind you that Songkla has its own city which is known as Songkla city where all its administration building, offices are there. 

So like I say before, is all about 'Zha Bo' (girls) and 'Bai Sin' (worshiping) since, I didn't do the first one so I can only talk about the latter. Like Malaysia, Thailand has a mix of different religion but from what I can see in Hat Yai, most of the people are Buddhist, of course they have quite a number of Muslim as well. And among all the temple I visited, all of it are Buddhist temples. I since quite a few Sleeping Buddha over there and is not something new for me as Penang and Kelantan has it as well. 

To be honest, if is called a sleeping buddha, why isn't the eye closE? More like me watching world cup in front of a television. Guess most of you should know, that Buddhist monk are well respected in Thailand. and  I could see that they spent quite a lot in their Temples, with all the detail crafting and painting inside. 

This is the statue of Guan Gong ( Is actually a general or protector kind of God), situated on the way up of a hill. There's a big temple for Guan Yin there too. And also en entrance being craft out like a Dragon's mouth. The scenery was splendid but the weather was a little too hot for us to bare.

The place was full with tourist and there are stools or statue being sponsored by people with their names on it and mostly Malaysian and Singaporean and I am not surprised.

The statue of Guan Yin is huge, standing tall on the hill, overlooking the whole Songkla area. Protecting the people, giving them peace and harmony.

You do feel respectful when you walk into places like this, and when you see such huge statue, you say nothing but wow that's a freaking huge thing, same goes to the scenery when you look down from the top.

The scenery from the Hill Top, standing right in front of Guan Yin statue and look down to the city from there. A wow moment. Took some picture and scram asap because of the freaking hot weather. The higher you go, the more you expose yourself to harmful UV rays haha.

Laughing Buddha.. you sure can laugh big guy when you see a bunch of dumb people come to visit you under this scorching hot sun and sweat like PIG! Can't even freaking look up because of the bright light.

Then we decided that the sun wasn't hot enough, so we headed up to a higher level of the mountain, and now looking down from the top, everything seems really small now, so does the Huge Guan Ying statue that I had mentioned previously.  And we are there standing a tall Buddha statue, coated with gold painting. Respectful, symbol of peace and the way of life of people there. Aahh watever~

Seriously, i got tired of looking at Buddha statue, but this one isss fucking hugeeeeeeee... and is situated at an island called Yo island. How cool is that name! But seriously it was freaking hot, and I don't care if the statue is made from Diamond, I just need freaking air conditioning by that time.

To go to a beach at the middle of the day is something really crazy.. After that freaking hot weather on the top of the hill, we then go to Samila beach to make go make our balls cook under the freaking hot weather. I couldn't understand why was there so many freaking people around, may be everyone was as crazy as us. However, there are a lot of stalls selling nice handicraft, and at a good bargaining price, so I did some last minute buying over that area. The sea was.. like a sea. nothing much actually. Then you go around snapping picture with half naked fish human like the picture below.

Then you have disgusting stuffs like this...

Yea, freaking disgusting... that's where I draw the line. I didn't wanna go back home with a upset stomach or feel like puking all along the way.

Then it was time to get lost and head back to our nice commuter with comfortable seats and awesome air conditioning.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hat Yai Trip Part 2

Finally, I have the time to sit down and look through all my pictures to start blogging again, had been really busy for the past few weeks of my life. Hope it would just stop for once and let me catch a breath. Back on to my Hat Yai Trip. In Part 2, I am gonna show you the foods that you could find around that area. 

To be honest if you're looking for something really different then you will really need to do some research, dig deep and ask the local probably. As we were only there for merely two days, we didn't have much thought on the food to be exact, and most of the food that could be seen around that area are mostly adapted to the taste of tourist, mainly Chinese foods. However there are still some slight difference in taste when comparing to those we ate locally. 

Things that worth mentioning about is definitely this!!

Sorry, I don't speak Thai but based on my not so professional translation, I am guessing 'Hat Yai Style Fried Oyster That Will Blow Your Freaking Mind Off'. 

