Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Codename-Mosquito, Escort Mission

In my defense, I think that I have been a good supporting bro to John/Good Bro. Reason?

Simple, for sleeping at 1am in the morning and woke up at 0545 hours immediately after being awaken, and get washed up without grumbling, packed my bags and got myself ready with him downstairs. It was like a life of a soldier. Yes Sir!!

We had a mission today, the final assembly was at the front of V5 cafe, 'where the 'amateur hill climbing team' was all gear up and got ready for that particular mission' ( macamlah). The mission was simple, to escort a 'Package- code name mosquito' up the mountain and back safely (macamlah). 'Pattern pattern' 

We reached the destination at 0621 hours, everyone got out from the car and carried all the necessary equipment in the bag. 

  1.  Camera - Checked 
  2. Torchlight- Not Checked, only Mr. Duck has it and is a headlight.
  3. Enough Drinking Water - Partial checked, we finished our water before we reached the top ( it was longer than we thought.)
  4. Lady- Checked
  5. Watch-Checked
  6. Towel-Checked
  7. Magazine-Not Checked
  8. KFC- Not Checked
  9. Handphone- Checked 
  10. Handphone Battery- Not Checked
and of course the list went on forever with lot's of 'necessary stuffs' unchecked. But without much of thinking, we carried on with our journey anyway.

The Break of Dawn 
Anything happen along the way??? No! It was all aunties and uncles doing morning exercises and it feels kind of odd to have 5 youngsters climbing the hill such early morning. The only amusing thing was we were talking cock along the way and enjoy the cool breeze in the morning, but that did not last for long as we ran out of energy soon after we hit half way. 

Package-Codename Mosquito 
We stopped for a rest at the slope of the hill, a quarter of journey before reaching the hill top. The picture above showed the Package resting and having a sip of water, while the remaining of us went on to scout around the place to eliminate any potential threats, for example threats like the Kodok below, who eat mosquitoes for living. 

Half of the mission accomplished, by 0800 hours. We managed to escort the Package-Codename Mosquito to the peak of the hill. By then, Mr. John asked for a group photo as a proved that we had accomplished half of the mission and hence.... the group picture. 

The going down hill process was a pain in the ass, as the it was sloppy during the hike, imagine the amount of stress it puts on your knees when you're going down and trying to break constantly. Nevertheless, the going process was a joyful one as everyone was talking and joking around on the way down. 

A few Pitcher Plant was found along the way.... dangerous, but not dangerous enough to possess a threat to our 'Package'. Then it was all bye bye Kledang journey after that and 'Halo Foh San Restaurant!'

Looking Back At The Peak 

Looking Forward to Reach The Bottom

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fate of A Fish

I woke up in the morning and my fish couldn't be seen anywhere. First thought was that, someone must have stolen it, since I left the bucket of fish outside near the toilet. Little that I know that, this fish that I had caught were such strong that it struggle and found its way out from the bucket, and to prevent itself from being serve as a platter of food for our dinner, it finally jumped down from the second floor of our hostel and landed on the ground floor. When I found it, it was lying on the floor of someone's else house, near the clothes hanging place, and blood all around. 

Photo Courtesy of Barney the Purple Dino with Hawaiian Shirt
Poor fish rather committed suicide than being eaten by us. But anyhow, this little poor fish was still alive when I found it, apparently the blood was due to scratches on its skin on the wall when it jumped down from the second floor. The poor fish was still breathing but weak and when Mr.White Chicken caught it, it didn't fight much compared to yesterday. 

Photo Courtesy of Barney The Purple Dino with Hawaiian Shirt

Sad to say, but its mission to escape failed and its hope to survive vanish from the moment we picked it up from the floor and put it in to the a plastic bag. Mr.White Chicken clean it nicely and we sent it over to Kampung Bali to decide its fat, either 'curry' or 'Kung Bao'.  We didn't spare the life of the other fish as well, even thou it didn't runaway, sorry but it had to suffer the same fate.  

This was what we had for dinner that night, Curry Ikan Keli and Kung Bao Ikan Keli both from Fish 1 and Fish 2. It feels extremely satisfying to eat your catch!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My First Ever Fishing Experience

I have to admit, I never once thought I would have the patience to fish and I always thought fishing is some old man's activity, but I guess I am wrong since I got hooked up with fishing and being so enthusiastic about it ever since yesterday when I throw out my first bait. Fishing is fun, everyone should try once in their life, of course there's no guarantee that you will catch a fish, but the process is definitely worth while when you can feel that the fishes are nibbling on your bait through the only line which are so fine and thin between you and them. Is like a mental war with the fish and it felt extremely exciting. Even thou, you felt so eager to pull out the string but, you're waiting for that very moment when they caught on the hook. That waiting gave me a little adrenaline rush. 