Well, to be honest it doesn't appear to be that appetizing to me when I saw this. But heck! I am eager to try out some street foods that are edible and not some spoil eggs with little chicken inside and smells awful or some insects that are deep fry till crispy and partly because I lost my appetite after some very 'DISTURBING' show that open's up my imagination to a whole new level. 

Voila, Fried Oyster Hat Yai style, for those who don't know what the hell is this, is basically starch, oysters and eggs mix up and fried to perfection and smell so good that your nose will drop. The thing I like about the fried oyster is that the Oyster is huge and not some premature baby oyster inside. The side of the fried is crispy so you have a combination of crispy and spongyness of the starch when you chew. God, I freaking miss it~
Of course, my trip to HatYai will not be completed without tasting some local beers.. After some 'DISTURBING ENTERTAINMENT' I thought it would be good to drink some and put myself off a good night sleep without having any nightmares. 

And there you go, 'SINGHA' and 'CHANG' both well known local beers. For the Heineken is just a tag along where I figured that the beer might not be as good and at least I still able to have my usuals. Well, is beer.. so it can't get wrong unless is pee inside. I would say the that both beer doesn't taste much difference, however Singha did have stronger taste compare to Chang, so is your choice whether you like the mild or the stronger one. But both are equally good for me. RIBENA the best actually! Imagine Ribena is made into beer. AWESOME

This is another restaurant near Yo Island, Songkla. Where I had my lunch during the day trip. Not much of the food worth mentioning, to me is just an overpriced restaurant that served overated food. However, we did have some really hot and spicy moment over here. First was the fucking hot weather that make me curse so badly, second was the low volatile of air that makes you feels like air just don't fucking ventilate in there, third was the seemingly hot Thai Tom Yam soup. It wasn't spicy, is just hot, they put a freaking candle down it at such weather, and all you can say is 'oh my fucking god'.. 

But we did have some very fond memories of this Tom Yam Soup, we finish the soup accompanied by bowls of rice. Pouring the soup over the rice, goddddd.... that's just freaking wonderful and because of that I think we ate more rice we could eat in our whole life. The soup tastes sweet, aromatic and may be a little spicy but for me is just nice. 

So my HatYai trip boils down to two edible food, haha of course not, more will come out later on. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hat Yai Trip Part 1

Hat Yai, biggest city in Songkhla Province, largest metropolitan in the south and second largest metropolitan in Thailand, often being mistaken as the capital city of Songkhla, however Hat Yai is just a very big busy business area. Songkhla city is the capital and holdings of all culture and administation of Songkhla Province. As the second largest metropolitan in Thailand, one could imagine how huge and busy the city is. It was a shocked for me to see such busy city and how widely spread the land but still compacted with buildings all over. 

Staying in one of the Highest Building in HatYai, I have the luxury to view the city as a whole from the top.

The awesome thing about Hat Yai is that, it serves as a little sin city for Malaysian. Just cross the border and whatever that is illegal in their homeland is now legal. Of course I am not talking about drugs here but I believe you are able to find some here but you just got to know how and where. 

Roaming on the streets of HatYai, 'Tut Tut' powerrrr. Life starts early over there, streets get busy with cars, trucks, motors and people. Tourists are everywhere especially food stalls for those who are out hunting for morning breakfast. 

Moving around through the quieter streets, where most of the shops are still closed. It gives a sense of nostalgic when you walk through the streets of Hat Yai, as if I am walking down the roads of Bunga Raya streets in Melaka, but this time 10 or 12 years older may be. 

A old, stained road sign.. I have no idea where it leads us to but let's just keep it that way...

Hmmm... this is something you see quite often when you're around the cities, and it makes the sky looks a bit messy around there.

Finally, we got tired of running around the streets without any idea where to go to. We stop at a poll with a map on it, and there we start looking for clues on where to go to.  Soon after.. was 'Tut Tut' time for us!!

Roaming the streets like fugitive, eating dust, sands and of course engine smokessssss for those sitting at the back.

As night fall, the city lights up beautifully, busy streets. Is what you imagine exactly or like in the movie 'Bangkok Dangerous', motorcycle roaming the streets abusing their hons, cas, 'Tut Tut' and the whole streets are line with small stalls selling foods, handcrafts and whole lots of other stuffs imaginable.