Is my first time fishing and I guess I got lucky, my first try was at UTP lake. Even thou students are not allowed to fish in the school, still some of us are doing it quietly behind the trees covering by the hostel blocks in order to escape the evil eyes of the 'Pak Guard' from spotting us. 

My first bait was a success and I manage to caught a small fish that comes together with a free empty shell. I have no idea how it got tangle with my strings, but seeing that a dumb fish got caught by me was enough to make me jumping around for joy. I was in cloud nine then. My friend was stunned as I was not using a fishing pole but merely a roll of strings with baits that make from fish flour. 

Doing some prep work before getting into action..

My first ever fish.. dumbest fish ever to be caught by me in UTP lake.  Pictures courtesy of John.. without him, I will not be able to record down my first fishing experience. Awesome!

I guess I wanted more after that, as it was too much fun. We went over to a fish pond in Tronoh later that night and I guess it was really my lucky day. I caught a Ikan Keli!!! I was full of joy, jumping around like crazy when, that fish bite the bait and got hooked, he drag the string away and I was lucky enough to have aaron to pull it in towards the shore. I was in a Waaaa moment by that time.. fun so much fun!! 

My second catch!! A nice and awesome one. And I am now officially hook to fishing already.. Goddd praying for more fishing chances to come. 

John and Me.. Fishing for our first time. Awesome experience and of course making memories for my final year and his final semester here in UTP. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breakfast At Foh San Restaurant

It was 650 in the morning, and Dong Dong Qiang woke all of us up, as I promised to send him down to the bus station at Gopeng. As much as I hate to wake up so early on a Saturday morning, I still get myself up and go to wash up myself and get ready because promise is a promise. With Dong Dong Qiang, White Chicken, Derulo and Seng Meow in the car, we headed down town. 

It was then 0800 hours, Ipoh town was quite busy in the morning as it was a public holiday, many were out to hunt for breakfast and they always hunt it at the same place, 'Foh San Restaurant'.  The new Restaurant looks classy both the exterior and interior but they still kept the feeling of nostalgia in the restaurant, with old floor tiles and wooden beam, it look exquisite, and of course the smell of pau and dim sum with hot steam coming out from the trays. 

We got so hungry by then and once we got seated, we started ordering... Sorry I don't know the name, but I guarantee you everything is nice and we couldn't bother much but just wallap all the food. I miss some 'Siew Mai, Har Gao' along the way cause as soon as the food was on the table, we indulged our food too quickly till I forgot to take pictures of it.

This is what happen when there's too much variety and you don't know what to choose. Uncle thinking deep deep what kind of 'mai' he want to eat for today.

Aunty serving damn tu lan already, wanna take soy sauce and throw at his face. 

Char Siew Pau very niceeeeee =) me likey.

Egg Tart also very nice, me super likey... I never forget to take away also and too badSeng Meow left his Tart at Starbucks lol.. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crapping Like I Always Do Part 3

Someone proven to me that 'LAME' can actually be function of time, the correlation between time and lame actually proven to be correct when you met Mr.Derulo. He used to be cool when I first met him, and as time passes by, his level of lameness increases. While most of the others falls into a category of casual lameness, Mr. Derulo had perfected his skill of lameness and he is now, undoubtedly the LAME KING. 

The graph above shows the progress of MR.Derulo's lameness throughout the semesters of studies. As you can noticed, the red line represent Mr.Derulo, while the others fall on the blue line which are known as the casual lameness group. During the 3, 4 and 5 semester of study, Mr.DErulo are less lame compare to others, it was because, Aaronism was widely spread during that time, and a new era of lameness begin after Derulo got back from internship where he acquire new skills and knowledge, he begin widely spread his teaching to everyone he new, and soon after, everyone got infected by this new lameness. 

Even thou he had reached that level of lameness, he didn't forget about his loyal friends and subject, apart from producing lame statement, he influence the others and spread the knowledge that he gained to others. He also knew deep down inside that he could be overthrown by anyone at anytime if he did not have enough people to support him or back him up, hence he started influencing people to join his group and called himself the new king, 'LAME KING' of an era. Under the new era, Mr.DErulo has a loyal servant called 'mosquito' who's willing to support him and back him up whenever he needed help, apart from that mosquito also help to wash the King's leg. 

I now present you the 'LAME KING' and his loyal mosquito. Of course, Mr.DErulo has a dog name 'Pedro' as well but I lazy to draw, so cincai la... 

Note: the above story has got nothing to do with anyone in my school or anyone i am close with.  =P

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pangkor Trip 2010

It feels good whenever you're with your friends, those good people who makes you feel good and makes you laugh your ass out even at the 'lamest' things. There's no different in Pangkor Trip this time, same mechi gang plus  the others who loves to enjoy fun, join in the trip at the last day. 

2 odd guy namely John and DErulo who never visited Pangkor in their life even thou they have been studying in University Technology Petronas for the past 4 years of their life. May be the idea just never struck their mind, or the timing just wasn't right during that time. We had our mechi gathering at Pangkor last year and it was fun, but this time it was way different, no pack schedule, no rushing of time and we all enjoy till the max. 

I wish more of this kind of event could happen.. before the semester ends cause it will be all different when we graduate. 

A group photo of us in the boat, before leaving for island hopping. 

A group photo with the landlord,landlady and of course the small 100 plus van that carried us all around Pangkor throughout the two days. 

Of course not forgetting a last group photo in front of the Jetty before leaving this wonderful place that may memories were created. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beware Pussiesss Outside

UTP's cats have been a bit of a nuisance lately, there has been countless of time I found them sleeping just outside of my door and I nearly stepped on them when I woke up from my sleep. To make things worst, they started to look for cozy place to sleep on for example my shoes and my bucket of dirty clothes outside.   

The problem is they aren't even afraid of you when you threaten them or whatsoever. They will be looking at you and 'Meow...Meow'. This is crazy.. I can't take it anymore. I need my shoes back and I need it clean, the worst thing was the cat laid its ballsss on my shoes. 

Guys, meet Pussay 1 and Pussay 2... They got ballsss as huge as a grown man.. for sleeping in front of my room. 

Just to make things more fun, the next one come along making it 'three is better than two'. Great we have an orgy outside my room. 

I think Pussay 3 is in love, looking at both catssss in a horny way..Getting itchy I guess wanna do some sweet love with the two or getting do by the two. Either ways. 

Anyhow, has any of you seen how a cat sneeze??? Haha, I see before, and I am gonna make them sneeze again, taking some pepper and spray/throw at their face will do. I am bringing my pepper out now. Ciao~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crapping Like I Always Do Part 2

This is a story about a person name 'Seng Meow'. 'Seng Meow' is thin and lean, curly hair and a little gay looking, but honestly to tell you the truth, 'Seng Meow' is actually gay, his partner's someone called 'Derulo' If you have no idea who 'Derulo' is, I will show you his picture later on. There's something interesting about this 'Seng Meow' guy also, he talks while sleeping, just yesterday night he shouted 'DJ! Turn of the lights!' while sleeping.

Mmmm whatcha say... That's 'Derulo' by the way. 

As most of you may know 'Seng Meow' has a roommate called 'Jin Kazama' who is a straight guy, simple and smart boy. He treat 'Seng Meow' as his bro but one day something new came into Seng Meow's life.....

behold the new HTC Desire... everything that Seng Meow desire all came into one compact small device.. All Seng Meow lust and desire will finally be fulfill by this small handheld device. 

So Seng Meow eat with it, sleeps with it, go anywhere with it, while crossing the road, attending classes, basically Seng Meow will never go anywhere without it, and soon after that Seng Meow life was consume by this little devil. But Seng Meow loves it too much and treated it like his imaginary girl friend. 

And when everytime Seng Meow's friend like, Jin Kazama, John, Hon Hon, Lesbo Chan, Dong Dong Qiang,   White Chicken Teck, Mr Duck try to talk to him, they all got ignored because Seng MEow now only has one thing in mind, the Desire~  

And it really makes Jin Kazama wonder how to help his friend from getting too serious with the imaginary girlfriend of his. 

Even 'Derulo' is wondering if Seng Meow is cheating on him or not.. as Seng Meow never go to his room that much nowadays~~ 

They used to be so lovely and have lots of crazy monkey sexxxx... and Derulo is seriously wondering what has gone wrong with their relationship. Derulo kept messaging Seng Meow but no reply from him. 