Lee Garden Plaza Hotel, the place I was staying and one of the high rise building around the city. Thirty-three floors rooted in HatYai and with a sky bar on the top. Amazing view, that makes you go Awwww.. and makes you go WTF when you look right down. There is a shopping complex inside the building, and across the streetsss there is another one which I don't know how to pronounce it cause is in freaking Thai Language,  awesome place if you're for air conditioning and spend some Baht!

Like Malaysia, the weather is rather humid and hot. And one thing I notice is that in Thailand, they don't blast air conds like Malaysian do. So be patience when you enter the shopping complexes or the hotel room if the temperature is not that cooling, wait for awhile before your body cools off.

Of course, please don't get shock when you see something like this going around the streets, hanging its long nose on your shoulder asking for something to eat.

Is a pity to see such act on streets especially to the animal.. but I could understand what kind of condition the Thai landers are in.. Just try not to pay them for feeding the elephant, it does nothing good but to encourage them keep doing that way.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have to say that, I acknowledge the effort from the State Government in making the city a beautiful place.With all the lights going up in the Malacca town, the place looks all beautiful especially during the night time. Is a job well done I would say, and I could see very little rubbish on the streets nowadays. However, I hope that the state government will concentrate more and to have greater insight when planning on a new project whether it is workable and whether it could better generate income to the state. For example, the 'eye on Malaysia' what I would say is just plain waste of money. Since it is not operating anymore, it seems like a old mega piece of metal got chuck over there and is waiting for its time to be tear off. What an eyesore. 

Lousy Ojien and Popiah

If you're thinking of eating at Hup B Kopitiam here at Malacca, and thinking of ordering the Popiah and Ojien, please don't. Is not that good. Of course, it subjects to personal preferences. Here's the reason why I don't like the Popiah and Ojien there.

The Popiah skin is a bit too thick and the Popiah just doesn't taste right.. a bit blunt I would say and for they don't put enough 'secret weapon' ( pork fats) so the popiah doesn't smell as good as it should be, and very little eggs. May be that's just his style of making Popiah but seriously I don't like it at all.

The Ojien aka Fried Oyster is a bit under average, too many eggs, very little flour, too little oyster. So you feel like you're eating eggs and the whole plate smells like eggs only. The chili sauce.. I wonder what's wrong.. may be a little overdue or they don't keep it properly. It just taste different. May be for those who loves eating the egg will like it, but for me is just plain lousy.

Note: I only tasted the Ojien and Popiah so I am not sure about other foods there.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Imagine, Visualize, Picture It, Think About It

Little did I realize that, half of the semester already gone and I am now left with another half after I got back from my mid semester break. There are tonnes of things to be done which I dare not even think about it. All I hope is to do one thing at a time for now. Final Year Project Pending and there are some other usual stuffs like test and assignment lining up at my door steps. I have been taking life pretty easy for the time being, and I am afraid I am gonna pay for it once I am back here. 

Why am I having this kind of feeling right now??? Self reflection?? I got to be fucking crazy... just yesterday I went for fishing even thou  I could clearly use my time to finish up my assignments. Damn... it seems like my priorities in life changes as time pass. When you're really in your final year, you just don't give that much about your studies anymore, all that you have in your mind is that, you're finishing the studies soon and whatever that you wanna do is to savor that last moment of happiness that you could find with your friends. 

I wonder how life will be when my good bros leave after this semester, will it ever be the same? Or we gonna move on with our life and promise to stay in touch but never will. Sometimes when you thought that you finally gonna have a rest or a peace and quiet, is actually another beginning of a bad dream, just like what's happening right now, the 17 days of mid semester break all depends on how I use it. Planning and using it wisely will ease the hit of a tidal wave when semester starts, if I don't do according to plan, then I am all prepare for the consequences later on, I will be a steak on the table waiting for people to cut me into pieces.

The funny thing is, my brain loves to trick myself into thinking that I have much more time left and I am able to take sometime for relaxation when in reality I don't. God... I feel so sorry for myself. Hopefully things gonna be all right. 

Happy holidays folks, and Selamat Hari Raya. Take care and have a splendid holidays.