Soon after, all Seng Meow's SUPER BEST FRIEND gather and make him an Intervention... In order to force him to stop getting too deep into DEsire... the evil imaginary girl friend. 

They convinced Seng Meow to give up his Desire and fed it to Barney the purple Dinosaur who always wear a hawaiian shirt blue colour, with white flowers design to classs.. 

The end... thank you for Reading. 


All characters and events in this blog.... even those based on true people are entirely fictional.. all drawings are done poorly and due to its content it should not be view by anyone. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yeolde English

A boring Saturday wasn't that all boring after all, when you're hanging out with a bunch of friends. Even the simplest things could be fun and cool. A boring day turn out to be a cool and nice enjoyable evening. Dining out, chatting with friends, and crashing at people's party which came so randomly. And before the weekend is over, I guess everyone had savoured some wonderful memories with them.

Try Yeolde English if you're looking for Western Food around Ipoh, there are two of them. One is in Greentown and the other is some where behind Jusco Kinta City. The food is quite good with reasonably price. Choose well and you will not get yourself disappointed. 

'Yeolde Chicken' signature dish of the restaurant, cost you about RM 18 for this, but definitely worth the try. The chicken skin is crispy and the meat is tender, don't worry about using kinfe and fork, doing it old school is definitely the best. Slight twist and tear of the chicken and savour every bite of it. As for the salad and corn.. ok I am not a big fan of vege so I don't give good opinion on them.. they simply taste vege.. that's it. 

Yuan Wen's Grilled Salmon served with potato wedges. Both looks and smell nice. Didn't taste it thou, I was too busy 'operating' my Chicken and doing some Judo sparring with it. The others ordered some usual like chicken maryland which definitely worth mentioning because of the 'goreng pisang' that were served with the dish. Jia Haur especially like those and according to him, it taste so good as he never eaten 'high class goreng pisang' before, in other words, those serve at warung are all 'low class goreng pisang'.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Trying to write something, but I can't. It isn't because I have nothing to write about but on the contrary, I have tonnes of things in my heart that I would like to let go off. A classless Friday huh, I am not sure if is a really good thing anymore, as doing nothing today makes me think a lot. Sometimes I just wish I am occupied constantly with stuffs that doesn't bother me much rather than having thoughts that haunts me even when I am trying to sleep on that not so comfortable bed of mine. 

I went for a jog today and as I jog passed the field, I stood there for awhile to catch a breath. I saw guys playing  football and I as I was sitting down, a ball shot above me and as I looked up the sky the ball seemed to eclipse the sun for a moment. Sweat drenching through my shirt and I never felt so good before, but today was really a boring boring day for me. 

The thought about her came past my mind, and the past one year plus had made us a total stranger. At least that's what I thought. May be is about time, I really let go off things to live a better life for myself. 

Yeong Wai Roast Duck

If you're in Ipoh, make a stop at Greentown and try out the Roast Duck at Yeong Wai. Not bad at all.. nice crispy duck skin, tender and juicy meat. Muah... superb

We ordered chicken as well, due to shortage of duck in the shop.. We got there a bit late and they don't have many left for ducks. The chicken I would say is just like the usual, nothing extremely special about it. 

And of course... we will never forget to order Char Siew and Siew Yok as well. I hate to admit but the Chair Siew and Siew Yok is fantastic. The Char Siew is sweet and with a little burn at the skin and smell of charcoal ?? lol 

And last but not least.. the main dish of the day.. my crispy roast duck.  That goes extremely well with the sauce below...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mechi Gang

After a grueling 8 months of internship, the Mechi Gang are back together again. 7 'sticks' and Hor doing nonsense in front of the mosque like what we use to. Thanks to Yoke Mun's birthday we are able to get such group shots. I love my coursematessss, love them all. A great year to all of you!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Krispy Kreme

Mildred, Jason and I were just hanging out around Sunway and we decided to find some place to sit. Derulo here was trying to act clever asking us to go somewhere different other than the usual. 'Go somewhere we always see but never enter before' He said. 

Taking his advice we then entered Krispy Kreme. And that's how I tasted the sweetest donut ever. I felt like having diabetes just after one bite.

Smart la Derulo....

The coffee.. usual la.. nothing special also.

The classic was still ok, I kinda like it actually, but not the double chocolate. Damn sweettt, I couldn't even finish half of it.